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The Macareni Gang is a trio of criminal siblings. They are recurring foes of the Galactic Patrol.


The Macareni Gang have gone up against the Galactic Patrol a number of times, having been caught by Merus in the past. After having gotten free from Galactic Prison, they attempted to steal the Blue Aurum on Jung, however they are captured by Merus once again.

The Macareni Gang are imprisoned in Galactic Prison again but are released along with the rest of the prisoners by Moro's second wish on the Dragon Balls and promptly join the rest of the prisoners as part of the "Moro Corps". They are sent to find potential planets for Moro to drain the energy from, but decide to instead go to Earth to obtain the Sky Gold there, however to their surprise they are quickly defeated by Piccolo and captured, but not before they can send a distress signal to Saganbo's Spaceship.

Shimorekka, Yunba and Seven-Three are the ones sent to follow their distress signal, with - to the Macareni Gang's shock - Shimorekka attempting to execute them due to Moro knowing of their treachery. However they are saved by Piccolo.

Later, the Macareni Gang are sent back to the Galactic Prison along with the other prisoners.


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