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Malaka's race is a race of reptilian-like humanoids, very similar to the Litts, who serve in non-combatant positions in the Frieza Force.


Although they all seem to share the usual reptilian characteristics, they have hair which come in different color (red or blonde).

The members of the race apparently poses high knowledge of technology and science, as some of them, such as Malaka, are shown to serve as doctors and surgeons. It is assumed Malaka managed to survive his boss, Frieza's attack on Planet Vegeta, if he didn't then it was another member of this race who treated Vegeta on Planet Frieza 79 after his deadly battle on Earth.

Malaka himself or a similar entity seems to be working for King Cold as well, staying on King Cold's planet while leading a team of his brightest engineers who created the cybernetic attachments for Mecha-Frieza.

A dinosaur-like member of Chilled's men who appears on Episode of Bardock, shares resemblance with Malaka's race. However he seems to be in a combatant position.

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F' manga member of this race can be seen working under Sorbet, taking care of Frieza's rejuvenation. In the Dragon Ball Super 4th manga chapter there is a bald member of this race who is a part of Guarana's Crew and is killed by Champa's finger beam.

In Dragon Ball Super, Jaco shows Gohan a Galactic Patrol intelligence piece about Watagash where he is shown to take over a militant dressed reptilian alien from a race that resembles Malaka's race, this evil member of the race was transformed into a savage reptile creature by Watagash and destroyed that alien civilization despite it's army's effort to resist.

Few are shown to serve as soldiers, as only a few Malaka's race soldiers appear in Dragon Ball Online.


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