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This is a list of tertiary, inconsequential, or unnamed characters who exist in the Dragon Ball universe. Note that this list only constitutes of characters that do play some kind of role in the story, but are tertiary or lesser in their appearance. For a complete list of primary and supporting characters, please see the list of characters in Dragon Ball.


Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf Saga


Chad and his unnamed lover

Chad is a man that appears on a romance Television show that Bulma watches during The Emperor's Quest.


He is about to kiss his unnamed lover in the show which Bulma is enjoying until Goku changes the TV to a Godzilla-like show that scares Bulma.[1]

Aru Village Residents



Alexi (Hejji, Hedge "Ange") is one of the girls Oolong kidnapped from Aru Village.


She seems to have spent the whole time exercising and calls Oolong "Snuckums".

Video Game Appearances

She makes a video game appearance in Dragon Ball: Origins, where she is seen in the same role. She also appears in the bonus level 2-6, where she runs away from Aru Village in hopes of living in the city for an easy life but gets lost in the forest instead. Goku and Bulma then have to find her and return her to the village. After she is returned it is said that she learned her lesson and that it is not so bad living in Aru Village. She is referred by the name "Villager D" in this video game.

Alexi's Father

Alexi's Father

Alexi's Father (Hedge's Father) is a farmer of Aru Village and the father of Alexi.


When he is reunited with Alexi after Oolong's defeat he is surprised to see that she was living in luxury the whole time.

Video Game Appearances

He made his first video game appearance in Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo as the first villager Goku and Bulma met in Aru Village, and also appears in Dragon Ball (WonderSwan Color).



Johnny is a young boy who is a resident of Aru Village.


In the battle between Goku and Oolong, while Oolong is the form of a robot, Johnny shoots a slingshot at the back of Oolong's head, which makes him become angry. Johnny's mom grabs him and runs away saying "Johnny, do you wanna get yourself killed?"

Video Game Appearances

He is referred by the name "Villager I" in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Johnny's Mother

Johnny's Mother

Johnny's Mother is the mother of Johnny.


After Johnny shot Oolong with a slingshot, she came out and grabbed him moving him to safety.

Video Game Appearances

She is referred by the name "Villager H" in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Little Flower

Little Flower

Little Flower (, "Lee"; or Becky in the Ocean Group dub) is one of the girls Oolong captured from Aru Village and was released after Goku defeated him.

Video Game Appearances

She is referred by the name "Villager F" in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Little Flower's Father

Little Flower's Father

Little Flower's Father (or Becky's Father in the Ocean Group dub) is a Native American who lives in Aru Village, and he is the father of Little Flower. He is surprised when he finds out that his daughter was living in luxury the whole time she was kidnapped by Oolong. He bears a slight resemblance to the famous Sioux Indian chief Sitting Bull.



Sarah (Hoggu, Hogg) is one of the girls Oolong kidnapped from Aru Village.


She is seen to be sitting around drinking a fancy drink and wearing new fancy clothing.

Video Game Appearances

Goku has the choice to bring her to Master Roshi in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen. She also appears in Dragon Ball: Origins, where she is called "Villager E".

Sarah's Mother

Sarah's Mother

Sarah's Mother is the mother of Sarah.


She apparently has "prayed for her babies return". She is surprised when she sees that Sarah was living in luxury the whole time she was kidnapped by Oolong.

Sarah's Father

Sarah's Father

Sarah's Father is a man who was in the crowd gathering around Sherman Priest's house when Goku and Bulma arrived


It is implied in the Ocean Group dubs that he is the father of Sarah, since he asks for Goku and Bulma to bring her daughter back, with Alexi's and Little Flower's parents already been shown. However, in both the original Japanese and Funimation dub versions, he does not mention having a missing daughter, instead asking if Goku has what it takes to beat Oolong.

Video Game Appearances

In the bonus level 2-6 in Dragon Ball: Origins, this man asks Goku and Bulma if they can find a girl from the village, which is Alexi, and return her to the village after she ran away wanting to live in the city. He is referred by the name "Villager G" in this video game.

Emperor Pilaf's Mother

Pilaf's dream with his mother talking to him

During the Emperor Pilaf Saga, in the anime only, Emperor Pilaf has a dream with his mother saying "Pilaf, did you steal those Dragon Balls?" Then, Pilaf says "Mommy," causing him to trip and drop the Dragon Balls. She is never mentioned again in the series.[2]

Tournament Saga

Brown Country Cowboys



Chibi (チビ) is the short bearded member of Tall Man's group. He is unnamed in the FUNimation dub.

  • His name roughly means "super-deformed" or "midget" in Japanese, and is possibly a reference to his short stature.
Tall Man

Tall Man

Tall Man (known as Noppo (ノッポ) in the Japanese version) is one of the cowboys seen in the Brown Country saloon. He is the only person to not be afraid of hearing Launch's name.


When Launch shows up in her normal form (everybody only knows her as her bad form), he bought her a drink trying to hit on her. When she sneezed and became her bad counterpart, she knocked him out.

  • Tall Man seems to be a parody of the type of heroes in old westerns.


Tubs (デブ Debu) is one of the cowboy followers of Tall Man shown in the beginning to Look Out for Launch.


He is seen talking to him in the Saloon. When Launch shows up and transforms, he is beaten up along with everybody else.

Muscular Lady

Goku brings Roshi a muscular woman

A Muscular Lady brought to Kame House when Goku went there to receive training from Master Roshi.


Roshi told Goku to find him a curvy girl first. When Goku arrived back, Roshi found he brought him back this very large woman. After this, Master Roshi showed Goku a photo of the type of girl that he wanted.

Video Game Appearances

This lady makes a minor appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen and is a boss in Dragon Ball: Origins. In Dragon Ball: Origins, Goku finds this muscular woman in the Mushroom Forest after a villager from Monster Carrot's Village told him a robust woman was there seeking for a mushroom that would make her stronger. After the boss battle, she accepts to travel to Kame House with Goku because she wants to learn martial arts.

  • A woman who looks like the Muscular Lady is later seen at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, during the brief scene in which Goku is naked following his Great Ape de-transformation.


Mermaid appeared in episode fourteen of Dragon Ball, "Goku's Rival" (in Dragon Ball SD, she is replaced by Otokosuki).



Master Roshi asked Goku to find and bring him a pretty girl, and if he did, he would train him. Goku brought her back to the island on the Flying Nimbus, where Roshi proceeded to hit on her, though he was put off by the tail at first. She then punched him and jumped back into the ocean. Her riding on the Flying Nimbus when Master Roshi met her indicates that she was pure of heart.

Video Game Appearances

The mermaid appears in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen.

Milk Delivery Man

Milk Delivery Man

The Milk Delivery Man is an anthropomorphic white cow who appears in the episode entitled "Milk Delivery".


Master Roshi requests that he allow Goku and Krillin to deliver the milk in his place. They begin to deliver the milk following the route but without any vehicle or transport as a part of their training.

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Registration Staff Member

The Registration Staff

The man who works at the registration office of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Video Game Appearances

He also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budōkai and in the second trailer for Dragon Ball Online.

Unnamed Tournament Staff Member

The megaphone man during the preliminary rounds

An unnamed man who works at the World Martial Arts Tournament primarily seen in the Tournament Saga.


He is seen at times with a megaphone directing fighters to go to the Elimination Rounds. Bulma gets mad at him because he will not allow her to see Yamcha fight. Notably, Master Roshi also refers to him as a loud-mouth.

Video Game Appearances

He also appears in Dragon Ball Online and several other video games.

Tournament Referee

The referee during the 22nd World Tournament

The referee of the preliminary rounds in the World Martial Arts Tournament, and the main referee of the Intergalactic World Tournament.[3]

Video Game Appearances

He also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as the referee of Mr. Satan's tournament.

Elimation Round Competitors

Fighter 40

Fighter 40 is a blue anthropomorphic wolf fighter who lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.


Fighter 40

He made it to the final elimination round which would have resulted in being in the tournament but he was set up against Yamcha. He thought Yamcha's Wolf Fang style was a silly name, but then he was defeated by a technique from this style, the Blinding Wolf Fang Fist. His fight with Yamcha is the only time Blinding Wolf Fang Fist has been shown in the anime, but the technique reappeared in video games.

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Fighter 69

Fighter 69

Fighter 69 is a fighter who lost in the elimination round of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.


The fighter in "Milk Delivery"

He is first seen fighting Yamcha in a dojo in "Milk Delivery" (scene present only in the anime). At the World Tournament, Fighter 69 is first seen lifting a huge weight before his fight. When he saw Goku was his opponent, he and the rest of the audience thought that it was a joke. Goku then pushed him with one finger, causing him to lose balance and fall out of the ring, surprising him and everyone in the room watching (most of which assumed it was luck).[4]

Voice Actors

Yajirobe's opponent in the 23rd tournament

  • A fighter similar to Fighter 69 is Yajirobe's opponent in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Contrary to Fighter 69, this fighter appears as a light-skinned man and is voiced by Yukitoshi Hori in the Japanese version.[5]In the FUNimation dub, Bradford Jackson provided his voice
  • In Dragon Ball: Origins, Fighter 69 is an anthropomorphic boxing boar who looks similar to one of Hasky's followers.
  • He is known as Babasky (ババスキー Babasukī) in the licensed Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Fighting Hero: Tenkaichi Budokai no Maki and Dragon Ball Nekketsu Tenkaichi Budokai.
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Fighter 83

Fighter 83

Fighter 83 (ランラン老師 Ranran Rōshi, lit. "Lang Lang Roshi")[6] is a fighter who lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. He is a master of the Lion-style Kempo (獅子牙流の拳法家 Shishi kiba-ryū no kenpō-ka).[7]


Fighter 83 made it to the final elimination round which would have resulted in being in the tournament, but he was set up against Goku. He thought Goku's stance was weird because it left all of his area's open but then was quickly defeated from Goku throwing him out of the ring.

Video Game Appearances

Instructor in Attack of the Saiyans

He is a boss in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, named Lang Lang Roshi. His design is used for the enemies Would-be Fighter, Rowdy Fighter, and Instructor in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

  • The filler character Mr. Lao, who appears years later in Dragon Ball Z, resembles an aged version of Fighter 83. Also, Mr. Lao's granddaughter, Lime, mentioned that her grandfather once fought in the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  • He is known as Mister Pe Pe (ミスター Misutā Pe Pe) in the licensed Dragon Ball toys, Dragon Ball Fighting Hero: Tenkaichi Budokai no Maki and Dragon Ball Nekketsu Tenkaichi Budokai.
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Fighter 97

Fighter 97

Fighter 97 is an anthropomorphic bear with a British English accent who wears a karate gi who lost in the Elimination Round of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.


He was first seen in the audience laughing along with the other fighters because of Goku's size when he was going to fight Fighter 69 and later seen amazed when Krillin beat the Orin Temple Bully. He made it to the final elimination round which would have resulted in being in the tournament but he was set up against Krillin. Krillin easily beat him by kicking him straight in the face where he fell to the ground and raised a white flag forfeiting the match.

