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"Match No. 2" (だいあい Dai-Ni Shiai, lit. "The Second Match") is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The main portion of the cover (underneath the Dragon Ball logo) shows Master Roshi and Yamcha, who face off in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament during the chapter. The other six tournament finalists are shown in smaller panels at the bottom of the cover. Bacterian has an X over his face to indicate that he has already been eliminated.


The chapter opens with Krillin and Goku celebrating the former's win over Bacterian. The pair search for Master Roshi in the crowd but cannot find him, despite Goku smelling him nearby. They leave the ring, and the next match between Jackie Chun and Yamcha is announced. Bulma wonders if Jackie is cute. Jackie Chun commends Krillin on his fight before heading to the ring. Yamcha wonders where the mysterious Jackie Chun is from, having never heard of him.

Yamcha charges at Jackie Chun with his Wolf Fang Fist

Once the fight starts, Yamcha immediately notes Jackie Chun's confidence, and decides to attack first to see how he counters. He unleashes a series of punches and kicks, all of which Chun dodges with ease before chastising him for wasting movements. Goku, watching the match, calls Krillin over excitedly. Oolong worries about Yamcha's chances, and Puar is somewhat nervous as well. Yamcha is surprised, but decides to unleash his signature Wolf Fang Fist. Chun nimbly dodges this attack as well. He then approaches the stunned Yamcha and creates a gust of wind with his arm, knocking Yamcha out of the ring and winning the match. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, the announcer, and the crowd are all stunned, and Krillin nervously notes that Chun is his next opponent.





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