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Love Wand is a item used by Team Universe 2.


It has the ability to transfer the user's "love" to Brianne, by chanting "You can do it Ribrianne!".


The Love Wands are first used by Sanka Ku and Roasie to help Ribrianne transform into Super Ribrianne. Later, all of the Team Universe 2 members watching the Tournament of Power (with the exception of Sour), use their Love Wands to help Brianne transform into her Lovely Love, Love Ribrianne form.

After Brianne is defeated, all of Universe 2 gives their "love" to the remaining three fighters, allowing them to take on the Formation themselves.



  • They share a vague resemblance with the wands used in Sailor Moon.
  • They appeared less detailed in episode 109 because of how Sanka and Rozie were holding them.
  • Zarbuto, Zirloin, and Rabanra probably have Love Wands as well.
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