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"Mano a Maniac!!" (いっち!! Ikkiuchi!!, lit. "One-on-One Combat!!") is the thirty fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred twenty-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Chi-Chi driving a car with Goku and Gohan riding in it. This cover art is also featured in Daizenshuu 1. This cover art was also used in the third ending to Dragon Ball GT, Blue Velvet.


Goku and Vegeta stare each other down in this iconic scene

Vegeta tells Goku he should be glad that a low class warrior like him is able to play with a super elite warrior. "Immediately after a Saiyan is born, he is checked for his fighting ability. And if he is a low numbered piece of trash like you, he is sent to a planet where the inhabitants pose no threat." Goku says he is here on Earth because of that, and thanks him. He also says he will have to try desperately to surpass the elite status. Vegeta thinks that was a funny joke, and says he will show him a level that can not be surpassed.

The two of them take a fighting stance, and then Goku rushes at Vegeta. They block each other's punches, and then Vegeta does a few back flips to avoid a kick from Goku. They fly back toward each other, and Vegeta elbows Goku in the face. Goku catches himself before he crashes, and then heads back up into the air. Vegeta comes from behind and swings at him, but Goku ducks it. Vegeta dodges a kick from Goku, and Goku dodges a kick from him. Then they go up into the air exchanging blows, and Vegeta starts to tease Goku about him not being as easy as Nappa.

Vegeta attacks Goku

Vegeta pounds Goku down toward the ground, and he lands safely atop a rock formation. Vegeta also comes down on a rock formation, and Goku says Vegeta's completely surpassed him. But Goku then flares up, announcing the Kaio-ken, and then fires a kiai attack at Vegeta. Vegeta flies up out of the way, but Goku flies after him, and manages to get in a punch to the face. Goku hits him some more, and then kicks him off into the distance. Goku flies after him, but Vegeta speeds up and comes back toward Goku with a kick. They both land, and Goku can not believe this.






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