Video Game Appearances

His character model appears in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen as a generic fighter in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament preliminaries. The model appears three times losing against Yamcha, Piccolo, and Chi-Chi. In Dragon Ball: Origins, Fighter 97 has a gray fur and wears a military uniform.

  • He is known as Yawara Bear (ヤワラベアー Yawara Beā) in the licensed Dragon Ball toys, Dragon Ball Fighting Hero: Tenkaichi Budokai no Maki and Dragon Ball Nekketsu Tenkaichi Budokai.
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Great Lee

Great Lee (グレート・リー Gurēto Rī, lit. "Great Lee")[6], also known as the Bruce Lee Impersonator, is a character who bares a resemblance to the real-life martial artist Bruce Lee.


He is not a parody of Bruce Lee himself, but rather a parody of the Bruce Lee lookalikes who appeared in numerous "Bruceploitation" knock-off films that came after Lee's death in 1973.

Akira Toriyama was a fan of Bruce Lee, citing his films such as Enter the Dragon as a major influence behind his creation of Dragon Ball, but he did not like the later "Bruceploitation" knock-off films.[8] Later in the series, adult Goku's pose and piercing glare in Super Saiyan form was based on the real-life Bruce Lee.[9][10]


A Character that resembles Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Impersonator in West City

He is first seen in a vision when Krillin tells Goku about the World Martial Arts Tournament in the episode "Milk Delivery". In the vision, he fights a boxing monkey, then gets burned by Baragon. Later, the Bruce Lee Impersonator is seen several times in the Elimination Round at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. He is first seen at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament training just before the fights start. When Goku comes into the ring to fight Fighter 69, he can be seen saying "What is this? The Diaper Brigade?!" He is then shown fighting against Krillin in a match where he hits him a few times and uses Bruce Lee's famous "Dragon Stomp." When Krillin gets back up, the Bruce Lee Impersonator gets scared and hides behind the referee and surrenders.[11]

Another character that resembles Bruce Lee is seen in West City in the episode "A Trip to the City", where he challenges people to a street fight and anyone who beats him will get 100,000 zeni. Goku and him fight, but after seeing Goku's tremendous strength, he gives up.

Video Game Appearances

The second character that resembles Bruce Lee is a boss in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen.

  • He is known as Bruce Poo (ブルース・プー Burūsu Pū) in the licensed Dragon Ball toys, Dragon Ball Fighting Hero: Tenkaichi Budokai no Maki and Dragon Ball Nekketsu Tenkaichi Budokai.
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Kickboxer immediately before being struck by Goku

The Kickboxer is a black man of unknown ethnicity (Likely an African ethnicity) who wears an orange shirt, blue shorts, and orange shoes. He also has hand-wraps designating his fighting style as a kickboxer. When Goku is seen proceeding for his match in the Elimination Rounds, he, along with Great Lee, teases Goku. He says "I just hope he doesn't make a mess on the fighting ring floor." Goku proceeds to win the round and this leaves the Kickboxer and Great Lee baffled by his might. He later goes up against Goku only to be knocked out by a single kick to his chin, sending him sprawling into the air and he is knocked out as he hits the ground.

  • He is known as Jab (ジャブ Jabu) in the licensed Dragon Ball toys, Dragon Ball Fighting Hero: Tenkaichi Budokai no Maki and Dragon Ball Nekketsu Tenkaichi Budokai. Oddly, he is given caucasian skin on the package illustration.
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Nam's Family

Nam's Father

Nam with his father

Nam's father is an old man[12] who has three sons: Nam, Ami, and Dabu. His address is SAM 275508 S.


Ami is the brother of Dabu and the younger brother of the warrior Nam. His address is SAM 275508 S.



Dabu is the brother of Ami and the younger brother of the warrior Nam. His address is SAM 275508 S.


Dabu appears as a heavily starved boy, and has almost no body mass. It is presumed that after Master Roshi sponsored Nam's village by giving them food, Dabu becomes a normal, healthy boy.

Red Ribbon Army Saga

Four Professional Boxers

The four professional boxers

In the filler episode "The Legend of a Dragon", Colonel Silver fights four professional boxers. He easily dodges all their attacks and knocks all of them out.

Silver's Henchmen

Colonel Silver's two henchmen

Silver's henchmen in the manga

Silver's henchmen (RR軍兵士 RR-gun heishi) are a human and an anthropomorphic wolf who work for Colonel Silver. They are the only soldiers under the command of Colonel Silver who appear in the Dragon Ball manga.


While they were snoozing instead of searching the Dragon Ball, Colonel Silver rudely awakens them with his gun. They talk about how pointless the search is when Goku comes and finds the Dragon Ball in less than a minute. They try to steal it, but Goku easily defeats them.

Video Game Appearances

Silver's henchmen are featured in a boss fight in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen. They are seen in a cutscene in Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu. The human soldier also has a brief appearance in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, while the anthropomorphic wolf is used as a model for regular soldiers in the game. In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, this duo is replaced by a soldier wearing a Red Ribbon Army uniform and a Leopard Man.

Muscle Tower Guards

White's Scouts

White's scouts

White's scouts are a Human and an anthropomorphic dog who work for General White. The human is ranked a sergeant, while the dog is an ordinary soldier. Out of White's regular soldiers, they are the only two to have a major role in the Dragon Ball anime.


The sergeant

They are first introduced when they report a plane crash to White. White orders them to investigate the crash, according to the report he received from Red Ribbon Army Headquarters about Goku on board the plane. The sergeant responds that all they found were remnants of the robot that was piloting the plane. The soldier, however, manages to find a trail (resulting from Suno dragging an unconscious Goku), and the two follow it via a tank. When White calls them for progress reports, the sergeant responds that the trail is too hard to see due to a blizzard; White simply barks at him to not waste any time, under the pretense that the boy was not far.

The dog soldier

The sergeant then orders his platoon to fan out and search for Goku, while he and his underling continue to follow the trail. It eventually ends at the edge of a cliff, so they decide to turn back. Suddenly, the sergeant discovers a small number of dome-shaped houses (Jingle Village) below the cliff, one of which he assumes that Goku is in hiding. One by one, they search the houses, leaving inhabitants terrified and their furniture destroyed by gunfire. When they finally reach Suno's home, they discover Goku in the bathroom and open fire; but to their horror, they find that their guns had very little effect on the child. Goku misidentifies the sergeant as Suno's father, but Suno explains that they are Red Ribbon soldiers. Before the soldiers can fire a second round, they are knocked out by Goku's swift attacks. It is implied that the soldiers were killed, as the dog solider's body spontaneously fires his gun in the air in what appears to be rigor mortis, the sudden contraction of a dead body's muscles; cases of fallen soldiers' corpses firing their guns in rigor mortis have been reported in real life. The sergeant is never seen again after this.

During Goku's fight with Ninja Murasaki, the dog soldier is seen again at Muscle Tower (having recovered from his wounds), serving the imprisoned Jingle Village Chief his supper in his jail cell. When the chief asks the soldier about the battle's ruckus, the soldier answers that Goku was coming to rescue him but warns him not to get his hopes up, as he assumes the boy was already dead anyway. Enraged that the army would go so far as to kill a child, the chief grabs the soldier, yelling at him what he would do if he had a son in the same situation; the soldier pushes him away and responds that he would not have his own son wandering around the tower in the first place before leaving the jail cell. Afterwards, the soldier is never seen again.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, the Red Ribbon soldier enemies look like the dog soldier. They are unlockable as playable characters in certain modes. Both appear in Dragon Ball: Origins 2 as regular enemies in chapter 2.

White's Binoculars Soldier

The binoculars soldier

The binoculars soldier is a random soldier who works for General White. He is most likely the NCO of the squad patrolling the vicinity where the soldiers forced the citizens of Jingle Village to dig through the snow for one of the Dragon Balls supposedly near them. When he noticed Goku running towards the digging site, he alerted a tank to pursue him. In the episode "A Real Bind", a soldier similar to this one was seen spying on Yamcha and the others while they were flying towards the Red Ribbon HQ.

Tank Soldiers

Tank Soldiers

The Tank Soldiers were three of General White's troops who drove a single tank. They were sent by the binoculars soldier who discovered Goku heading near their digging area. After the boy dodged their cannon fire, the leader of the trio stepped out of the tank and yelled out to him, demanding to know where he was going. Goku answered that he was on his way to Muscle Tower; this amused the soldiers, as they teased him about his business there and suggested that he turn back. When the boy asked them if they were Red Ribbon soldiers (to which the leader responded yes), he ordered them to fight him. They did via gunfire, but Goku managed to evade their bullets by traveling beneath the snow, intimidating the confused soldiers. After a brief moment of hiding, Goku finally popped out, surprising them, and defeated the gun-toting trio.

Outdoor Guards

Muscle Tower Guards

The Outdoor Guards were a small group of General White's soldiers patrolling the vicinity around Muscle Tower. Among these soldiers is an anthropomorphic bear, who is most likely the NCO of the group. When they saw Goku rushing towards the tower, the NCO alerted his superior, who ordered them to immediately open fire. Goku, however, shielded himself from the soldiers' bullets and knocked them all out simultaneously using his power pole.

  • The bear soldier is named Vegeta (ベジタ Bejita) in the licensed playset, Dragon Ball: Muscle Tower no Tatakai, a name which would ironically later go on to be used for a major character introduced later on in the series. However, the two names are spelled slightly differently in Japanese.
2nd Floor Guards

The 2nd Floor Guards were four of General White's soldiers Goku encountered on the second floor of Muscle Tower.


2nd Floor Guards

They were at first seen lounging about (possibly bored), waiting for their intruder. They were quick to react as they heard the outside door open but were surprised to find that the trespasser was a mere child (Goku). Amused, the troops "scolded" Goku for startling them and, with granted permission from General White, prepared to kill him. Intent on sharing the killing of the boy among his comrades, the leader of the group (the kicking soldier) slowly reared in on Goku to strike first but missed, and Goku kicked back, sending the soldier flying into the wall, the impact knocking him out. Angered, the knife-wielder and the boxer both lunged at the boy but were easily defeated as well. The gun-toter then attempted to sneak on Goku and shoot him, but Goku dodged too quickly, and the soldier found himself firing at an illusion. Confused about his enemy's whereabouts, he panicked, and Goku tapped his shoulder from behind (much to the soldier's shock) and sent him flying into a nearby table with a powerful punch, knocking him out too, much to the intrigue of White and Murasaki.


Two of the soldiers fought via kicking and boxing, while the other two wielded a gun and a knife.

  • The soldiers are named Pote (ポテ Pote), Carrot (カロット Karotto), Onion (オニオン Onion), and Pump (パンプ Panpu) in the licensed playset, Dragon Ball: Muscle Tower no Tatakai. Ironically, the guy who defeated them, Goku, would share the same name pun as one of the soldiers there regarding his true name, albeit spelled differently ("Kakarot")
Maze Soldiers

The Maze Soldiers were the last group of General White's men (5 soldiers, to be exact) who were sent to the 4 1/2 floor to kill Goku. Android 8, putting his ear to the floor, sensed their approaching footsteps, causing Goku to be on the offensive. When they arrived, Eighter reluctantly tripped one of them (who just happened to be running while on the search), sending the soldier flying into a wall, knocking him out cold; Goku easily defeated the other four by pushing two of the soldiers into another one, sending all three flying to the wall to knock them out, and landing a powerful punch to the last soldier.

