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Magenta (マゼンタ Mazenta) is the president of Red Pharmaceuticals, the current public face of the Red Ribbon Army. He is the one responsible for employing Dr. Hedo to create the twin Androids: Gamma 1 and 2. He is the son of Commander Red.

He is one of the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


Magenta had slicked back hair and a moustache stylized in a similar manner to that of his father. He also wore a magenta-colored suit with a black undershirt, and also wore a gold chain. He is depicted as being short in stature, similar to his late father.


Similar to his father, he is shown to be ruthless, as evidenced by how he manipulated Dr. Hedo into working for the reborn Red Ribbon Army as well as his having Pan abducted. However, he also had noticeable differences to his father, namely that he was shown to actually care for the well-being of his soldiers. However, this has its limits owing to his ruthless nature, as he shot at Dr. Hedo when the latter attempted to stop him from activating Cell Max. He also apparently had some degree of planning, as he implied that he outfitted himself with a cybernetic suit due to anticipating the possibility of Cell Max turning against him as insurance.


Magenta has a picture of Colonel Violet on his desk alongside one of his father Commander Red, suggesting some history with her.

Magenta is the current president of Red Pharmaceuticals, a front company for the Red Ribbon Army which survived the Red Ribbon Army War. Together with his trusted chauffeur Carmine, Magenta seeks to resurrect the Red Ribbon Army.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero In order to rebuild the army, he gets in touch with Dr. Hedo and has him construct new Red Ribbon Androids.


Thanks to his enhancements, Magenta would have been able to kill Dr. Hedo, however he is taken out by Hachimaru's poison.


  • Enhancements - Magenta has a cybernetically enhanced frame.


  • Gun - Magenta carries a pistol.

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  • Magenta's role and stature are similar to his predecessor Commander Red, while his chauffeur Carmine plays a role similar to Staff Officer Black.
  • Magenta was resurrected despite Porunga being instructed not to resurrect any really evil people, indicating he wasn't considered "evil" at the time.



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