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Goten vs. Trunks in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament

Martial arts (武道 budō) is a recurring discipline practiced in the Dragon Ball series.



Goku and Cell use martial arts during their warm-up battle

There are several famous martial arts schools featured on Earth in the series: Mutaito Training Academy, Turtle School, Crane School, Orin Temple, Chin-Star School, Panther-Fang School, and King Chappa's Temple. Other lesser known schools include Satan Castle. In Dragon Ball Online, three new schools are introduced: the New Turtle School, the New Crane School, and the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School. Also, Fighter 83 in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament is a master of martial arts called the Lion-style Kempo.

Also, a World Martial Arts Tournament is held every three or five years on Papaya Island. The winner of this tournament will have the title of World Martial Arts Champion and get the considerable amount of 500,000 Zeni (later increased to ten million Zeni).

Martial arts training[]


Goku practices martial arts while at Kami's Lookout

The purpose of martial arts training is to push one's physical condition so that they become stronger, to gain knowledge and practice in the principles of fighting, and, for advanced Martial Artists, to hone their spiritual energy, or ki. Training can take many forms, even through meditation or other non-physical methods. Examples of martial arts training in Dragon Ball include: Grandpa Gohan's training (Pre-Dragon Ball), Master Roshi's Training (Tournament Saga), Korin's training (Commander Red Saga and King Piccolo Saga), and Mr. Popo’s training (Piccolo Jr. Saga and Vegeta Saga).

GohanAndGokuTraining 2

Goku and Gohan sparring in the Time Chamber

Examples of martial arts training in Dragon Ball Z include: Piccolo’s training (Vegeta Saga), King Kai's training (Vegeta Saga Namek Saga), Grand Elder Guru’s Unlock Potential (Namek Saga), Goku’s Gravity Machine training (Namek Saga), Yardrat training (Garlic Jr. Saga), training for the Android conflict (Trunks Saga), Hyperbolic Time Chamber training (Imperfect Cell Saga, Perfect Cell Saga and Fusion Saga), Grand Kai's training (Other World Saga), Chi-Chi's training (Great Saiyaman Saga), Mr. Satan's training (World Tournament Saga), and Old Kai's Unlock Ability (Fusion Saga).


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