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Martians are a squid-looking race that populates Mars that appear in Go! Go! Ackman by Akira Toriyama.


Go! Go! Ackman


A Martian cut in half

In Go! Go! Ackman, two Martians come to Earth in order to annihilate the Earthlings. Ackman tries to join them, but one Martian attacks him with his Martian Punch. Angered by this, Ackman rushes towards one of them and cuts him in half with his sword. The other Martian attempts to defend himself and fires his Martian Flash at Ackman, but Ackman dodges the attack and kills the alien with a single kick to the face.

Dragon Ball Super

Pops DBS

Ramen store running martian

A Martian simply referred to as "Pops" by Jaco is seen running a ramen shop somewhere in the Earth's Solar System, when Jaco stops there while delivering Watagash. The Galactic King is also a Martian.



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