The soldiers who were piled together can be seen under Colonel Silver's command: Two were chasing the monkeys that were in possession of one of the Dragon Balls; the third (a bearded soldier) was destroying a forest with a flamethrower.

General White's Sisters

Picture of General White's sisters

General White's sisters are two younger women only seen in a photo that Ninja Murasaki drops when fighting Goku in Muscle Tower. The picture is of them in their underwear getting dressed in ninja outfits. He was supposed to be showing them around the tower at the time, so he likely tricked them into changing so that he could use his stealth to take the picture. One has purple hair and is shown putting on blue while the other one is blonde and is seen putting on pink. Murasaki also has a picture of the blonde (possibly whom he sees as the most attractive of the two siblings) posing alone in her pink ninja outfit in his hut.

Mother with Sunglasses

The mother with sunglasses in "A Trip to the City"

A woman with red/blonde hair and sunglasses who lives in West City. She makes several minor appearances in the series. She is often seen rolling a stroller, like in her first appearance, in "A Trip to the City". She is seen fleeing West City in "Prelude to Vengeance", with her daughter watering flowers in Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, pushing a stroller in "People of Earth Unite", rolling a stroller with three kids in Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends! She also appears in Dragon Ball Online.


West City Taxi Driver

West City Taxi Driver

A Taxi Driver who works in West City and drives a hovercar taxi. When Goku makes it to the city and does some exploring for Bulma in the episode "A Trip to the City", he gets in a cab and asks the driver to take him to Bulma's house. When the Taxi Driver learns that Goku does not have money, he gets angry and tells him to leave his taxi. In the Funimation dub of this episode, he is voiced by Sean Schemmel; who voices adult Goku.

The West City Taxi Driver later appears in Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, where he is shown knocked out after a car crash. Also, his car makes a brief appearance in Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!.

Bulma (citizen)

Another citizen named Bulma

Another citizen named Bulma in West City showed by the cop to Goku.

Unnamed Big Fighter

Unnamed Big Fighter

An unnamed fighter who fought Great Lee for 100,000 zeni in the Red Ribbon Army Saga episode "A Trip to the City".


This big fighter only appears in the anime. All of his attacks are dodged by the Bruce Lee Impersonator, and he is then knocked out with an uppercut causing the impersonator to win. He bears a slight resemblance to retired USMC drill instructor and actor R. Lee Ermey. He also has a resemblance to General White, but with a flat top haircut.

Big Fighter's Friends

The Big Fighter's friends in the crowd

Two men who are the Big Fighter's friends. They wear identical clothing, and are seen cheering the Big Fighter on during his fight with the Bruce Lee Impersonator. Once the fighter loses, they drag him out of there.

Yamcha's Fan Club

Yamcha's Fan Club

Yamcha's Fan Club is a group of girls from West City that are romantically interested in Yamcha, despite him dating Bulma at the time. They appear in "Master Thief, Hasky" where they yell outside of Capsule Corporation wanting Yamcha but are disappointed when Goku shows his face out the window instead. Bulma then gets mad and tells them all to go away.

General Blue Saga

Nose-picking soldier

A soldier in General Blue's unit was caught picking his nose by his superior officer. In a display of Blue's ruthlessness as well as his obsession with cleanliness, Blue, covering his mouth with a handkerchief in disgust, ordered for the soldier to be executed by gunfire at once without even giving him a chance to explain himself. In the manga, he was depicted as having black hair, while in the anime, he had blonde hair, albeit of a darker shade than Blue's.

The exact reason behind his execution beyond nose-picking, if any, varied between versions. In both the manga and the original Japanese version, the soldier was executed purely due to picking his nose in Blue's presence. In the English dub, however, Blue claimed that it was less him picking his nose in itself and more that him indulging in it was causing significant delays in finding the Dragon Balls.

In the Japanese version of the anime only, the man claims to have a wife and kids when trying to plead for mercy to no avail. In addition, the dub identifies his rank as a private by the men escorting him out literally seconds before being killed, while his rank is not mentioned in either the Japanese version or the manga.

Blue's Tiger soldier

An anthropomorphic tiger was a member of the Blue Corps. He was seen giving a report on their failure to find the Dragon Ball again, with Blue telling him off as he attempted to explain that finding the Dragon Ball was simply infeasible in the current time. He then was ordered alongside another, human soldier to drag off a soldier to be executed for picking his nose in Blue's presence.

The Japanese anime implies that he worked aboard the submarine tasked with finding the Dragon Balls, while this was never stated in the manga or the English dub. In addition, his report to Blue regarding why they couldn't find the Dragon Ball varied between the Japanese and English dubs. In the former, the tiger soldier specified that they couldn't find the Dragon Ball because it was located on the ocean floor, and even there, they could not find it anywhere on said ocean floor; in the latter, he pointed out that their Global Dragon Radar was only able to give the general location of the Dragon Balls and thus was simply too vague to be effective in locating them. Also, he was briefly heard in the English dub telling the soon-to-be-executed soldier "Move along, private!" while escorting him out of the door, while in the Japanese anime and the manga, he was completely silent.

Crocodile soldier

An anthropomorphic crocodile was a member of the Blue Corps. He doesn't have much of a role in the manga beyond pointing out that Goku wiped out the Silver and White Corps, but he receives a slight expansion in the anime. Specifically, after the nose-picking soldier was executed as well as Blue taking a moment to enjoy the sound of the gunfire, Blue tasked the soldier to disinfect the area, with the soldier hurriedly proceeding to do the task, obviously out of fear of his CO. He then grabs a spray bottle and sprays the workplace of the now-executed soldier. In addition, when the soldier points out to Blue that he wiped out Silver and White, he hurriedly walked back his inquiry in a panic when Blue either demanded to know what his point was (Japanese version) or reminded him that Goku hadn't wiped the Blue Corps out yet (English version).

Turtle's son

Turtle's son

Turtle's son with his father

Goku found Turtle's son while catching fish at Kame House while they were waiting for Krillin and Launch to return with Master Roshi's submarine. He only appears in "Kame House: Found!".

His name is Taro (タロー Tarō) in the original Japanese version of the anime, likely referencing the folktale Urashima Tarō, in which the main character rescues a sea turtle from being bullied.

Scout 0-1

Scout 0-1

Scout 0-1 is a soldier in the Red Ribbon Army. He saw Goku, Krillin and Bulma leave Kame House to search for the Dragon Ball in a submarine. He told General Blue that his base was Kame House and the only people there are an old man, a turtle and a woman who were all unarmed.

Commander Red's Painter

The painter

During the The Trap is Sprung, Commander Red has his portrait painted by an anthropomorphic goat. To please Red, the painter portrays Red as a tall, strong man, and Staff Officer Black as what Red truly looks like.

He is similar in appearance to Dr. Goat, who appears in Akira Toriyama's Today's Highlight Island and Dr. Slump series.



Mousey is a small mouse that scurried into General Blue and Goku's fight in the Pirate Cave. It was given its name by Goku.

Mousey startled Blue and made his telekinesis on Goku wear out giving Goku the upper hand again. After Krillin and Bulma go ahead of Goku while he gets the Dragon Ball, he stops to save Mousey and runs off with him in his mouth, intending to repay him for his involvement in saving him. When they reached the surface again and ended up at General Blue's Camp, they let Mousey go.

Although identified as a mouse, General Blue implies by noting its tail size that it was actually a rat.

Video game appearances

Mousey appears as an item that stuns General Blue for one turn when used in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden.

It also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, and it is a "treasure item" in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

Soldier 23

Soldier 23

Soldier 23 was one of the last soldiers of General Blue's sector. He was sleeping back at General Blue's Camp during the time Goku, Krillin, Bulma and Mousey escaped the Pirate Cave. When he woke up, he overheard Goku's conversation about he defeated General Blue, to which the soldier panicked and hid in a shelf while they investigated the base. When they left General Blue returned and, after being informed by the soldier that the three had been in the base and that he had been sleeping on the job and had hid from them instead of trying to stop them, killed him (mentioning to the dying soldier "now you can sleep all you want"). He has a slight resemblance to Senbei Norimaki from the Dr. Slump series.


General Blue mistakes Obotchaman for Samuel

In the Funimation dub, Samuel is General Blue's long lost brother. At Penguin Village, when General Blue was going to Senbei Norimaki's house in order to steal an airplane, he mistakes Obotchaman for Samuel while Obotchaman was fixing his stolen car. According to Blue, a notable similarity between Samuel and Obotchaman were that both were skilled at fixing things. In the original Japanese version, Samuel is never referred to and General Blue instead expresses his attraction for Obotchaman.

Commander Red Saga

Tao's Tailor

An unnamed tailor who lives in a city south of the Sacred Land of Korin and east of the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters.


The Tailor

Mercenary Tao appears to this tailor right after Goku had ruined his outfit during their battle. The tailor says to Tao that the outfit would take a whole week to remake, but Tao gives him only three days, taking temporarily another cloth, and the tailor remakes his outfit without sleeping. When he asks for his pay, Tao wonders why he would ask the world's greatest assassin to give away money. Tao tells him he does not carry any money and instead offers to kill someone for him, as his services normally cost 10 billion zeni, but as the tailor does not want anyone killed, Tao kills him with a Pressure Point Attack and leaves the shop, telling his corpse to keep the change.

Video Game Appearances

Tao's tailor appears in Dragon Ball: Origins 2, but is not shown being killed by Tao. He is even shown in level 7-1, replacing the tailor who remade Goku's Turtle School uniform in the series. In the bonus level 5-6, the tailor is the one who tells Krillin about a fabulous treasure and the "giant bird" who protects it inside the pyramid in the Sacred Land of Korin.

  • A character who looks similar to this tailor is briefly seen in the King Piccolo Saga.[13]
  • The above statement about why he killed the tailor was exclusive to the dub. In the Japanese version, Tao didn't bother to give a reason.

Sniper Assassin

Unnamed Sniper Assassin

An Arabic-looking assassin that attempted to kill Mercenary Tao while he stayed in the village where he got new clothes. When attempting to kill Tao, Tao flipped his sandal off of his feet into the air which prevented the bullet from hitting him causing the unnamed assassin to fail. He only appears in Dragon Ball episode 61 "Korin Tower".

Voice Actors

Sniper Assassin vs. Mercenary Tao


His weapon appears to be an Armalite AR-15, the semi-automatic civilian model of the M16A1.

  • The assassin who attempts to kill Tao bears a passing resemblance to Nam.

Violet's Henchmen

Violet's henchmen are two humans and an anthropomorphic wolf who work for Colonel Violet. They are the only Red Ribbon soldiers under her command and appear only in the Dragon Ball anime.


