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Planet Meat (ミート星 Mīto-sei) is the home planet of the Meatians which Team Bardock were sent to invade.


The planet's color does actually resemble the color of meat and the inhabitants appear to be purple and white insect-like aliens, only appearing dead as Bardock's crew wiped them out before we meet them.


Main article: Invasion of Planet Meat It is on Planet Meat that Frieza orders Bardock's crew to be sent. He then orders Dodoria and some of his elites to ambush and slaughter the Saiyans. Bardock's entire team is slaughtered after conquering the planet. Bardock arrives soon after, kills the elites, but is badly injured by Dodoria.

Video Game Appearances

This planet is a playable stage in Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butōden.

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