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Masenko Beam Cannon ( Masenkōkōsappō) is a combination of the Full Power Masenko and Full Power Special Beam Cannon that appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Video Game Appearances

The attack appears as a team attack combination by Piccolo and Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan of the Special Beam Cannon and Masenko called Masenkosappo or simply Special Beam Cannon in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2.

Masenko Beam Cannon was named and first appeared as a Special Move for Binalin and Ryunas in Dragon Ball Fusions. It can also be acquired by Namekian Tekka by fusing with a Full Power Masenko user. Additionally it is also available to Freeform Fusions (one fusee must be a Full Power Masenko user while the other must be a Full Power Special Beam Cannon user.)

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