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Buu's family are a group of young male Majin who are the Fission offspring of Good Buu that appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


Inside a time rift anomaly created when Mira places a Distorted Time Egg near Majin Buu's house in an unknown year after Majin Buu's house was rebuilt following Kid Buu's defeat, prior to the creation of the Majin as a race, after having become a heavy reader of Bob & Margaret and having noticed how happy his friend Mr. Satan is to have a daughter, Buu realizes he wants a family of his own. When the Future Warrior comes to Buu's house to investigate the anomaly they helped him by bring him food, giving Buu enough energy to utilize fission and create children.



  • The number of children Majin Buu can create with Fission depends on the Future Warrior's race. Normally Majin Buu can only create a maximum of six children (Ichigo, Niboshi, Sanma, Buillon, Hashigo, and Sugoroku), however if the Future Warrior is Majin, then he can create up to ten (which includes the first six along with Naname, Donpachi, Kyus, and Juso).
  • Interestingly, though the children all appear to be male Majin, some of them like Niboshi have voices normally used by female characters. It is unknown if this means some of them are intended to be female or not. If said Majin are intended to be female, their appearance may be due to them being produced by fission or a result of them being very young (as it is possible that a Majin's appearance may change as they get older similar to how Earthling and Saiyan children do).
  • In promotional screenshots for Xenoverse 2, Bullion is shown flying around inside Majin Buu's house. However, in the actual game, he runs around instead. Presumably, this may have been changed possibly due to difficulties of having him fly around in a circle inside an enclosed space.

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