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"Lord Luud's Curse" (ルードののろい!?にんぎょうにされたパン Rūdo no Noroi!? Ningyō ni Sareta Pan, lit. "Lood's Curse?! Pan Turned into a Doll") is the eleventh episode of the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga and the eleventh overall episode of Dragon Ball GT. This episode first aired in Japan on May 8, 1996. Its original American airdate was April 2, 2005.


Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy threatens Goku

Pan and Giru land on Planet Luud, and with the Dragon Radar, they find the location of the six-star Black Star Dragon Ball. The Para Brothers tell Goku and Trunks where their ship went, and they follow closely after them.

Pan goes into the castle, but Giru, being too scared, flies away. He finds Trunks, Goku, and the Para Para brothers and tells them where Pan went. Pan fights her way into the main chamber and grabs the Dragon Ball, but Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy stops her by turning her into a doll.

Mutchy's real form

He is about to throw her into the giant cauldron when Trunks and Goku show up. Angry, the Cardinal turns the Para Brothers into dolls and disposes of them. He attacks Goku and Trunks before sending out a giant robotic lion on the pair, but Goku drops a giant boulder on it after firing a Ki blast at the side of the wall. The resulting explosion destroys Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, but his whip transforms into his true form, Mutchy. Meanwhile while the doll version of Pan is found by Giru but is soon kicked away and picked up instead by Dolltaki.

Major Events

  • Goku and Trunks head to Planet Luud to rescue Pan.
  • Pan is transformed into a doll by Luud and is taken by Dolltaki.
  • The whip the Cardinal was using transforms into Mutchy.


  • Pan vs. Luud Cult members
  • Goku and Trunks vs. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy






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