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Makyans (魔凶まきょう星人せいじん Makyō-seijin, lit. "People from Planet Makyō"), also referred to as the Serpent race in the English dub, are the natives of the Makyo Star.


Initially, the Makyans were comprised of only a handful of members, and among them were Garlic and Garlic Jr. Garlic is the notable creator of a portal to the Dead Zone.

Two Makyans on Earth, Spice and Vinegar

Maykyans are humanoids whose features vary, but of their most common traits are pointed ears and fangs. They have a natural transformation which causes extreme growth of the body and an increase in strength, seen in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone and the Garlic Jr. Saga. Though it is unknown if this is common among the species, all the Makyans that appear in the series are evil and violent.

Garlic Jr. is defeated and sent back to the Dead Zone again

At some point, Garlic's ancestors came to Earth, and Garlic eventually competed with the Nameless Namekian for guardianship of the planet, but was denied the position by former guardian due to his evil ambitions for the Earth, which eventually led to him attempting to take the position by force and being sealed up for the remainder of his life. Garlic Jr. emerged a few hundred years later and twice attempted to avenge his father by killing Kami and fulfilling his father's dark dreams of ruling the Earth, only to find himself trapped inside the Dead Zone both times.

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Sansho is among the residents of Hell that escape with Frieza as a result of Janemba's alterations to reality. However after Super Saiyan Gohan defeats Frieza with a single punch, Sansho is among the villains who flee out of fear of Gohan's power (which is somewhat fitting considering Gohan as a child was the nemesis of Sansho's former boss Garlic Junior).

Mustard-lookalike Frieza Soldier

The whereabouts of any other survivors of the Star's destruction is unknown. A look-alike of Mustard appeared as one of the members of the Frieza Force in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.


Super form

Main article: Makyan Gigantification

Gigantified Makyans: Vinegar, Garlic Jr, and Spice

Makyans are able to take on a special transformation when fighting; this form is usable at will by Garlic Jr, Ginger, Nicky, and Sansho in Dead Zone and later through the power of the Makyo Star by Spice and Vinegar during the Garlic Jr. Saga.

The transformation is called Kyōdaika in Daizenshuu 7, and the form is referred to as Garlic Jr.'s Super form in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series. The transformation primarily increases their height and muscle mass, but sometimes there are secondary effects such as Vinegar's horns changing shape and Garlic Jr.'s color darkening and his head changing shape.

Most Makyans can only take this form when the Makyo Star is nearby (as is the case with Spice and Vinegar), but some possess the capability to use it by themselves (such as Garlic Jr. and the three lords).[3][4]

King of Destruction

Main articles: Dark Energy (demonic) and Destroyer King

King of Destruction Garlic Jr. and his team as Majins in Dragon Ball Heroes

In Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission, Dark Energy allows Garlic Jr. to achieve his King of Destruction (破壊王 Hakai-ō, lit. "Destruction King") form which incorporates his natural Makyan Gigantification which is also the result of Dark Energy which occurs naturally on Makyo Star. In this state, Garlic Jr. receives a Majin Mark on his forehead, loses his pupils, gains a dark aura that emits pink bio-electricity, and gains the ability to use the Mind Control CAA Special Ability.

Additionally, Ginger, Nicky, and Sansho can utilize a weaker version in Dragon Ball Heroes where they gain a Majin Mark on their forehead and dark aura though they retain their pupils, have a dark aura though without the pink bio-electricity, and do not take on their Makyan Gigantification like their master does.

Known Makyans




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