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Magic (魔術 Majutsu) is a special type of power usable by a set few who learn how to utilize it, though a few beings have been shown to utilize it naturally. Characters like Bibidi and Babidi are natural born masters of magic.


Magic is primarily used for supportive techniques, such as healing, conjuration, transmutation, or sealing. Magic techniques can also replicate several techniques achievable through use of ki, such as flight. The Dragon Balls are themselves magical, created by various Namekians skilled in the magical arts. Some magic can be used offensively to manipulate energy, such as Moro's ability to drain energy from his surroundings and redirect it into attacks. Magic is, however, completely distinct from ki, and so while a magic user may possess low ki power, they could easily possess immense magic abilities - as the two energies are not related to each other.

Babidi's mind control technique

For example, the wizard Babidi possessed very little strength; however, he had enough magic power to take control of even the likes of Demon King Dabura, or create a magic shield that could protect him from Buu's Angry Explosion.

Various races such as Namekians, Majins, Demons, Core Person, and other deities are shown to be adept at using magic and/or magic abilities. In the case of Namekians, members of the Dragon Clan appear to be more inclined towards the use of magic than Warrior-type Namekians, however, it is still possible for Warrior-type Namekians to use magic, as demonstrated by Piccolo. Also, certain Earthlings such as Fortuneteller Baba (who is a witch) and Yurin are shown to be capable of using witchcraft-based magic, though it is unclear if it is a learned skill (like Ki manipulation) or innate ability. Animal-type Earthlings like Puar and Oolong are capable of utilizing magic in the form of Shapeshifting which they both learned at Southern Transformation Kindergarten.

While it is rare for non-demonic Androids and Bio-Androids to utilize Magic due to their artificial nature, they may inherit magical abilities genetically as shown with Android 21 due to the influence of her dominant and inherently magical Majin cells while demonic Bio-Androids such as Mira and Fu also possess magical abilities as Demon Realm science is magic-based, though Fu is more adept at using it due to following in his genetic mother's footsteps as a Demon Scientist. Android Majins also possess magical abilities in a manner similar to Android 21 and her fissions, though without her insatiable hunger and mental instability due to being created using Demon Realm science. OG Soldiers like Seven-Three can utilize Mimicry to copy magic abilities of other entities as shown by Seven-Three copying the abilities of the Super Namekian Piccolo and Moro's magical powers. Some Machine Mutants possess seemingly magical and/or borderline magical abilities such as Luud's ability to turn beings into dolls and Mutchy Mutchy's ability to shapeshift into a Whip.

As stated above, Magic is essentially the science of the Demon Realm, which is due to several of its founders like Demigra, Putine, and Gravy being wizards or in the case of Demigra and Mechikabura potentially being Demon Supreme Kai. Like her genetic offspring Fu, Towa is a Demon Realm Scientist who possesses strong magical abilities and capable of creating spells as powerful as the Dark Magic spell that grants Supervillain empowerment which is shown to be superior to Demigra's Villainous Mode empowerment. As a Demon Goddess, Towa's magical abilities increase to the point she can create a purely artificial Majin named Fin who can absorb the genetic data of those he absorbs allowing him to transform into them even if they aren't currently absorbed. As Fin was created by Towa, Mira can absorb Fin to transform and increase his power. Mira can also absorb his creator to achieve his Final Form.

A person's ability to use magic can be sealed up by Kai Kai Matoru, as displayed by the Grand Supreme Kai sealing away Moro's magic.

Eternal Dragons possesses the magical ability to grant wishes, though their ability is tied to the one who created them, thus their may be limits to which wishes they can grant. It is also possible to attain magical abilities via a wish, as shown by wishes that made Granolah and Gas the strongest in Universe 7 at the time the wish was made.


Magic first appeared through the Magic Materialization technique, an ability that allowed the user to summon an object as if from thin air. While not as common as ki attacks or physical blows, several magic techniques would go on to appear throughout the series, including Magic Touch, Sealing Spell, Demon Eye, Kai Kai, and Manipulation Sorcery. Additionally, magic imbued items are shown to exist - such as the Power Pole.

Buu's Transfiguration Beam is a prime example of combining ki and magic

Magical techniques can allow even very powerful beings to be sealed away with no means of escape. The Evil Containment Wave invented by Master Mutaito to seal away King Piccolo is a particularly potent such technique, being able to hold even a powerful Kai such as Zamasu, capable of teleportation techniques such as Kai Kai, inside an ordinary stone jar. Majin Buu was able to be sealed harmlessly inside an egg by magic for millions of years despite destroying entire galaxies when released. However, a strong opponent can sometimes negate magical techniques by sheer strength or force of will, as shown when Vegeta escaped from Babidi's mind control despite his body being physically enslaved. Babidi was also capable of causing people to explode but presumably could not use this technique on a being of sufficient strength, as he required his henchmen to fight his battles for him.

