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Makosen (魔光閃 Makōsen[3], lit. "Demon's Flash of Light") is an Energy Wave used by King Piccolo and Piccolo.



Piccolo charges an Explosive Demon Wave in Makosen form

When first used in the series by its inventor, King Piccolo originally fires two energy waves one after another; the first to distract the opponent and the second to actually hit them head on. In later uses by his reincarnation Piccolo, the two waves are fired together to create a larger and deadlier one.


According to a flashback during a mind reading that Grand Elder Guru used on Krillin, King Piccolo used this attack to destroy a city.[4] King Piccolo uses this attack to knock Goku out at the end of their first confrontation. This use also stops Goku's heart temporarily, which leads to King Piccolo to believe that Goku had been killed from the blast.[5] King Piccolo later uses the attack to kill Chiaotzu, and once again against Goku during their final confrontation.[6]

During the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo uses a two-handed Explosive Demon Wave similar to the Makosen against Goku, however the Saiyan confronts and wins against the Namekian's wave with his Super Kamehameha.[7]


Piccolo fires his Makosen at Nappa

In the anime, Piccolo uses this attack alongside Krillin's Kamehameha for a combined attack against Nappa during their battle at Paprika Wasteland. The attack is ineffective on the powerful Saiyan, though.[8] In the manga, Piccolo instead uses a two-handed Special Beam Cannon.[9]

In The Lookout, Piccolo (pretending to be infected by Black Water Mist) uses two similar energy waves combined with his Scatter Shot against Gohan (that with much effort can deflect it).[10] A little later, near the Dead Zone, Piccolo again uses a similar energy wave, but this time to combat Super Garlic Jr.'s Belly Blast.[11]


Piccolo prepares a Makosen Ha

In the anime, Piccolo uses the technique during his battle on the Tropical Islands, shouting "Makosen Ha" when he fires it against Android 17. In this instance, Piccolo uses the technique in the form of an energy wave fired similar to the Kamehameha in order to finish off his Scatter Shot attack, but Android 17 evades the scatter shots with ease and then deflects the Makosenha, causing it to explode and rain down tiny orbs of energy.[12]

Piccolo later uses the attack in an Energy Clash against one of his clones while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.[13]

Film Appearances[]

In Dragonball Evolution, Lord Piccolo uses some similar attacks against Goku (who escapes and defends himself from his blasts), culminating in an Energy Clash between Kamehameha airbending vs. Makosen.


Video Game Appearances[]

In Dokkan Battle, Makosen appears as King Piccolo's Super Attack. Piccolo uses a two-handed variation called Super Makosen as his Super Attack.

In World Mission, it is localized as Demon Force Wave and is a Super Attack can be learned by all Hero Avatars (race and type) via a wish to Super Shenron. The technique is performed with one energy wave that the opponent dodges by jumping into the air, only to be hit by a second energy wave fired by the user after the first.

In Kakarot, in a cutscene that plays after Goku's Image Training battle against Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga Episode 1, a battle-damaged Piccolo fires his two-handed Makosen which Goku counters with a Kamehameha resulting in an Energy Wave Clash similar to the Energy Wave Clash between Goku's Super Kamehameha and Piccolo's Makosen at the World Martial Arts Tournament. In the Super Kamehameha's Z Encyclopedia entry, it mentions how Goku used it to beat Piccolo's Makosen in an Energy Clash referencing its use during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Character meaning[]

  • 魔 (Ma) = "Devil" / "demon" / "magic" / "evil"
  • 光閃 (Kõsen/Kousen) = "Light ray" or "flash ray" / "light wave" or "flash wave" / "light blast" or "flash blast"

The characters are actually Masenko's but with the two last swapped.