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Masako Katsuki

Masako Katsuki

Masako Katsuki (勝生 真沙子), born Masako Shiono (on October 15, 1958, in Hachinohe, Aomori) is a Japanese voice actress. Formerly from Theater Echo, she is currently employed by 81 Produce.


Following her debut in Shiroi Kiba: White Fang Monotagari as the role of Mary Scott, Katsuki has lent her voice to several notable anime, Japanese-dubbed films and TV series, games, drama CDs, narration, and commercials.

She voiced Polly Buckets in Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball and Oceanus Shenron's female side in Dragon Ball GT. She has also voiced other characters from various anime. Some of her other notable roles are Maria Von Trapp in Trapp Ikka Monogatari, Reccoa Londe in Zeta Gundam, Maya Kitajima in Glass Mask, Masuyo Ikari in High School! Kimengumi, Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon franchise, and Tsunade in Naruto.

In January 2006, Katsuki appeared as a guest on Oh! Naruto Nippon, a radio talk show hosted by Junko Takeuchi, in which she chats with the other voice actors of Naruto. Aside from doing an Oiroke no Jutsu and a special message, Katsuki also gave Takeuchi some advice on golf (a favorite hobby). 81 Produce member Megumi Toyoguchi mentioned in her official blog that the voice actor she really admires and wishes to aim for is Katsuki herself. In addition, Toyoguchi said that her favorite roles of Katsuki are the heroines Maria and Tiara. In 2009, Katsuki narrated the program Bakusho Mondai no Nippon no Kyoyo (爆笑問題のニッポンの教養).

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