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Masami Kikuchi

Masami Kikuchi (菊池 正美 Kikuchi Masami) (born April 24, 1960) is a Japanese voice actor for Troubador Ongaku Jumusho. He was born in Chino, Nagano Prefecture. Kikuchi voices Monaka, Belmod, and Dr. Rota in Dragon Ball Super.

He is most famous for his voice acting related to the Digimon series. He voiced Joe Kido and several other characters in Digimon Adventure, as well as Joe Kido and Daemon in Digimon Adventure 02. He also voiced Neemon in Digimon Frontier, Akihiro Kurata and Belphemon in Digimon Savers, Tuwarmon and Damemon in Digimon Xros Wars, and Dolphin in Digimon Tamers. Apart from his work on the Digimon series, he is also well known for providing the voice of title character Tenchi Masaki in the long-running Tenchi Muyo! franchise. Other roles include Baki Hanma in Grappler Baki as well as Kelly Funk in One Piece. He is also known as the Japanese voice actor of Sonic, from Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie.

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