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"Majin Buu and Hercule's fused form. Their strange friendship gives this legendary Majin champion surprising power!"
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Majin Satan (魔人サタン Majin Satan), initially called Buutan, is the EX-Fusion of Good Buu and Mr. Satan. Also known as Majin Hercule in the English localization of Dragon Ball Fusions.


Majin Satan is a S-Rank fusion who is surprisingly powerful due to Mr. Satan and Good Buu's strange friendship which gives their fusion strong affinity. He also benefits from Buu's power and magical abilities combined with Mr. Satan's charisma and underhand tactics (such as hidden explosive devices and handguns).


  • Flight - The ability to fly by utilizing ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Rolling Attack Hercule Punch - A rush technique where Majin Satan rolls forward and delivers a weak punch that causes only one point of damage and has a chance of inflicting Shock status.
  • Group Taunt - A technique where the user mocks the opponents around them in the hope of inflicting Rage status forcing them to focus their attacks on the user. One of Majin Satan's Special Moves.
  • Ultra Support EX - Join an ally's support attack. Majin Satan's Special Skill.
  • EX Regeneration - Majin Satan's passive Skill which restores a medium amount of health each turn.
  • Mood Maker - Team Ki Orbs +1 by order. One of Majin Satan's passive Skills.
  • Super Leader - Team takes a little less time to act. One of Majin Satan's passive Skills.
  • Super Tough - Greatly slows timeline reversal. One of Majin Satan's passive Skills.


  • .45 Gun - A .45 caliber handgun acquired from Mr. Satan. One of Majin Satan's Special Moves in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Present Bomb - Majin Satan gives the opponent a present, then runs away and presses a detonator, which causes the present to explode.
  • Metamo-Ring - As an EX-Fusion, Majin Satan wears a single Metamo-Ring on his left arm which was formed by Majin Buu and Mr. Satan's two Metamo-Rings fusing along with them. Majin Satan can remain fused as long as he wears it and can defuse at will by removing it.

Video Game Appearances


  • Majin Satan is the second fusion between an Earthling and a Majin the first being Majuub. However in Majin Satan's case Majin Buu's Majin traits are dominant. Presumably this is due to Majin Satan's status as an EX-Fusion.
    • However it may be due to Majin Buu being stronger than Mr. Satan, while in Majuub's case Good Buu is weaker than Uub (who possesses Kid Buu's potential and was trained by Goku).

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