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This article is about a member of the Heeters. For the future earthling, see Maki (Future timeline).

Macki (マキ Maki) is part of the Heeter family.



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Like Oil and Gas, Macki is very loyal to Elec and follows his orders. Macki has shown to be a good actress, as she utilizes deception and manipulation in order to pit Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta against each-other. However, Macki seems to be less evil than her brothers as she has an honorable side and is concerned about the Sugarians and disapproves of Granolah's methods and growing insanity. Also like Oil, she gets disgusted by Granolah's lack of empathy and his murderous, destructive nature.


Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga When Granolah arrives on the Heeter's Base bringing along Seven-Three as bounty, Macki is present along with the rest of the Heeter's and gives Granolah his payment. Seven-Three is later analysed and the information they receive leads them to learn all about Zuno, the Galactic Bandit Brigade and the Dragon Balls.

Two days later, Granolah returns to the Heeter's Base, now the most powerful being in the universe thanks to a wish that had been granted on Cereal by the Dragon Toronbo and demands Frieza's location. Not having the time to deal with Granolah's demands, Elec orders Oil to throw Granolah out but he is effortlessly overpowered. Macki attempts taking on Granolah herself, charging Ki into her hands to create claw like weapons and swipes away frantically at her target though is unable to land a blow. Granolah swiftly ties her hands using his cape and lifts her off the ground before attempting to slam her into the flooring but she is saved from the impact by Gas and the fight ends shortly thereafter.

Later during meal time, Elec discusses his intention to have Granolah battle against the two Saiyans Goku and Vegeta who they witnessed battle against Moro.

Macki and Oil are later ordered by Elec to take a trip to Zuno for intel, the former excited when Elec lets her ask whatever she wants, so long as she sticks with the plan. When the two arrive at Zuno's Planet a few weeks later, however, she is enraged at the prospect of having to kiss Zuno in order to get information. Fortunately for her, Zuno tells her that feisty women are his type and that he'll answer ten questions for the two, somewhat bottling up Macki's anger while she asks Oil for Elec's notes, obtaining various information about Goku and Vegeta.

On Earth, the plan to pit Goku and Vegeta against Granolah begins. First, Macki and Oil pay a visit to Chi-Chi, hiding their plan under the ruse of Granolah being a dreadful evil and promising Goku a well-paying job in taking care of him. Their mentioning of Granolah becoming the "strongest in the universe" catches both Saiyans' attention, ensuring both of their "help". Macki puts on an act of thanking them before excusing herself to the restroom, where she is annoyed that Oil didn't help her convince the Dragon Team at all.

Macki is later shown rifling through one of Bulma's drawers to find the Dragon Radar, Oil noting that nothing is showing up on the screen, presumably because Earth's Dragon Balls are currently stone. However, they recall that Zuno told them that the Cerealian Dragon Balls don't have that problem, Macki remarking that once they find them, they'll be theirs to exploit. They are nearly caught by Chi-Chi, but luckily she is only concerned about the type of payment Goku and Vegeta will receive, since "space money" is useless on Earth. Macki quickly deters her with the promise of "sky-gold", breathing a sigh of relief once Chi-Chi leaves them alone.

After meeting Goku and Vegeta on Earth and informing them about the "dastardly Granolah", Macki and Oil take them into their spaceship, telling them that it will take 18 days for them to reach Planet Cereal. While the two are busy eating and training, respectively, Macki enacts the final part of the plan by calling Granolah, telling him that they found Frieza's location but the scouting squad slipped up and that they sent Goku and Vegeta, whom Macki calls "two assassins", after Granolah. While Granolah is initially confident that he can beat the location out of the "assassins" directly, he is further shocked when Macki tells him that the "assassins" are Saiyan survivors. After ending the call, she triumphantly tells Oil that the last bit got his attention, just as they thought, finally setting the clash between Granolah and the Saiyans in motion.


Macki is indicated by herself and Elec to be more powerful than Oil, however like Oil she was defeated by Granolah after he had become the greatest warrior in the universe.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Energy Blade - Macki is capable of forming claw-like energy blades around her hands for combat.


Dragon Ball Super


  • Macki's name comes from either ribbon/wrappable heater (巻き付けヒーター; makitsuke hiitaa) or firewood (薪; maki).



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