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Locational Phasing Spell is a Magic technique used by Zahha in Dragon Ball Legends.


Zahha casts a spell that allows him to teleport himself and others instantaneously, though Cell notes it is different from Instant Transmission. However according to Zahha it requires a long period of preparations before he can perform it. Although as Zahha is later revealed to be the true Mastermind and main villain of Dragon Ball Legends the truthfulness of his statements regarding the nature of this technique are dubious (as it is possible that the long preparation was a lie to prevent his "allies" from relying too much on his ability to teleport while he was acting as a double agent).


Zahha first uses this technique to allow himself, Shallot, Bulma (Youth), Jaco, Gohan, and an injured Piccolo to escape from Raditz (who had grown stronger and trained his Tail) during the Tournament of Time.

Video Game Appearances

This technique is used and was named during the main story of Dragon Ball Legends.