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Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan from Nappa's devastation

"Mashinki no Nemuri Hime" (lit. "The Sleeping Princess in the Devil's Castle") is a background music track (BGM), produced by Toei Animation and composed by prolific Japanese composer, Shunsuke Kikuchi. The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime series and played during the Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle movie, as well as the Tien Shinhan Saga, Vegeta Saga, and Frieza Saga.

The track matched the conflicts of Piccolo, Gohan, Nappa, Frieza, Lucifer, ShuraKing Chappa, Tien Shinhan, and Goku.

The track is confirmed to play during the following scenes:

Mashinki no Nemuri Hime as BGM[]


Lucifer prepares for his ceremony

1. Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle - plays when Lucifer prepares his ceremony where the Devil Castle Cannon is unveiled to be used to block out the Sun and begin the Reign of Darkness.


King Chappa is ready for his round

2. "Preliminary Peril" - plays when King Chappa prepares to fight Goku during the preliminary rounds for the martial arts tournament. As King Chappa assumes his stance, it is made known that he is a master of martial arts who has won the world tournament on several prior occasions.

Tien Kikoho

Tien unleashes his deadly Tri-Beam technique

3. "The Spirit Cannon" - plays when Tien Shinhan unleashes his deadly Tri-Beam technique against Goku during the World Martial Arts Tournament final round in an attempt to completely demolish the ring and deem his opponent out of bounds. The blast successfully hits the ring below, with devastating results.


Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan

4. "Nimbus Speed" - plays when Piccolo runs in front of Nappa's deadly beam to shield Gohan from impending doom. The blast successfully hits, completely demolishing Piccolo and rendering him in complete agony as he falls to the ground after his valiant and heroic efforts.

5. "Goku's Arrival" - plays as Piccolo tells Gohan farewell and dies while laying on the ground and Kami is also seen dying beside Mr. Popo due to Piccolo's demise as their fate is intertwined. Gohan explodes with emotion as a result of Piccolo's death.

Picking Up The Pieces - Mashinki

Master Roshi and Korin after collecting the bodies of their deceased friends

6. "Picking Up the Pieces" - plays as Bulma watches Krillin, Master Roshi, and Korin collect the deceased bodies of Tien, Piccolo, and Yamcha from the battlefield and place them in canisters to keep them from rotting. Master Roshi asks of Chiaotzu's whereabouts, and Krillin notifies him that Chiaotzu blew himself up in attempt to save them. Korin notes that this is a great tragedy and Roshi agrees.


Frieza obliterates planet Vegeta

7. "Fighting Power: One Million??" - plays as Frieza exits his spaceship, hovering directly above in his pod as he unleashes a blast to eliminate planet Vegeta along with Bardock. Frieza laughs as his blast becomes larger and hits, killing many soldiers in space while erupting, taking planet Vegeta in a powerful display of explosive lights. Frieza becomes excited at the prospect of this and is overjoyed, telling Zarbon and Dodoria to witness the magnificence of the striking lights from the explosion.

Gohan Attacks - Mashinki

Frieza is delighted after skewering Krillin

8. "Gohan Attacks" - plays directly in the beginning of the episode as Frieza can be seen skewering Krillin with his horn while in midair. Gohan is completely shocked and angered by this as Frieza enjoys it greatly, laughing and maintaining his position. Krillin is completely left in fear and panic and is shocked by Frieza's deadly attack. Vegeta admits to himself that Krillin should not have attempted to stand up for Dende and placed himself in danger. Frieza mocks Krillin, asking him if he's in pain as the blood gushes out from Krillin's wound and drips down Frieza's horns. Frieza proceeds to pierce deeper into Krillin with his horn, forcing Krillin to scream in pain while his suffering continues. Krillin attempts to defend himself by striking with his knee, but Frieza easily blocks him. Gohan quickly rushes at them, but Frieza easily knocks him away with a swipe of his tail.

9. "Defeat Frieza, Goku! The Tears of the Proud Saiyan Prince!" - plays after Vegeta's death at the hands of Freeza and his subsequent burial by Goku.