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Marc Zanni (born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) is a Spanish dubbing director and voice actor.


He voiced Goku in in Dragon Ball Z and Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Dragon Ball GT in the Catalan language dub. He also worked on the Catalan dub of Dragon Ball Kai, being one more time the voice of Goku.

He also dubbed main characters in other anime series like Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk) or Ranma Saotome (male) (Ranma ½). As a director, Marc Zanni directed Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and other anime series like One Piece or Shin Chan.

In 2012, he wrote a book titled "La sèrie de la teva vida" ("The serie of your life") with Joan Sanz (Vegeta's voice in Catalan dub). The book is about personal anecdotes and experiences of the Dragon Ball Catalan dub and dubbing in general.

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