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Planet M-2 (惑星M2 Wakusei Emu-Tsu) is a planet-sized Machine Mutant[1] in Dragon Ball GT. It is Giru's home planet, as well as where Dr. Myuu keeps the One-Star Black Star Dragon Ball.


The central city of M-2

Planet M-2 was once inhabited by a highly advanced, technological race of humanoids who were all destroyed by the Machine Mutants. The race living on this planet seemed to be highly advanced and sophisticated, but were described in General Rilldo's story to be "unperfect", thus did not fit into Dr. Myuu's plan, and therefore they were murdered by "a more superior race"; which was apparently the machine mutants. The planet was then taken over and transformed by the Machine Mutants' creator Dr. Myuu around Age 760-770. A lot of parts on the planet are wastelands, but there is a huge city as well. The inhabitants are all robots or Machine Mutants.

In the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, the Machine Mutant Giru guides Goku, Trunks and Pan through this planet as the plot revolving around his loyalty unfolds. There, Goku fights and defeats the Sigma Force and General Rilldo.

M-2's functions are linked to General Rilldo. After Rilldo is dealt with the story continues to its peak upon Myuu's Planet.

Known residents

Video Game Appearances

M-2 appears as the sixth level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Machine Mutants, Crushers, Ballistos, Drills, the mini-boss is the Sigma Force Cannon, and the boss is General Rilldo.

It is a battle stage in Dragon Ball Heroes.


  • The planet's name comes from the first letters of each word in "Machine Mutant".[2]
  • M-2 is similar to the Big Gete Star as both are planet sized machines.
  • The time Dr. Myuu took over M-2 is about 1 year before Raditz arrives on Earth.
  • It is unknown if Vegeta ever step foot on or encountered Planet M-2 during the events after the battle with Frieza on Namek in Dragon Ball Z. As he travels far across space to find Goku.



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