Violet's wolf soldier

Violet and the trio first appeared on a boat, searching for one of the Dragon Balls in a swamp. While the wolf soldier was fanning his relaxing superior, the human soldiers (following the radar confiscated from Goku) discovered the Dragon Ball at the swamp's bottom and quickly alerted her of the discovery. As they prepared to leave, a giant alligator impeded their path; one of the human soldiers attempted to subdue it with a gatling gun. Violet understood that it was merely hungry and pushed the human soldiers off the boat as meal offerings to distract the alligator so that she and her last goon could escape. The two soldiers begged their commanding officer to let them back on, but their pleas fell on deaf ears, and the behemoth reptile instantly devoured them, much to the horror of the wolf soldier.

One of Violet's two human henchmen

When they finally reached land, Violet and the wolf soldier attempted to return to Red Ribbon HQ via an airplane that was parked nearby. Their efforts, however, were delayed by hostile natives throwing spears, and the soldier realized that he and his leader were on their turf. Making haste, he tried to start the plane's engine but failed to do so in time when he was stabbed by one of the flying spears, killing him. Violet then took control of the plane herself and flew back to HQ safely with the Dragon Ball in her possession. Despite losing her men, she managed to successfully complete her mission.


Fortuneteller Baba Saga

Tailor Ford

Tailor Ford

Tailor Ford is the man who made a new Turtle School uniform for Goku right before he goes to Fortuneteller Baba's Palace with Yamcha, Puar, Krillin and Upa. Yamcha bribes him to have it done in an hour. Tailor Ford lives in a town in the northeast part of the Southern Continent.

Rich Couple

Rich Couple

A Rich Couple is a husband and wife that had lost their money. They visit Fortuneteller Baba to retrieve it; she reveals to them that they had hid it in a cucumber, something they had forgotten. Then, they leave Baba's palace in their limo. This rich couple obviously had the financial means to pay Baba's massive fee to have their fortune told, so they did not have to fight her five warriors.

Mighty-but-compassionate Warrior

The Mighty-but-compassionate Warrior

The Mighty-but-compassionate Warrior is a character featured in Master Roshi's story about the Devilmite Beam in "The Mysterious Fifth Man".


The Mighty-but-compassionate Warrior looks very similar to Nam.


According to Master Roshi, long ago there was a Mighty-but-compassionate Warrior. His power was beyond measure, yet many foolish upstarts tried to destroy him, in hopes of making a name for themselves. They were all unsuccessful, until one day, Spike the Devil Man appeared. Knowing he could not compete against the warrior's strength, the Devilman attacked using his mind. He discovered he could exploit his opponent's negative thoughts, no matter how faint, and convert them into an energy beam of immense power, the Devilmite Beam. According to Master Roshi's story, the Warrior was killed when the Devilmite Beam caused his negative thoughts to explode.

Tiger Thief

The Tiger Thief in "Terror and Plague"

The Tiger Thief is an anthropomorphic tiger (who is just like Bear Thief) who was being offered to save Chao's village in "Terror and Plague". He declined the offer and was going to attack Chao but was defeated by Goku.

The Tiger Thief in Goku's Traffic Safety

Another Tiger Thief later shows up in the Goku's Traffic Safety video, where he picks a fight with Goku and is again defeated and falls off of a bridge. This Tiger Thief is voiced by Daisuke Gōri.

Voice Actors
Video Game Appearances

The Tiger Bandit Gang is a group of anthropomorphic Tiger Bandits that serve as common enemies in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.


The demon from Journey to the West

Unnamed Warrior

The unnamed warrior

An unnamed warrior who was trapped inside the Gourd of Mist. He is seen when Chao tells Goku about the gourd in "Terror and Plague". This warrior wields a sovnya (a Russian naginata-like weapon), and wears an armor that resembles that worn by Chinese soldiers during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The Bear Thief, Ox-King, the Tiger Thief, Sky Dragon, and Lord Yao also wear similar uniforms.



Chenshi was a baby when his village was attacked by Terror and Plague. Terror and Plague had a man-eating gourd which would swallow someone if they did not reply when called by name, and so they gathered the villagers up and called out their names. However, there was no way that the two week old Chenshi could reply. Terror forced Chenshi's mother to tell him his name so that he could call it. But Goku had come to get rid of Terror and Plague at Chao's request, and unable to tolerate this, he dashed in and put a stop to it, and Chenshi was spared. His character design is exactly the same as Turbo Norimaki.

King Wonton and Queen Harumaki

Queen Harumaki and King Wonton

The king and queen of a land that Goku visits in "Goku vs. Sky Dragon". They held a match that was to be between Master Chin of the Chin-Star School and Sky Dragon of the Panther-Fang School for the title of Master of Martial Arts, but instead Goku filled in for Chin.

Princess Misa's Parents

Misa's father, the king

Misa's mother, the queen

King Kress (クレス王) and Queen Kress (クレス王妃) are the rulers of the Fiend Village, a land that Goku visits in the episode "Goku Goes to Demon Land".


They sent Goku to the Demon Realm so he can save their daughter Princess Misa, who was kidnapped by Shula, the king of the Demon World, who was planning to marry her. After Goku rescued her and left Demon Land, he met back up with the king and queen. The king appeared to be very distrusting when first meeting Goku, but witnesses his skill soon after. Despite the king's doubts, Goku saves his daughter, after which they celebrate. He is also aware of the existence of Master Roshi.

Mirror Demon

The demon taking the form of Misa's reflection

An unnamed Demon who is sent to kidnap Princess Misa (presumably by Shula). It is invisible when it first appears, following her across her room after waking her up at night, before appearing inside Misa's mirror and taking the appearance of a dark version of Misa's own reflection. The demon then drags Misa into the mirror, using it as a portal to take her into the Demon Land.


Pinfu in Daizenshuu 7

Pinfu (ピンフ) is the child that had constantly moved with his parents due to the attacks on the villages that he and his parents had lived in by InoShikaCho, a giant boar. Pinfu appears in the episode "The Rampage of InoShikaCho".


Pinfu with his parents


After the first village they lived in was attacked, Pinfu and his parents were forced to move to a second village, as this seemed to be a wiser decision than to stay in the village that was attacked. As they are moving to the other village, the brakes on their tractor fail and they find themselves in an out-of-control vehicle, with all of their belongings in the tractor. Luckily, they are saved by Goku, who was passing through.

The village they move to is soon attacked by InoShikaCho as well, and Pinfu and his parents have no choice but to move once again.

Tien Shinhan Saga

Unnamed Tiger

An image of his only scene. May we only pray he returns.

The Unnamed Tiger is a minor character that appears at the end of the Krillen vs. Goku fight. After the fight, another character speaks some complicated line, prompting this holy man of a tiger to say "I didn't understand a word you just said"

Mohawked Fighter

The mohawked fighter faces Yamcha

The Mohawked Fighter is an unnamed fighter that fought Yamcha in the elimination round of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.


The mohawked man tosses some boards into the air, which he wrecks with one punch. Yamcha says that boards do not fight back, and Mohawk man replies that Yamcha will not be able to fight back when he is trashing him. Yamcha wins the match though. After the match, Tien mentions that Yamcha had the chance to deal his opponent a crushing blow but chose not to. Yamcha tells him that he did not wish to hurt the man badly, but only to win the match.[14]

The mohawked man with one of his comrades, in the King Piccolo Saga

This character is later seen in a team of three criminals who try to burglarize Kame House during the King Piccolo Saga, but they are stopped by Yamcha and Launch.[15]

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, bandits in the Thieves Den are based on the mohawked fighter's appearance.

Sumo Wrestler

The Sumo Wrestler

The Sumo Wrestler is an unnamed sumo wrestler that fought Tien in the elimination round of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament.


The sumo wrestler steps into the ring ready to fight Tien. Another fighter insults the sumo wrestler, calling him a blob of fat. The sumo wrestler steps out of the ring, and angrily tells the fighter to say that to his face. The fighter punches the sumo wrestler in the stomach, to no effect. The sumo wrestler then slaps the fighter into a wall (looks pretty painful, the guy's teeth were knocked out). Yamcha says he is pretty strong, and Jackie Chun adds that fighters like that are tough to beat. The match begins, and the sumo wrestler lunges at Tien. Tien swiftly hits the sumo wrestler in the head, and he collapses. Tien wins the match, shocking everyone.


King Piccolo Saga

Unnamed Fighter injured by Tien

The man injured by Tien

A man Tien Shinhan injured in a martial arts match and who holds a serious grudge. Tien is reunited with him in the episode "Tien's Atonement".


The fighter while confronting Tien in the ring

This fighter was savagely beaten in the ring of an unnamed tournament held before the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. As they fought in front of the large, cheering audience, Tien wins the fight, but instead of stopping when he has got the win, he breaks the man's leg mercilessly.

While searching for the Dragon Balls in the King Piccolo Saga, Tien, Chiaotzu and Master Roshi arrive at a near-vacated town. Tien knocks at the door of the house where the Dragon Ball is indicated to be. When the man's wife opens the door, Tien finds himself face-to-face with the ex-fighter. Sitting at a table, the man recognizes Tien. He says he suffered 13 broken bones and it took him 2 years to make his way back to his house after what Tien did to him.

The injured man at home

While the man's wife calls the police, believing Tien is responsible for the series of murders being committed by Tambourine, Tien gives a heart-felt apology and asks for the Dragon Ball. The man laughs at him and refuses outright to have anything to do with Tien. Outside the house, Master Roshi and Chiaotzu note a bunch of police cars arriving. They bust into the house and wish to arrest Tien for the murder of all the martial artists. Master Roshi walks into the house to try to diffuse the situation. One officer recognizes him, and listens to Master Roshi as he vouches for Tien. Master Roshi is able to prove Tien's innocence and the police soon leave. Tien again asks for the Dragon Ball. Not trusting Tien, the man wearily predicts that the former Crane student will proceed to tear his humble house apart in his search for the object. Instead of getting mad, Tien grovels at the man's feet, begging him for forgiveness for his previous cruel actions and for the Dragon Ball which can help stop the current crisis, even offering to let the man take his revenge on him and break his arms if he so wishes. Surprised by Tien's humbleness, the man lowers his gun and grants Tien his forgiveness. He says that he may have the Dragon Ball, which his sleeping baby is currently holding.


Strong King's Guard

The guard confronts King Piccolo

The Strong King's Guard is member of the Earth's Military. He is very strong for a Earthling, as well as very large (nearly as tall as King Piccolo, who is over 8 feet tall).


This guard attempts to thwart Piccolo's takeover of King Castle, but is killed with a hand through his chest after he refuses to tell King Piccolo where King Furry is located. It is presumed he was revived with the other recent victims of King Piccolo and his sons.


The guard is very powerful for an ordinary human, despite knowing that King Piccolo uses some kind of "black" magic and is immune to bullets, he is still confident he can defeat him. However he is easily taken down by King Piccolo.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Piccolo's Adoptive Parents

The Old Couple with Piccolo's egg

An old couple who found King Piccolo's last egg, which contained Piccolo Jr. The old lady spotted the egg, and she and her husband brought it to their house. There, they witnessed Piccolo Jr.'s birth. Later, the young Piccolo Junior burned down the couple's empty house and vowed revenge. The couple only appears in the anime episode Lost and Found and do not appear in the manga.

