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"Majin Buu and Hercule's fused form. Their strange friendship gives this legendary Majin champion surprising power!"
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Majin Satan (魔人サタン Majin Satan), initially called Buutan, is the EX-Fusion of Good Buu and Mr. Satan.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Present For You - Majin Satan gives the opponent a present, which explodes afterwards.

Video Game Appearances


  • Majin Satan is the second fusion between an Earthling and a Majin the first being Majuub. However in Majin Satan's case Majin Buu's Majin traits are dominant. Presumably this is due to Majin Satan's status as an EX-Fusion.
    • However it may be due to Majin Buu being stronger than Mr. Satan, while in Majuub's case Good Buu is weaker than Uub (who possesses Kid Buu's potential and was trained by Goku).

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