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The Masks (仮面) are objects created by the Dark Empire to power up and control their wearer.

Usage and Power

The Masks have primarily been given to Saiyans. Bardock and Xeno Bardock were the first to use the power of the Mask,[3] being known as the Masked Saiyan on the first occasion they used it. Xeno Vegeta would go on to be the next user as the Black-Masked Saiyan, followed by Xeno King Vegeta as the Dark-Masked King - using it's power in conjunction with Mechikabura's magic power - and then Paragus and his son Broly - who utilized this power whilst merged with the Seven-Star Dark Dragon Ball, becoming Broly Dark. Super 17 was given a mask whilst part of the Universe Creation Planners, becoming the Masked Android, and an incarnation of Goku Black later chose to utilize one mask and become the Crimson-Masked Saiyan.

In Dragon Ball Online, Android Majins that achieve their Pure Majin form are equipped with harness-like Masks, which is presumably a precautionary measure to maintain control over them while transformed, similar to the Time Breaker gems used to control brainwashed Saiyans in their Great Ape form.


Controlling the power of the Mask, Xeno Bardock achieves Super Saiyan 3

In most cases, the power of the Mask will corrupt its user and leave them susceptible to the commands of the Time Breaker who equipped them with it; however, this can be overcome with enough willpower as first demonstrated by Xeno Bardock, allowing the user to control the power for themselves.

In the manga version of the Dark Empire Saga, Xeno King Vegeta was also able to accomplish this, retaining the power gained from the mask even after removing it.

Goku Black was able to control the power of the Mask for himself from the get-go, as it had no visible influence over his mind.

Video Game Appearances

Toki Toki City Hero's mask in Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2 during the The Masked Saiyan Saga, after Bardock's mask is destroyed and he drags Mira through the Wormhole Towa created, she reveals that she had previously captured Future Trunks' old partner & the protagonist of Dragon Ball Xenoverse turning them into the Masked Hero. Like with the Masked Saiyan, Towa empowers the Masked Hero with Supervillain Power!. However Future Trunks and his current partner, Future Warrior defeat the Masked Hero freeing them of Towa's control only for her to leave resulting in the Toki Toki City Hero becoming ephemeral and fading out of existence. Confused due to history being altered effecting their memories Future Trunks and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest with the Hero's Mask. Fortunately the Mask is able to jog Future Trunks' memory of the Toki Toki City Hero and allows him to find the scroll Towa altered was for Age 850 when he made the wish that summoned them to Toki Toki City. This allows the Time Patrol to send the Future Warrior to Age 850 to stop Towa from killing Xeno Shenron allowing Future Trunks' past self to make the wish restoring the Toki Toki City Hero's place in history. However it is eventually revealed that this was Towa's plan all along as she created the mask as part of a plan to bypass Chronoa and Elder Kai's mystical barrier blocking access to the Time Nest allowing her to infiltrate the Time Vault where she steals Tokitoki's Egg and secretly alters the scroll for Age 774 to undo her brother's murder by Innocent Buu before attacking Chronoa and showing herself to Future Trunks, Elder Kai, the Future Warrior, and Tokitoki. While the Masked Saiyan is a playable character in Xenoverse 2, the Masked Hero only appears as a story boss NPC. Also currently there is no way to officially obtain either the Masked Saiyan's mask or the Masked Hero's mask as Accessories for the Future Warrior.



Masked King of Destruction Baby Janemba what-if form by Toyotarou

  • Toyotarou drew a what-if form of Janemba named "Masked King of Destruction Baby Janemba", having it as a warrior who was taken over by Janemba, who was infected by Baby and then placed under mind control by Towa and Babidi.[4]


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