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Majin Beam (魔人ビーム Majin Bīmu) is a Finger Beam variation of Transfiguration Beam used by Majuub.


The user fires a Transfiguration Beam from their middle and index fingers. If it connects the user can turn the opponent into Candy. Alternatively, the user can use the technique like a normal Finger Beam.


Majuub uses this technique during his battle with Strongest Form 2 Baby Vegeta. The attack turns several of Baby's infected Earthling followers into chocolate allowing him to incapacitate them without seriously harming them (as Majuub wouldn't consider eating Human Candy as he would find doing such a thing morally reprehensible).


  • Chocolate Kamehameha - A variation of the Kamehameha imbued with the Majin Beam's ability to turn targets into chocolate candy. However like the original Transfiguration Beam, it can be reflected back at the user, however Majuub used this fact to his advantage by tricking the arrogant Baby Vegeta to reflect it back at him and consume the Human Candy that Majuub was turned into, allowing him to attack Baby Vegeta inside his body using Brutal Buster after reverting to normal.
  • Sweet Tooth - A variation of Majin Beam used by Android 21 and her evil fission where she fires her Hungry Beam from her index finger to turn the victim into a dessert (a donut, macaroon, or chocolate cupcake) which she will proceed to taste test to determine its quality. If she likes the taste she will consume the dessert in its entirety resulting in the opponent being consumed. If she dislikes the taste she will exclaim "Yuck!" as she tosses the dessert which reverts back into her opponent. Android 21 (Good) inherits the ability to use this technique, but doesn't as she finds the idea of eating her enemies morally reprehensible and for fear she might give into her hunger were she to resort to utilizing it.

Video Game Appearances

Interactive Character Illustration of Majuub (DBL37-04S) performing Majin Beam in Dragon Ball Legends

Super Saiyan 3 Shallot (DBL00-01) performing his Majin Beam Special Move Arts learned from Majuub (DBL37-04S) in Dragon Ball Legends

Majin Beam appears as Majuub's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. In Dragon Ball Heroes, Majin Beam is used as a Finger Beam thus only inflicts damage upon its target.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Majin Beam appears as the Special Move Arts for Majuub (DBL37-04S). Additionally Majuub (DBL37-04S) can teach it to Shallot (DBL00-01) after reaching Friendship Rank 2.[2] Like in Dragon Ball Heroes, Majin Beam doesn't turn the opponent into anything.

In World Mission, it appears as Majuub's Super Attack which can be learned by all Hero-type (HR) Avatars after raising Majuub to Camaraderie LV 1, thus Beat can utilize it as a Super Attack though only if his current Avatar (regardless of the selected race) is a Hero-type. Additionally the Majin Hero avatar user Kabra learns Majin Beam after raising him to Bond Level 10. There is also a Majin Beam Giga rarity Super Attack Accessory which allows Beat to equip it to any non-Soecial type character or custom card in a Custom Deck, including his Hero Avatar card which allows it to be equipped by Beat regardless of his Avatar's type and whether he has learned it for Hero-type avatars by raising Majuub's Camaraderie.[1]



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