The old lady looks like Old Woman Spring, the shopkeeper from Penguin Village.



Tai is a little boy who only appears in the Dragon Ball anime.


Tai with his parents

He is celebrating his birthday with his family during the Piccolo Jr. Saga, when Kid Piccolo Jr. becomes angry at the sight of them and throws a rock through their window. While they are distracted, Piccolo Jr. enters their house and approaches them from behind. The Namekian ransacks their house and then runs off into the woods. The family sic their dog on him, but Piccolo Jr. blasts it away, thereby discovering some of his power.[16]

Tai's father shares a near identical appearance to Penny's Father from Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies.

Patrol 15

Patrol 15

Patrol 15 are two soldiers of King Furry's army that appear in "Earth's Guardian Emerges". They discover a dead bear which was killed by a young Piccolo Jr. They first mistake him for an innocent child and warn him that there might be poachers, but Piccolo uses his powers to damage their guns, scaring them away.

  • The vehicles Patrol 15 ride resemble the speeder bikes from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Incidentally, the forest they encounter Piccolo Jr. in, resembles the forest moon of Endor from the same film.

Mr. Popo's Cat

Mr. Popo's Cat

Mr. Popo's Cat is a pet cat owned by Mr. Popo in the episode "Quicker Than Lightning". It appears to be the same breed as Puar though unlike Puar who can talk, use Flight, and Shapeshifting, Mr. Popo's Cat acts like a normal cat. During Goku's training, Mr. Popo ties a bell to the cat's Tail and blindfolds Goku before ordering him to catch the cat. However to make the task more difficult, Mr. Popo rings a separate bell.

Chuu Lee's Family

Chuu Lee's Mother

Chuu Lee's mother

The Mother of Chuu Lee. She resembles the village maiden from "The Rampage of InoShikaCho", as well as the aged Chi-Chi from Future Trunks' timeline.


Chuu Lee and Pippi

Pippi is Chuu Lee's pet bird that ran away, causing Chuu Lee to wait for it. The bird is female in the Japanese version, but male in the English dub.

Goku's Doll

Goku's Doll is a magical clay golem of Goku created by Mr. Popo for Goku to use as a sparring partner in the lookout. Its only appearance was in the Dragon Ball episode "Goku's Doll."


The doll is a near-complete duplicate of Goku, except with Mr. Popo's eyes and a slightly different version of the Turtle School uniform, it being a lighter shade of orange with red wristbands and Kami's symbol. At first, it also wears a red-and-white mask.


The doll unmasked

The lifeless doll

Mr. Popo created the doll using a strand of Goku's hair in response to Goku's repeated requests to give him an opponent to fight with. The doll had the upper hand against Goku during most of their fight, as unlike Goku, it has no interference with its mind and can concentrate completely on the battle.

In the end, Goku seemingly managed to concentrate his mind and defeat the doll, but in reality, the doll simply ran out of energy, reverting to its lifeless state.

Power level

As stated by Mr. Popo himself, the doll has exactly the same skills as Goku, but can focus completely on fighting and nothing else. As a result, it initially dominates Goku in the fight, with Goku only winning because the doll ran out of power.

Techniques and Special Abilities

The doll lands a Heavy Finish on Goku.

  • Kamehameha - A powerful Ki blast fired with two hands after concentrating a large amount of Ki.
  • Afterimage Technique - An ability to move so swiftly that an image of the user is left behind.
  • Heavy Finish - A powerful attack aimed at the opponent's stomach, meant to stun them for follow up attacks.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense the location, life force, and power level of anyone; the stronger and closer the enemy, the more powerful the sensation. Also, if a ki is very powerful, it can be sensed from afar by people who are trained to sense energy.
  • Rapid Movement - The fighter moves with great speed, which creates the illusion of teleportation.
Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Goku Hishōden, a grown-up version of Goku's doll was used to train Goku before he left the lookout.




Catman is a fighter who is seen registering for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.


Despite being called Catman, he shows no cat-like traits.


He is not seen fighting in the Elimination Rounds but he apparently lost them since he was not one of the eight finalists. His only appearance is in the anime episode "Changes".

Shen's Son

Shen's Son

The son of Shen. When his father's body had been borrowed by Kami, Hero's son was rooting for his father during the whole 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. After Kami freed Shen while he was sucked into an Evil Containment Wave container by Piccolo, his father woke up in the ring confused and the boy was seen congratulating his father.

Movies and Specials

Pansy's Parents

Parents of Pansy from Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies.

Pansy's Father

Penny's Father

Pansy's father is a resident in the Land of Gurumes and a seemingly strong fighter.


He saved Pansy from one of King Gurumes' soldiers but was beaten up by Bongo as a result.

Voice Actors
  • Pansy's father vs. Bongo
Pansy's Mother

Penny's Mother

Pansy's mother is a resident of the Land of Gurumes.


She was watching the kingdom being bulldozed down in search of Blood Rubies. She yelled out when Pansy attacked one of King Gurumes' soldiers. When her dad came out to save her he was beaten up by Bongo. She came out of the crowd to rush over to her beaten husband.

Voice Actors
  • She looks very similar to Suno's mother.

Fire Safety Kids' Parents

The Mother

The Father

The parents of the Fire Safety Kids which are seen in Goku's Fire Brigade. They are only seen in their pajamas in one scene of the film. The boy tells their mother that they should make sure that the gas is completely off and the daughter tells the father that he should not be smoking a cigarette in bed.

Dragon Ball Z

Raditz Saga


Billy is a boy from Spinach Wastes. His only appearance is in the Dragon Ball Z episode "The New Threat," where he is seen from a distance falling off the roof of a farm building into a haystack where one of the farmers is heard saying "Good one Billy".

Vegeta Saga

Tien's Mom

"Tien's Mom"

Tien's Mom appears in an Other World café getting change, she is a three-eyed being.

She is only referred to as "Tien's Mom" in the credits of the Funimation dub, and is simply an unnamed Otherworld resident in the original Japanese version.

Princess Snake's Attendants

Princess Snake's Attendants

Princess Snake's servant girls are always at her side. In the FUNimation dub, one of them is named Nina, likewise in the old Ocean Group dub, one is referred to as Keely.

In a scene cut from televised airings, one of the servant girls pulls out a magnum pistol, explaining she likes to play Russian roulette to pass the time and quickly loses the game when the gun's bullet goes through her head.

Video Game Appearances

They appear in Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. In the latter, they are enemies that show the ability to contort and elongate their arms to attack their opponents. Also in Attack of the Saiyans, those called Princess Servants are blonde and wear a green dress while those called Princess' Guards have dark hair and wear a purple dress.

Namek Saga

Unnamed Doctor

Unnamed Doctor

A doctor who works in Wukong Hospital.


He slightly resembles Dr. Brief (and sounds quite similar to him), except with slightly spikier hair, a smaller mustache, and is remarkably taller.


This doctor takes care of Goku when he is in the hospital after his battle against Vegeta. He and the nurse refuse to let Goku train with his bad arm. Later, he does not want Yajirobe to give him a Senzu Bean, and both he and the nurse are quite shocked to see it completely heal Goku. They then watch shockingly when Goku leaves the hospital and flies away on his Flying Nimbus.

Video Game Appearances

The doctor is briefly seen in a cutscene in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai.




Emi (エミー Emī) is one of the children traveling in the Mirror spaceship that Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan meet during their travel to Namek in the episode "Held Captive".


She is saved by Gohan when a fire breaks out in the spaceship. After Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan save the ship from destruction and leave, Emi is never seen again.

Voice Actors

Three Soldiers on Planet Frieza #79

The Planet Frieza 79 soldiers who welcome Vegeta

These are the first soldiers to have a speaking role in the anime.


One was humanoid, another was a gecko-like creature and the last was a dog-like henchmen.


These three soldiers welcome Vegeta on the space pod landing place when he returned to Planet Frieza 79 heavily wounded from his defeat on Earth and wondered about Nappa's whereabouts, they noticed his power level and health were drastically low and immediately evacuate him to the Medical Machine where a Malaka's race doctor treated him.


According to the Dragon Ball Cardass, these three soldiers' combined battle power is 2,500.


Planet Frieza 79 Control Man

Planet Frieza 79 Control Man[7] is a blue-haired humanoid who works for Frieza. He is in charge of the control tower that moderate the flights in and out from Planet Frieza#79, where he settled.


The control man and a Malaka's race doctor reading Frieza and Goku's power levels

His first appearance is in the late Vegeta Saga, when the heavily wounded Vegeta returns to Planet Frieza 79 to get recovery from his hard battle against the Dragon Team on Earth. He's seen later in the Namek Saga, watching the Ginyu Force heading to Planet Namek. His last appearance is in the Frieza Saga, where he's moderating both Final Form Frieza's and Super Saiyan Goku's power levels with a Malaka's race doctor, using the planet's special Scouter-like computer system that eventually exploded due to Goku's high power level. His fate is unknown but he might have died as the rest of Frieza's henchmen who were around.


According to the Dragon Ball Cardass, the control tower soldier's battle power is 3,000.


Appule's Race Control Tower Soldier

This is a purple Appule's race member who is first and only seen once Vegeta returns to Planet Frieza 79, he can be seen playing chess or a similar game with Planet Frieza 79 Control Man, until a siren that indicates Vegeta's space pod is coming interrupts their game. He can later be seen talking with Malaka when Vegeta is out from the Medical Machine.


According to the Dragon Ball Cardass, the Appule-like control tower soldier's battle power is 3,000.

Plant Frieza No. 79 Malaka's Race Doctor

"Care to tell me what happened, Vegeta? Or is the wound to your ego still too raw to be examined? Judging by these stress fractures in your protective armor, you must've received quite a beating, and that's putting it lightly. I hope you're not entertaining ideas of revenge, I might not be here to put you back together next time."
— "A Friendly Surprise"

Malaka's race doctor is confused as to why Vegeta does not accept his scouter

On Planet Frieza 79, the Malaka lookalike medic was in charge of healing Vegeta in the Medical Machine after his defeat on Earth. After Vegeta was healed, the doctor was shocked at the excessive damage to the armor that occurred during the Saiyan's visit to Earth. When Vegeta rushes to his pod to go to Namek, he runs into this Malaka's race doctor holding a scouter, which the defecting Saiyan takes reluctantly.

Still on Planet Frieza 79, the doctor and other soldiers were monitoring the battle between Goku as a Super Saiyan and Frieza. However, the machines could not handle Goku's power level (after reading Frieza's) and exploded over all the soldiers who were in the room alongside this medic.

His manga debut was on "The Return of Vegeta".

Voice Actors


Nabana in the colored manga

Nabana (ナバナ) is a member of the Frieza Force and is part of Appule's race.


In the colored manga and video games Nabana is a light blue color - with his only difference from Appule being his scouter, while in the anime he is a darker purple than Appule.


Nabana was amongst the soldiers who joined Frieza's raid on Namek. He was hit by an energy wave from an elderly Namekian which destroyed his scouter, but he himself suffered no damage. He was later killed during the battle against the Warrior-type Namekians at Moori's village.