Babidi's magic allows him to gather strong fighters and place them under his control. He utilises magic at several points during his quest to reawaken Majin Buu and later to find Piccolo, Goten and Trunks. He uses a magical barrier to protect himself from the rampages he directs Buu on and uses telepathy to show the events of Buu's rampage to anyone on Earth as they closed their eyes, as well as to listen out for Earthlings calling his name.

It is shown that magic and ki can be mixed together by skilled users of both - as displayed by the Transfiguration Beam utilized by Majin Buu. Many of Buu's abilities are at least partially magical in nature.

Moro is a very powerful magic user who uses these abilities to augment his already substantial ki reserves by absorbing energy from foes, as well as manipulate life energy from his surroundings. He uses New Namek's energy to create lava and flames to shield himself from Vegeta's assault, and can even detect when he is being picked up by Goku's ki sense.

Core People, Gods of Destruction, and other deities are capable of utilizing magic such as Sealing Spells to stop dangerous individuals or in Beerus' case punish Old Kai after the two got into a trivial argument resulting in the elderly Kai being sealed inside the Z Sword.

Demons like Towa, Demigra, and Dabura are all capable Magic users as well though they tend to use demonic forms of magic such as Dark Magic. Due to Demon Realm being founded by wizards such as Demigra and Mechikabura, in Demon Realm magic is more dominant than science.[1]

The inhabitants of Universe 2 are all capable of using the Power of Love as a magical energy, resulting in their ace team - the Kamikaze Fireballs - being dubbed as "Witchy Warriors" (Magical Girl Warriors).

Video Game Appearances

Chronoa is implied to be quite a gifted magic user as she was able to defeat the three evil wizards Demigra, Putine, and Gravy back when she was still a Kai and would later seal Demon God Demigra in the Crack of Time after he invaded the Time Nest following Chronoa's appointment to Supreme Kai of Time. Though she is not as powerful as Demigra in terms of ki power in Age 850, her magical abilities are still quite formidable as she was able to recognize and seal away Demigra's Majin Emblem before it exploded saving herself, the Future Warrior, and Future Trunks from being killed by it. Additionally, after Demigra's escape, she was also able to dispel Demigra's Dark Magic before it could take control of the Future Warrior while Xeno Trunks distracted Demigra. Additionally, together Chronoa and Elder Kai could construct a difficult to circumvent magical barrier capable of protecting both Conton City.

As a Demon Scientist, Towa tends to combine both her scientific and magical knowledge as part of her schemes. Her artificial son Fu inherits his mother's tendency to combine science and magic. Additionally, they can also grant power-ups and transformations via Villainous Mode and Towa's Supervillain spell. However Dark Magic normally does not work on deities unless they allow it to affect them. Dabura is a capable magic user like his sister though he tends to use magic most often to create or summon weapons such as his sword and Evil Spear to aid him in battle. However during the Infinite History Saga, Dabura can use his sister's Dark Magic based Supervillain spell. In World Mission, an anomaly allows the game world Dabura to utilize Dark Magic to empower himself, Pui Pui, Spopovich, and Yamu with Villainous Mode.

It is suggested in FighterZ, that Majin cells are beyond the understanding of mortal science due to their inherently magical properties as Android 21's cells went out of control causing her to develop an insatiable hunger that negatively affects her sanity as it grows and causes her to develop a evil split personality, however with the magical understanding of Demon Realm science it is possible to create artificial Majins successfully as shown by Demon Goddess Towa's creation of Fin in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Mind Control and Draw appear as magic based CAA Special Abilities that can be used by certain characters. Additionally, other magic techniques appear as Super Attacks such as Demon Eye, Hell Bullet, Minus Energy Zone, Infinite Energy Zone, Remote Serious Bomb, Icicle Magic, and Icicle Illusion.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it is revealed that Saiyans can learn magical arts according to the profile of Vasabi, a Saiyan character who studied the magical arts because of his lack of battle sense.

In Dragon Ball Legends during the Tournament of Time, Zahha is shown to be an adept magic user who can use Healing magic, a teleportation spell known as Locational Phasing Spell, and the ability to create and control Illusions, with the phantom Mastermind actually being an illusionary puppet to fool his allies and his enemies.


  • Due to Merus' comments about Moro's magic, it is suggested that he is the strongest user of this power.


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