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Lord Jaguar (ジャガー・バッタだんしゃく Jagā Batta Danshaku) is the long-time rival of Mr. Satan. He makes his debut in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, with a devious plan for revenge.


Lord Jaguar is portrayed as an unintelligent billionaire, often mispronouncing words (leading 18 to constantly correct him, to his irritation). His own cousin Men-Men even referenced his lack of intelligence when he coldly stated that he wasn't truly a threat due to his brain not being "as big as his wallet." Despite his lacking intelligence, he was nevertheless implied to be somewhat shrewd especially when dealing with Mr. Satan. This was best evidenced just before Mr. Satan fought the Bio Warriors, where Mr. Satan, when angrily demanding for cameras and film crews to show his fights, ended up outsmarted by Jaguar by having his cousin Men-Men come out and "honor" his request by carrying a portable video camera with the implication that he anticipated Mr. Satan's glory obsession and use it against him. His most notable trait is his grudge against Mr. Satan due to being bested in High School, to the extent that he hoped to humiliate the latter by either exposing him as a fraud when defeated by his Bio-Warriors, or otherwise by leaking to the press Mr. Satan's incontinence problems as a kid. He did show some care for his dog, however, as he attempted to order Hei to stand down when it recklessly tried to attack Bio-Broly partly because it risked him getting consumed by the leaked Culture Fluid, and was horrified when he dissolved.


Dragon Ball Z[]



Jaguar after the birth of the first Bio-Warriors made by his scientists

Lord Jaguar has vast wealth, which he uses in order to have a team of geneticists to clone Broly. He ultimately plans to have the clone help him claim world domination as well as expose Mr. Satan as being a fraud (it is implied that his primary reason as to why he wants to expose Mr. Satan as a fraud is because of a grudge towards him in regards to a fight against Mr. Satan in High School that he lost).


Lord Jaguar in his castle

Jaguar invites Mr. Satan (through his cousin, Men-Men) to come to his castle to fight his Bio-Warriors, and also blackmails him into participating by threatening to publish a story about his wetting his bed during summer camp to the papers if he refuses (as Jaguar was the only other person who was aware of his bed wetting troubles besides Mr. Satan himself). Ultimately, he discovers the hard way that the Legendary Super Saiyan is not so easily tamed; at one point, he orders Bio-Broly to stop attacking Trunks only to be attacked himself. As the culture fluid consumes his facility, when Trunks offers to rescue him, Jaguar thinks twice before accepting, believing he deserves to die for his actions. In the end, he is saved by Trunks, while expressing remorse at the consequences of his greedy and vengeful ambitions.



Lord Jaguar is relatively weak to the point he apparently lost to a younger Mr. Satan when both were in High School (it is unclear if Mr. Satan had begun his Martial Arts training at Satan Castle by that point) making him one of the few people whom Mr. Satan is known to have defeated legitimately (the others being Spopovich, Van Zant, as well as various zombies that escaped Hell later on.).

Video Game Appearances[]


Lord Jaguar in Shin Butōden

Lord Jaguar appears in the cutscenes of the Mr. Satan Mode in Shin Butōden.

Lord Jaguar second appears as a support item in Dokkan Battle.

Voice Actors[]


  • He has mispronounced two words, saying "spray" instead of "play" and "vitamins" instead of "victims".
  • Jaguar slightly resembles Vodka, the greedy gangster Goku encounters while searching for the Dragon Balls during the Cell Games Saga.
  • He may have a somewhat lecherous attitude towards women, as he acts rather perverted toward Android 18 when she and Mr. Satan arrive at his island (with #18 responding by slapping Jaguar into a wall albeit with a surprising amount of restraint from using her super strength that could easily kill a normal person).
  • The pronunciation of Lord Jaguar's Japanese name, Baron Jager Batta, seems to be a pun of jaga batta (じゃがバター), meaning "buttered potato", and danshaku-imo (男爵芋), the Irish cobbler potato, as well as the word danshoku (男爵), meaning "baron". Additionally, Mei Queen Castle is named after the May Queen potato.
  • In Japanese film brochure and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, his name is misprinted as Jagā Badda (ジャガー・バッダ).
  • Lord Jaguar is similar to Spopovich in that both are Earthlings who sought to take revenge on Mr. Satan after legitimately losing to him in a past fight.
    • However, Spopovich sought to utilize his Unlock Potential after falling under Babidi's Manipulation Sorcery. Unfortunately he and Yamu were used by Babidi to resurrect Majin Buu, with Spopovich being killed by Babidi's Explosion Sorcery.
    • Lord Jaguar instead used his wealth to have his team of scientists which included Dr. Collie and Nain to create an army of Bio-Warriors and used blood samples of Broly provided by Maloja to create Bio-Broly. Unfortunately, his Bio-Warriors were no match for Mr. Satan's allies Android 18, Goten, and Trunks, while Bio-Broly proved too dangerous for Lord Jaguar to control. However he was saved from death by Trunks, which lead him to renounce his evil ways out of gratitude.
      • Lord Jaguar is seemingly one of the few people besides the Z Fighters not fooled by Mr. Satan's claims of strength, presumably due both men having known one another in their youth as they attended the same High School.


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