Techniques and special abilities
Video game appearances

Nabana is an enemy in Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, as well as a playable character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.



Krumbo leads the charge

Krumbo (クランボ Kuranbo) is a soldier in the Frieza Force who fought at the battle at Moori's village. He first appeared in "Namek's Defense".


Krumbo attacks a Namekian

In the manga, Krumbo leads the charge against the Namekian warriors, an unnamed recolor takes his place in the anime.

During the battle at Moori's village, Krumbo attacks one of the Namekian warriors with a heavy punch but the Namek blocks it. Krumbo is killed soon after.

Techniques and Special Abilities
  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Life-Risking Blow! – Ronme led the Life-Risking Blow! charge against the Namekian Warriors in Moori's village.
Video Game Appearances

Render of Krumbo's design from his card artwork in Dokkan Battle

Krumbo was named in Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, where is a regular foe and his power level is 3,200. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Krumbo appears as a non-playable character card that appears as random enemies in Quest Mode. Like Banan and Blueberry's cards, his coloration is different from the main series.




Guprei (グプレー, Gupurē; Gupure) is a combatant.


In the anime, he was among the squad who battled the Warrior-type Namekians in Moori's village, resulting in his death.

Video Game Appearances

Gupure was named in Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza, where is a regular foe and his power level is 6,200. He is playable in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.




Frog-Face (惑星わくせい戦士せんしD[17]ディー Wakusei senshi dī) is a soldier in the Frieza Force.


Frog-Face is a purple-red-headed, reddish-pink-skinned humanoid dilophosaurus-like alien.


The Frog-Face soldier bringing Frieza a Dragon Ball

He was shown giving Frieza a Dragon Ball in one of the first episodes Frieza appeared in. He is the same alien race as Goose, who appeared later in the saga. In the Ocean dub, Frieza refers to him as "my little frog-faced warrior", and he is also named "Frog-Face" in the Frieza Saga card set from the collectible card game. He is killed when one of the three Namekian warriors deflects an energy blasts from another soldier in different directions, and one of the blasts ricochets and fries him to death.


According to Dragon Ball Carddass his power level is 2,900.

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Ginyu Force's Logistics Unit

Ginyu Force's logistics soldiers

The Ginyu Force had a number of low-level Frieza Force soldiers, whom are of various races, who took care of their launchings and space pods below the surface of Planet Frieza 79. Some of them drove green trucks with the Ginyu Force's insignia on them.

This unit probably went defunct after the Ginyu Force died on Planet Namek.

Captain Ginyu Saga

From left to right, this is Goose, Strong, Strock, and Oggers posing with Captain Ginyu (center)

These are the characters who try out for a spot in the Ginyu Force, who appears in the anime only.



Strock is of the same alien race as the teal Frieza Soldier and Banan.


Ginyu knocks him into the sky when he brings the tryout to an end.

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Captain Strong

Captain Strong

He is the same alien race as Raspberry, and has darker skin. He holds the rank of captain. Unfortunately for Strong, he messes up while posing during his tryout and is knocked into the sky by Captain Ginyu. In the FUNimation dub and Ocean dub, the reason for Ginyu knocking Strong into the sky was changed into him being a Captain like Ginyu. As Ginyu knocks him away, he yells "There's only one Captain on the Ginyu Force, and that's me!".

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Goose is a green-headed, pale-yellow-skinned humanoid dilophosaurus-like alien. He is the same alien race as the Frog-Face soldier (who appeared in the Namek Saga).


During his tryout for the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu knocks him into the sky because, according to Ginyu, Goose did not have enough style to be on the Ginyu Force.

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Oggers is a short, orange alien who appears in the anime only.


During his tryout, Captain Ginyu grows tired of the activity and declares the tryout over, knocking Oggers into the sky, along with all the other remaining candidates.

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Frieza Saga

Unnamed Saiyan Messenger Soldier

Unnamed Saiyan messenger soldier

This was one of King Vegeta's messenger soldiers of the Royal Guard. King Vegeta gave him the mission to capture planet Tazba for Frieza, but the Saiyan failed to capture the planet on time due to the full moon being three days away. Because of this, King Vegeta kills the Saiyan messenger using his Execution Beam.



Zorn is an anime-only Saiyan character that appears in one of Frieza's flashbacks.


Zorn stands to the left of King Vegeta's throne and briefly pleads with him to not hand Prince Vegeta over to Frieza, which King Vegeta angrily responds to by saying he has no choice in the matter. Zorn possibly died along with the King and other Elite Saiyans during their failed assassination attempt on Frieza or perished with the rest of the Saiyans in Age 737, when Frieza blew up Planet Vegeta.

  • Funimation created the name "Zorn", obviously being a pun on "Corn". In the original Japanese version, the name of this Saiyan is not mentioned.



Gonma (ゴンマー; Gonmā) is a high ranked soldier from the same alien race as Cui who only appears in the anime as commander of the Frieza Force on Planet Frieza 79.[18][19]


His facial appearance and armor are similar to Cui, with the exception of him wearing a cape over his armor, unlike the other two members of his race his skin is a blue-ish color.


His loyalty to Frieza is strong, as shown when he orders to kill another of his own race when that soldier insulted Frieza in front of other warriors by presuming Frieza was dying. Upon executing the soldier, the high ranked soldier mentions that he owes Frieza for raising his family's station (social rank).


Gonma trying in vain to run away from the explosion

He monitors the battle between Frieza and Goku along with Plant Frieza No. 79 Malaka's race doctor, also eliminating a disloyal member of his own race and giving a speech that the only thing that truly matters within Frieza's empire is obedience to Frieza, with separate races no longer being a concept. However, when they try to read Goku's power level, the machine overloads and Gonma is blasted away by the explosion along with the rest of the soldiers.

Video game appearances

Gonma appears as an enemy in Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza.

Voice Actors

Garlic Jr. Saga

Litt Frieza Soldier

Litt Frieza Soldier

In the Garlic Jr. Saga, Vegeta ruthlessly slaughtered some of Frieza's men on a distant planet in search of Goku. This bird-like soldier was the last surviving soldier on the battlefield, from a dodo bird-like alien species called the Litts (though the species is only named in the Japanese version). He wondered why Frieza would order Vegeta to do something like that to his race. Vegeta interrogated this soldier, hoping to get some answers on Goku's whereabouts.

Vegeta interrogates the Litt Frieza Soldier, hoping to gain clues to where Goku is

The soldier, who had never met or heard of Goku/Kakarot, said he knew nothing. Vegeta then went on to explain about how Kakarot was the one who killed Frieza and that Vegeta had betrayed Frieza. This left the soldier in shock and he was angered at this, thinking that the Saiyan prince was lying. He tried to shoot him with his arm Cannon. In reciprocation, Vegeta grabbed and crushed the gun in front of his face before he even had a chance to fire and Vegeta then blew his face up with a ki beam.

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Krillin and Maron's children

In the Garlic Jr. Saga episode Krillin's Proposal, Krillin, while planning his engagement to his then-girlfriend Maron, imagined what life would be like after marriage, with it being shown that they'd have at least three children. One of them would have been a son who resembled Krillin, and was presumably the oldest child, another would have been a daughter who apparently inherited Maron's hair color, and the third was a newborn that was being held by Maron. The son wore a gi resembling the Turtle School, implying that he would have followed in Krillin's footsteps and trained under Master Roshi, while the daughter was shown to be shy.

Trunks Saga

Unnamed Captain

This unnamed Captain discovers the remains of Frieza amongst the rubble of Namek in outer space

This Captain is an unnamed human-like humanoid who works as a soldier in King Cold's interplanetary operations.


His appearance is marked by the curious combination of blond hair coupled with a white beard.


The captain is responsible for the discovery of what remains of Frieza, after his climactic battle with Super Saiyan Goku. He oversees the journey to Earth upon Frieza's recovery, where King Cold and Mecha Frieza intend to exact revenge on Goku. After Future Trunks interferes, however, this Captain and his comrades effortlessly fall victim to the youth from the future.

Video Game Appearances

He also appears (with a different shaped & colored battle armor) in the Dragon Ball Heroes promotional campaign fighting with the Saiyan-like heroes in Frieza's Spaceship.


His power level should be over 75,000, at least since Frieza considered him and his crew to be able to defeat the Z-Warriors who fought him on Namek, of whom Krillin who was the weakest had that kind of power level in the beginning of the fight.

Voice Actors
  • The Unnamed Captain is first seen with wrist protectors (as he's seen in the rest of his DBZ appearance), but while he shouts that he found Frieza, he appears to be wearing gloves in that scene only. He can also be seen wearing gloves in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • The Captain's eyebrows design varies throughout his appearances in Dragon Ball Z, from being described as lacking them he eventually gets blond and later white colored (perhaps to match his beard's color) eyebrows.
    • In the FUNimation dub, Fisshi is the character referred to as "Captain" by King Cold, while reporting to him that the crew didn't manage to detect a sign of life from Frieza after Planet Namek's explosion.
  • In his first appearance his Battle Armor lacks leg pads, he is shown with them afterwards.

King Cold's Malaka's Race Medic

Malaka's race medic repairing Frieza for King Cold

Malaka's race medic appeared on King Cold's planet monitoring Frieza in the Medical Machine as well as helping other scientists construct Frieza's new mechanical body for King Cold.

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Androids Saga

Future Android 19

Future Android 19 is Android 19's counterpart mentioned by Future Trunks.


According to Future Trunks, Future Dr. Gero created Future Android 19 along with Future Android 20, but was killed by the two of them. Future Trunks fought them but fighting alone was defeated.[20]

Cletus and Otis

Otis (left) and Cletus (right)

Cletus and Otis are two Earthlings who are shown in a semi during Vegeta's battle with Android 18 in the episode "Deadly Beauty".


Cletus has dark hair while Otis is big, bald, and has a beard.


Cletus notices that Vegeta and 18 are on top of the semi, but Otis (who is driving) does not believe him.

Paperclip Truck Driver

The paperclip truck driver

In the episode "Deadly Beauty", Vegeta threatens to blast Android 18, who is standing several meters away from him on the road. A truck drives behind Android 18 and the driver yells for her and Vegeta to get out of the middle of the road, as he has a truckload of paperclips he needs to unload. With no regard for the safety of the driver, Vegeta shoots a Big Bang Attack at 18. Naturally, she dodges and the blast hits the paperclip truck and blows it up, killing the driver. Android 17 comments that he likes to see destruction such as this. He bears an uncanny resemblance to Android 13, and the logo on his truck's passenger door closely resembles the insignia of the Ginyu Force. It is worth noting that, due to the nature of his death at the hands of Vegeta, he is never wished back to life in the original series.

In the dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z Kai, the driver is left alive instead of dying from Vegeta's attack, as he can be heard exclaiming "Dude, my truck!!" as the explosion subsided. It is possible that he got out the truck before it exploded; in the Japanese version he actually doesn't say anything.

In the Japanese original version of this scene, there's no referece to the content of the truck.

The truck driver from Satan City

In the episode "Blackmail", a big truck with a similar-looking driver nearly collides with Great Saiyaman in Satan City. Both this driver and the paperclip driver are wearing a hat that says "98CIAL".

