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"I am lord of the demons. You are but a child."
Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

Lord Yao (妖魔王 Yōma-ō) is a giant boar-like demon. He is referred to as Lord Yao due to being the king of Mount Paozu, as well as a demon lord. He is the main antagonist of the Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy special.


Lord Yao is hulking, purple furred, anthropomorphic creature closely resembling a boar with great muscular build. He wears armour similar to that of another creature that resided in Mount Paozu, the Bear Thief even having a similar sword.


Dragon Ball GT[]

A Hero's Legacy[]

Lord Yao

Lord Yao

Arriving while Mamba and her goons were chasing Goku Jr., he fired a cannonball at Goku Jr. He then unleashed a powerful snout blast at them. The father bear started to attack Yao, but Yao grabbed the bear by his neck and proceeded to choke him by turning his hand into a root that wrapped around the bear's neck. Then, his other hand turned into a blade, but, before Yao could kill the bear, Goku Jr. transformed into a Super Saiyan and quickly defeated the Demon Lord. What remains of him is unknown, as he was last seen passing out under some rubble after Goku Jr. sent him flying into a rock wall.


Lord Yao About to Kill BEar

Yao turns his right arm into a sword while strangling a bear with his left arm turned into a root

Lord Yao seems to have above average human strength, as seen by his ability to crush the ground with his foot. He also possesses several special abilities. However, he is still no match for Goku Jr.'s Super Saiyan power.

Techniques and Special Abilities[]

  • Snout Blast – Yao shoots an energy blast through his nose. He used this on Goku Jr. when the boy survived the cannonball.
  • Shapeshifting – Lord Yao can transform into anything, even inanimate objects, and can hold a form as long as desired. Yao is observed using this technique to turn his body into several weapons, such as: a cannon, a root, an iron mace, and a cutlass-like blade.
    • Cannon Transformation - Lord Yao turns his arm into a Cannon and fires a cannonball at the opponent. Named in Dokkan Battle where it appears as his Super Attack.

Video Game Appearances[]

Lord Yao appears in a boss character in Dokkan Battle.

Voice Actors[]


  • Lord Yao vs. Goku Jr. (Base/Super Saiyan)


  • Lord Yao resembles Bear Thief from Dragon Ball. His pig-like appearance and shapeshifting powers also provide similarities to Oolong albeit far more villainous.
    • Ironically, he ends up in a confrontation with the father bear and almost kills him. Interestingly, he shares this in common with the Namekian Demon Clansmen Tambourine and his younger brother Piccolo Jr. all three of them have confronted a bear at some point (Tambourine and Piccolo both fought a bear in Dragon Ball) and were later defeated by a member of the Son family.
  • Yao is one of several characters to call himself king of demons (or demon lord); the others being Shula, King Piccolo, and Dabura. Oolong was also called a demon in his first appearance.
    • This makes his confrontation with Goku Jr. quite fitting as Goku Junior's relatives Goku and Gohan have both fought Demon Kings (Shula & King Piccolo in Goku's case and Dabura in Gohan's case). Gohan and Goten were also trained by King Piccolo's reincarnation Piccolo.
  • The armor Lord Yao wears resembles that worn by Chinese soldiers during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Bear Thief, Ox-King, the Tiger Thief, the nameless warrior from "Terror and Plague", and Sky Dragon also wear similar-looking uniforms.
  • Lord Yao is the final villain to appear in the timeline of the Dragon Ball anime series.
  • His Japanese name comes from the terms "youma" (妖魔) meaning "monster" or "demon" and the suffix "-Ō" (王), meaning "king".
  • Yao is similar to Ganon from the Legend of Zelda series, as they are both large demons that resemble boars. Coincidentally, both characters were derived from Zhu Bajie, a major character from Dragon Ball's basis Journey to the West.
    • This makes Yao vaguely similar to Hirudegarn who is similar to modern depictions of Ganon in his Dark Beast form (who is depicted as more beastial than classic depictions of Ganon that Yao resembles).


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