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"Fire off several kicks at the speed of sound. You can switch to another move mid-attack."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse in-game description

Mach Kick (マッハキック Mahha Kikku) is a Rush Attack used by Burter.


Burter delivers multiple kicks in a rapid succession.


Burter uses this technique against Goku. On Namek, after attacking with multiple punches dodged by Goku, Burter uses the Mach Kick technique, but each kick also misses Goku, not catching up with his incredible speed. Used in conjunction with Mach Punch as part of the Space Mach Attack combination.


Video Game Appearances

This technique is called Rapid Kick in Dragon Ball Z. It is named Mach Kick in Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butōden. In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Burter uses the technique during the Red Comet Attack (Jeice's team attack). Mach Kick is the name of one of Burter's Unique Attacks in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

Shallot (DBL00-01) performing his Mach Kick Special Move Arts learned from Burter (DBL01-29H) in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, it also appears under the name Mach Kick and is one of Burter's Super Skills. It can also be obtained by the Future Warrior in Parallel Quest 18: "Return of the Ginyu Force".

Mach Kick appears as a Special Move used by Burter, Zarbon, Android 17, Jaco, and several other character. There is also two stronger variants called Super Mach Kick and Hyper Mach Kick.

In Dragon Ball Legends, Mach Kick appears as the Special Move Arts for Burter (DBL01-29H) & Burter (DBL14-07E). Additionally, Burter (DBL01-29H) can teach it to Shallot after reaching Friendship Rank 2. During the Special Move Arts, the user will perform Mach Dash before performing the rush attack.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Burter performs this technique when he's called in by Captain Ginyu.