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Akira Toriyama with his pet cat, Koge (1987)

Maggie Blue O'Hara (born in Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian actress and voice actress. She is noted for her recognizable "young teenage girl" voice.


Maggie Blue has appeared in many television series and TV movies produced in Vancouver. TV series include X-Files, Da Vinci's Inquest, Hope Island, Neon Rider and three years as a regular on the CBC TV series Northwood. She appeared in the made-for-TV movies Other Women's Children, Resurrection, Talking to Heaven, and more.

For the Ocean Group dubs, she voiced Bulma in the first Dragon Ball movie and seasons four to eight of Dragon Ball Z, beginning with Goku's Special Technique. Her last dialogue as Bulma was in Feeding Frenzy and she was replaced by France Perras from Meet Vegito to Goku's Next Journey. Some of her other popular roles include Madison Taylor in the Cardcaptors dub and Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat in X-Men: Evolution. Her personality appears to be more soft-spoken than the characters she plays.

In 2005 Maggie Blue and her husband, renowned Hong Kong sand painting artist Hoi Chiu,[1] formed All Theatre Art Association and have created shows and toured them internationally to places such as England, Canada, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Thailand. In Hong Kong, Maggie provided voices for name-brand electronic toys such as VTech, and cartoon series such as Hello Kitty and Friends.

From interviews on the Arjuna DVDs, it appears that Maggie Blue is a proud environmentalist and a lifelong vegetarian.