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Masenko Beam Cannon (魔閃光殺砲 Masenkōsappō, lit. "Demon Killing Light Flash Gun") is a combination of the Masenko and Special Beam Cannon as their ultimate team attack.


Both fighters fire their attacks at the same time, with the Special Beam Cannon coiling around the main beam of the Masenko.


DBS 56-2

Piccolo and Gohan preparing the Masenko Beam Cannon

Gohan and Piccolo utilize the attack against Seven-Three, greatly injuring the Android.

Video Game Appearances

The attack appears as a team attack combination by Piccolo and Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan of the Special Beam Cannon and Masenko called Masenkosappo or simply Special Beam Cannon in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2.

Masenko Beam Cannon was named and appeared as a Special Move for Binalin and Ryunas in Dragon Ball Fusions. It can also be acquired by Namekian Tekka by fusing with a Full Power Masenko user. Additionally, it is also available to Freeform Fusions (one fusee must be a Full Power Masenko user while the other must be a Full Power Special Beam Cannon user). In Dragon Ball Fusions, it is a combination of both Masenko and Special Beam Cannon instead of a team attack.


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