Two punks

In the episode "Deadly Beauty", around the time Turtle saved Maron after an accident involving a sailboard that nearly caused her to drown, two men in a boat saw her, and landed on Roshi's island to pick her up. Maron attempted to rush out to them, although Turtle prevented her from doing so, trying to remind her of waiting for her ex-boyfriend Krillin. The two men then tried to take advantage of Maron, with the latter largely being oblivious to their ill intentions towards her, resulting in Turtle intercepting them and then effortlessly beating them with Toshio's Turtle-style, causing the two men to flee.

One man had brown hair and freckles as well as light skin, while the other had black hair, tanned skin, and shades.

Rex and Natalie

Rex and Natalie

Rex and Natalie were two more characters in a television show that was being watched by Master Roshi and Maron in the episode "Last Ditch Effort". The show concluded with Rex breaking up with Natalie, and then walking away from her, while Natalie pleaded for him to come back. In the Ocean Group's dub, their names are Blake and Crystal.


Maron handing her suitcase to Tommie in his boat as she leaves Master Roshi's Island

Tommie (トミー Tomī) is one of Maron's many boyfriends. He makes his first and only appearance in the series during the 137th episode of the Dragon Ball Z anime, "Last Ditch Effort", during the Androids Saga.


He is a muscular Human with black hair. When he arrives on Master Roshi's island, he is seen wearing a light blue-green top (the same color as his boat), red shorts and black sunglasses.


Tommie shows up on Master Roshi's Island while Maron is watching a sad, love story movie. When the movie is ending they hear a noise outside that is when Mack arrives on Master Roshi's Island, followed by Tommie. They are followed by many of Maron's other boyfriends. When Master Roshi asks who all of the men are Maron replies by saying, "I was bored so I called up a few boyfriends". Maron then runs inside, grabs her bags and hops into the boat with Tommie. She and all of her boyfriends are never seen again in Dragon Ball Z.


Mack (right) and Tommie (left)

Mack (マック Makku) is one of Maron's many boyfriends who shows up on Kame Island to pick her up in the episode called "Last Ditch Effort". He and the other boyfriends each come in their own small boats. He and Tommie are the first two of Maron's boyfriends to show up, followed shortly thereafter by roughly a dozen more.

Lucky Foods workers

Lucky Foods workers

Two men who work for Lucky Foods. They had their car stolen by Android 18, Android 17, and Android 16 while they were having a hot coffee. They attempted to stop the Androids, but stopped when they saw Android 16 lifting the car, leaving them in awe.



Walter is one of the police officers pursuing the Androids after #18 shoplifted an outfit from a clothing store. While on the chase, #18 got out of the van and took out all of the police cars with ease, halting their pursuit. After the police cars had been taken out of commission by #18, Walter and another police man laid beaten and dumbfounded in their car, with the other cop asking him what had just happened.

Imperfect Cell Saga

Future Trunks (Cell's timeline)

In Cell's original timeline, an alternate Future Trunks went into the past and helped Goku just as in the main timeline.


Future Trunks killed by Cell

Future Trunks and the Z Fighters manage to defeat the Androids and he travels back to his alternate future timeline. Since this was a completely different timeline, the events of Cell never occurred and he did not expect to encounter Cell (and may not have even been aware of Cell's existence). When he returned to Age 788 of his alternate future timeline, he disabled the other future Androids and was going to go back to the past to tell the others of their defeat. Instead, he ran into and fought with Cell who killed him and then went on to take Future Trunks' time machine into the main timeline. The death of Future Trunks seemingly brought the Saiyan race to extinction in his specific timeline. Cell was then killed in the main timeline by Gohan. However, the time machine this Future Trunks used became really useful for the primary timeline Future Trunks in the Dragon Ball Super anime. After his own time machine was destroyed by Goku Black, Bulma revealed to Future Trunks that she had kept the alternate time machine stowed away for her own studies.

Video Game Appearances

This alternate Future Trunks is mentioned by the primary Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai where, upon meeting Cell, Future Trunks mentions that he will redeem his alternate counterpart for failing to stop Cell.

Future Nappa

Future Nappa in Cell's retelling

Cell mentions Future Nappa in his retelling of how he obtained his cells, noting Future Nappa's battle with Future Gohan and how he killed Future Piccolo.

In the English dub only, Cell states that Future Nappa's cells were taken and integrated into Cell.

Techniques and Special Abilities
  • Bomber DX – The attack Future Nappa used to kill Future Piccolo.

Future Trunks (Unknown timeline)

The Trunks of an unknown timeline

This Trunks came from an unknown timeline and visited Cell's timeline in order to defeat Future Frieza and Future King Cold. He presumably never returned to Cell's timeline after leaving and the Z Fighters there were killed by that timeline's Androids. He briefly appeared in the episode "His Name is Cell".

He is physically identical to Future Trunks during the Trunks Saga.

  • High Strike - Utilized by Trunks in order to slice Future Frieza in half.
  • Super Saiyan - This version of Trunks was capable of transforming into a Super Saiyan, he utilized the form to battle Future Frieza and Future King Cold.

Barry Walters

Barry Walters

Barry Walters is a reporter who hosts a live broadcast in one of the cities desecrated by Cell during his absorption outbreaks. Here, Walters suggests various ways that viewers can avoid being absorbed, as Cell is still at large and imperfect during this time. He appears in the episode "Our Hero Awakes".

Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones

Beverly Jones was a news reporter who was reporting an update on Cell's destruction. She said that Cell was attacking South City, and hearing this gave the Z Warriors the idea to try and ambush him in South City by flying there in a ship so their powers would not be sensed. While on their way to South City, Goku healed and teleported into the ship. She has the same hairstyle as the female Saiyan Fasha.

John Johnson

John Johnson

John Johnson is a reporter during the time Cell was absorbing people. He appeared in the episode "Our Hero Awakes". After reporter Barry Walters was done with his report, he went back to John Johnson (though he said he was going back to someone named Roy). John told everyone to stay safe and be prepared. Cell, who had just absorbed a gunman and was watching the report at the time, responded by kicking the TV, shattering its screen.

Perfect Cell Saga

Men with "The Super Saiyan" Shirts

Two men with "The Super Saiyan" shirts are seen twice in the series. It is not clear if they even know about Saiyans. This was probably a joke.

A man with a Super Saiyan shirt on the right

A man with a Super Saiyan shirt on the left

The first man appears in "Saiyans Emerge" when Semi-Perfect Cell is threatening to kill the people on the nearby islands if Android 18 will not show herself. He has light brown hair, and wears a plain white T-shirt with gold letters which read "The Super Saiyan". The screen at this time shows a couple of citizens, and he is shown standing to another man. Another man with a shirt that reads "The Super Saiyan" appears in Bojack Unbound.

Cell Games Saga



Marsha was a blond character on a TV Soap Opera who was seen being dumped by her boyfriend on the television shortly before Cell's broadcast to the world about his Cell Games.

Capsule Corporation Explorer

The man who works for Capsule Corporation

The Capsule Corporation Explorer is a man who works for Capsule Corporation. He meets Goku in the Northern Wastelands desert and tells him about the upcoming tornado while the Saiyan was searching for one of the seven Dragon Balls during the ten day period before the Cell Games.[21]



Lionel (sometimes called "Nigel") is a cameraman who works for ZTV. He works with Jimmy Firecracker on the TV show KBC News, and together they videotape the Cell Games, though they lose most of the footage and did not see the end of the battle, allowing Mr. Satan to persuade them that he defeated Cell.

After the Cell Games, Lionel and Jimmy Firecracker are seen at Mr. Satan's victory parade.

In the Dragon Ball Super manga, it is revealed after Cell's defeat, he managed to capture footage of Android 17 who appeared on the battlefield where the Cell Games took place after being revived by Shenron. This footage was later incorporated into the end of the movie "re-creation" of Mr. Satan's battle with Cell which appears during a talk show interview of Mr. Satan that occurs during the Universe Survival Saga. The interviewer asks Mr. Satan about the footage of the mysterious 17, though Mr. Satan believing he is suggesting Cell survived is quick to dismiss it.

Video Game Appearances

Lionel makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 and Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butōden in the Cell Games Arena stage.

Parsley City Old Man

The Parsley City Old Man

An old man was one of the survivors of the attack of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 on Parsley City, trapped in an overturned car. The man had a son who was murdered by Android 17 during the attack (implied in the FUNimation original and remastered dubs to be the same boy who Android 18 thought was cute and was angered with 17 for murdering), getting him enraged enough to attempt to shoot Android 17, weakly shouting "You demon! That was my son you killed!". Unfortunately, Android 17's enhanced body structure allowed the bullet to bounce off his head and notice the old man, with the old man attempting to drive him away futilely by repeatedly shooting at him with his handgun. He then ends up at the mercy of 17 (who intends to play "draw" with him by pointing his gun inches from the old man's chin), stating he can not spare the old man since "he shot first". However, he is narrowly saved by Future Trunks' Ki Blast aimed at 17, bracing for the Ki blasts impact with a building. He is later helped up after Androids 17 and 18 are vanquished by Trunks, who expresses sympathy to his mourning for his son by stating that he knew a man he viewed like a father who was killed by the Androids. In the manga, however, he is killed by Android 17 before Trunks shows up, with the exact circumstances of his death varying between versions: In the original manga, Android 17 killed him by shooting him with his pistol like what he was about to do in the anime, while in the Viz edition, 17 simply punches him out.

Yamcha's Girlfriend

While she didn't make any on-screen appearances, Yamcha joking mentions to the other Z-Fighters about using the third wish from Shenron to grant him a necklace for his girlfriend. Her and Yamcha appear to have broken up sometime during the seven year gap between the events of the Cell Saga and Majin Buu Saga.

Cell (Unseen timeline)

The unseen timeline's Cell in his Perfect Form

Cell of History 4, who achieved his Perfect Form and held the Cell Games as in the main timeline, albeit without the presence of any Future Trunks.[22]

Forms and transformations
  • Perfect Form - Achieved through absorbing his timeline's Androids 17 and 18 and undergoing Form Change.

Other World Saga

Other World Fighter

The long-haired fighter vs. Gorilla in Dragon Ball Z

This Other World Fighter is a long-haired fighter from the East Quadrant of the universe. He is seen beating the Gorilla during the Other World Tournament[23], but did not make it to the final rounds. During the final of the tournament, East Kai makes him run laps along with her other students for losing their fights.[24]

Video Game Appearances

This fighter's design is used for the Other World Fighter enemies encountered in the Battlefield Royale in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


Great Saiyaman Saga

Duo of Robbers

The Duo of Robbers

The Duo of Robbers[25] are a pair of antagonists that appear in the Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Super anime. The two are a pair of brothers, with the larger one being the elder brother. The two do not appear in the Dragon Ball Z anime, aside from a cameo in one opening. The elder brother appears very visually similar to other criminal, Rock as well as strongly resembling the Saiyan, Nappa, even sporting a bald head.


