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"Match No. 1" (第1試合 Daīchi Shiai, lit. "The First Match") is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover page features Krillin and Bacterian, the fighters in the first match. Below their boxes are the other six fighters, who's battles are in later chapters.


The chapter begins with the World Tournament Announcer telling the audience that the winner will receive 500,000 zeni. After a brief greeting from the high priest of the dojo, the announcer declares the first match of the tournament: Krillin vs. Bacterian.

Krillin is victorious

Krillin is victorious over Bacterian

As the match begins, Bacterian makes the first attacks, which Krillin easily evades. Bacterian uses disgusting tactics to defeat Krillin, such as making Krillin smell his breath, burping, and touching Krillin after touching his privates. As Krillin falls down in disgust, the announcer begins the countdown; to force him to stay down, Bacterian farts on his opponent's face. As the count nears ten, Goku shouts to Krillin reminding him that he has no nose, so he cannot smell his gross opponent. With renewed confidence, Krillin attacks his opponent, but Bacterian begins spitting at Krillin. Krillin easily dodges the spittle, kicks Bacterian to the ground and then farts in Bacterian's face, defeating him.




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