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"Fire a heart-shaped Ki Blast packed with the power of love! Charge it to power it up!"
Pretty Cannon Super Skill description in Xenoverse 2

Max Love Cannon is a fully charged version of Pretty Cannon used by Ribrianne.


A Pretty Cannon charged to the max that takes the shape of a large heart. It doesn't explode on impact and can be used to knock the target away.


Ribrianne used this technique in the Tournament of Power to attack Android 18 when she's in the air and unable to dodge.

Video Game Appearances

Ribrianne performing Max Love Cannon after fully charging her Pretty Cannon Super Skill in Xenoverse 2

As part of the Ultra Pack 1 DLC in Xenoverse 2, when the Pretty Cannon Super Skill is fully charged, it becomes a Max Love Cannon as Ribrianne will shout Max Love Cannon when firing a fully charged Pretty Cannon. As a result, the Future Warrior gains access to Max Love Cannon via the Pretty Cannon Super Skill which can be obtained in New Parallel Quest 133: "Ribrianne's Beauty Lesson". However unlike Ribrianne the Future Warrior will not shout out Max Love Cannon when firing a fully charged Pretty Cannon. The full charged Max Love Cannon version of Pretty Cannon differs in that the heart-shaped Ki Blast is larger and the user doesn't pose after it hits an opponent like they do with uncharged Pretty Cannon.