The robbers encounter Videl

The two appear during the Majin Buu Saga, where Videl is called out to stop them, and she defeats the elder brother after a short battle. The younger brother tries to shoot her but Gohan as the Great Saiyaman shows up and stops him, when he tries to retreat in his car Gohan catches him and takes him down.

The short robber has a cameo in Resurrection ‘F’ chapter 1 when Krillin arrests him while realizing Shenron had been summoned.

Krillin stops robber in Resurrection 'F' manga chapter 1.png

The two return in an anime only segment after the finale of the "Future" Trunks Saga. They have been in jail up until that day due to Videl and Gohan and go to rob a bank. They are confronted by police officer Krillin and the elder brother attempts to attack with his military armor's Arm Cannon though Krillin dodges all of his shots. Suddenly Great Saiyaman shows up however and the two are alarmed to see him, however before they can proceed Watagash shows up and possess the younger brother, empowering him and having him smash his older brother into a wall, before bulking up and attacking Gohan, he is defeated however when Gohan uses his Great Saiyaman Beam.


The elder brother is quite strong for a human, able to stand up to Videl for a short period of time.


Miss Hamilton

Miss Hamilton

Miss Hamilton is the English teacher of Gohan and Videl's class. She appears in the Dragon Ball manga, in Dragon Ball Z, and in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon.

Voice actors

Jimbo and Slimjim

Jimbo and Slimjim are two thugs who are part of the Red Shark Gang, which appears during the Great Saiyaman Saga.


Jimbo (left) and Slimjim (right)

Jimbo and Slimjim were the first two members of the Red Shark Gang to be seen, when they are on a joyride terrorizing citizens. Gohan steps up to fight them, but when he sees Videl watching, he lets his guard down because he does not want her to know of his strength, and Jimbo lands a punch to Gohan's face. Then, Videl jumps in and takes out Jimbo with ease, and the two flee back to their gang. It is implied that his punching Gohan still managed to injure him to a certain extent, even with Gohan faking his lack of strength, because Jimbo remarked that punching Gohan was "like punching a wall of solid steel" with his knuckles being noticeably bruised as he says this. Shortly later, they are seen with their gang, who held the Satan City Mayor at knife point, demanding that Mr. Satan come out to fight their leader, Rock.

They both later appear in "People of Earth Unite" when Gohan tries to convince people to give energy to Goku's Super Spirit Bomb, although Slimjim now has blonde hair. A short while later into the same episode, when Mr. Satan thinks of the people on Earth, one of the people he thinks of is Slimjim with his hair now back to the brown color.


Chad and Loretta

Chad and Loretta

Chad and Loretta were two characters in the romantic movie that Gohan and Angela went to in the Satan City Theater on their first and only date. At about the time Angela was offended by Gohan falling asleep, Loretta was on the verge of breaking up with Chad because of an alleged letter he wrote to a third unseen party named Katie in the movie.


Ed flying the helicopter right before Videl jumped out

Ed was the man piloting the helicopter that Videl rode to the burning building in the FUNimation dub episode called "Gohan's First Date". After Videl jumped out of the helicopter despite Ed warning her that it was too dangerous, she nearly died before the Great Saiyaman assisted her in putting out the fire. Ed is voiced by Christopher Sabat.

Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby is a news anchor who interviewed the Great Saiyaman after he rescued a falling jet in the episode called "I'll Fight Too! ". He was said to work for channel 10.

World Tournament Saga


The official manager of Mr. Satan.



Marvin is the man in charge of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.



He appeared in both the manga (in cameos during the world tournament saga where he acts as a background character) and anime (in "Learn to Fuse!"). After Babidi made his telepathical broadcast to the Earth demanding the whereabouts of Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo. Marvin, who had their information from the Tournament, contacted Babidi and told him their names (he said that one of them was named Ma Junior, since Piccolo registered under that name), hoping Babidi would spare him. However, Babidi wanted to know where they were located, something Marvin did not know. Babidi then ruthlessly kills him by using his powers to inflate his head until it exploded and then tells all the people of Earth that if they could not find their addresses in 5 days, Majin Buu would kill them all. One assumes he was revived by the Dragon Balls.

Actors in the Cell Games Reenactment

Most of the actors in the film, with their names in the credits

10 actors are seen in the Cell Games Reenactment film played at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. The 8 actors that made up the Dragon Team are Y. Ebisawa, T. Kanno, Y. Inoue, M. Tominaga, T. Ianifuji, M. Fukushi, K. Isiwata, and T. Ashida but the credits did not clarify which actor was which character. The other two characters that were clarified are M. Hashimoto as Mr. Satan and K. Fujicka as Cell. The roles that were not specified are Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Future Trunks, Krillin, Gohan, Yamcha, and Tien Shinhan. In the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, the Goku actor is called Goku, the Puppet, the Piccolo actor is called Piccolo, the Puppet, and the Vegeta actor is called Vegeta, the Puppet.

The characters in the reenactment are referred to as "Ruber-Suit Z Fighters" in Daizenshuu 7.

K. Fujicka

K. Fujicka

K. Fujicka is the actor who played Cell in the Cell Games Reenactment at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. He is defeated by Mr. Satan (who is played by M. Hashimoto). His first name is unknown, and his face is not seen but it is shown that he has reddish hair. Dressed as Cell, the Cell actor is called Cell, the Puppet in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

M. Hashimoto

M. Hashimoto

M. Hashimoto is the actor who starred in the Cell Games Reenactment, playing the role of Mr. Satan. In the documentary, he wears a large Mr. Satan mask and defeats Cell (being played by an actor named K. Fujicka). In the Funimation dub, Mr. Satan mentions that the mask Hashimoto wears has his expression entirely wrong, not to mention that it is embarrassing. Dressed as Mr. Satan, the Mr. Satan actor is called Hercule, the Puppet in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.

In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, M. Hashimoto is the name of a journalist who works for NBS News.


Koryuu at the World Tournament

Koryuu (コウリュウ Kouryuu) is a sumo fighter in the child division of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. He cornered Mooki with his sumo attacks, and in the end won by shoving him off of the arena. However, he also knocked the announcer off as well. He seemed like a fairly strong contestant, but unfortunately he lost midway through, and did not make it to the finals.

He was born in Age 764.


Mooki at the World Martial Arts Tournament

Mooki is a fighter in the Junior division of the World Martial Arts Tournament. He loses his match when Koryuu pushes him out of the ring. Although he loses his match, the crowd cheers for him as Mr. Satan (shown in one of his more heroic moments) hoists him above his shoulder.

Voice Actors

Unnamed Asian Child

Unnamed Asian Child

An unnamed Asian Child who helps Sharpner get a picture of the Great Saiyaman unmasked.[26] As part of Sharpner's plan, the boy asks Gohan if he can help him see, so Gohan lifts up the child and the child takes off Gohan's sunglasses. Sharpner gets a shot of him unmasked, but Piccolo destroys all the cameras so it was useless.

Voice Actors



Fred is a man in the audience of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament who was speaking with a friend before Trunks fought Mr. Satan in the exhibition match. Fred told his friend that he would not even let his kid in the ring with Mr. Satan if they were in Trunks' position, since he thought Mr. Satan was too strong for him.

Majin Buu Saga

Young Girl

The girl Majin Buu found interest in

A girl Majin Buu was interested in until she did not show any interest back and was eaten.


She has orange red hair and wears a yellow bandana with gold hoop earrings, with a red tube top with black stripes, pink pants with pink and white shoes with yellow socks.


During her encounter with Innocent Buu, she is shown to be reasonably terrified of him due to the destruction he caused. She lies at first when Buu asks her if he is sexy out of fear but when he tries to kiss her she reveals she doesn't. Even when Buu alters his face to resemble actor, Barry Kahn after seeing his face on a magazine that fell out of her bag thinking she fines Barry attractive. However despite making his face more handsome, the rest of his body remains the same and she refuses another kiss, though it is unclear if it was due to her fear of him and/or being creeped out by his unwanted advances.


Majin Buu approaches the girl

The girl catches Majin Buu's interest while he is attacking her city. She is asked if she thinks he is sexy. Scared, she replies with a yes to not anger Buu, but when Majin Buu tries to kiss her, she screams. Her magazine falls out of her bag and when Majin Buu sees it, he made his face look like a celebrity in the magazine, Barry Kahn. However, the girl still does not kiss Buu. When Majin Buu gets tired of her, he turns her into candy and eats her.

It is assumed she was later brought back to life by Porunga. If she was revived her memory of her traumatic encounter and death at the hands of Innocent Buu was presumably erased by the wish to Shenron to erase the memories of his rampage to give Good Buu a second chance.

  • She is the first female and only known Earthling that Majin Buu has shown to be attracted to.
    • This is not surprising as in Dragon Ball Online, Good Buu used fission to create to create a female Majin companion and romantic partner who's appearance he based off Earthling females, after reading Bob & Margaret which caused him to long for female companionship.

Peaceful World Saga

Bongo the Rabbit


Bongo is a large pink robot rabbit that shook hands with Pan while she was on Goku's shoulders at the 28th World Tournament. Bongo told Pan that she was his best friend. He is not to be confused with the other character named Bongo (the muscular man serving King Gurumes in the movie Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies) or Krillin as he is named in the Harmony Gold dub.

Movies & Specials



Demetrious is a Kanassan who briefly appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku.


During the events of the Kanassan war, he is able to draw blood on the Great Ape form of Shugesh with a small but powerful Ki Blast. After telling his commander of his success in injuring the Saiyan, he is stepped on and killed.

Voice Actors

Unnamed Namekian Warrior

Unnamed Namekian Warrior

The unnamed Namekian makes his only appearance during the opening scene of the The Return of Cooler, where he is shown being chained up with other members of his race by Cooler's Cyclopian Guards.

After witnessing a fellow Namekian falling from exhaustion and being dragged without mercy by one of the guards, the Namekian warrior breaks out of his chains and attacks the robot. He is evidently stopped and caught in the guard's clamping hands, and is then thrown viciously to the ground. Before the guard is able to kill the Namekian with his blaster, Gohan shows up and deflects the blast.


Tony is a cameraman who works for ZTV. He was covering X.S. Cash's Intergalactic World Tournament, the world tournament featured in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, but he was knocked out by one of the Intergalactic Fighters (Mr. Satan's fighters dressed up).

Machine Gunner

The Machine Gunner in Wrath of the Dragon

A machine gunner who is taken down by Gohan in his Great Saiyaman outfit in the movie Wrath of the Dragon. This machine gunner wears a bandolier and holsters a machine gun, as well as a skull cap. In his actual appearance, he is portrayed with a red shirt, but he is seen with a green shirt for his figurine included in the Super Guerriers series.

See also

Motorcycle Policewoman

The Motorcycle Policewoman in Battle of Gods

A member of the Motorcycle Police Squad who makes a brief appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. She observes the battle against the God of Destruction Beerus from afar and wonders if Capsule Corporation is using fireworks again when she sees an explosion cause by one of Vegeta's attacks on the God of Destruction. She is modeled after and voiced by the Olympic gold-medalist Kaori Matsumoto. In the FUNimation Dub of the film, she is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Sorbet's Bouncers

Sorbet had two humanoid bouncers from different races who were among his elite staff, they wore the old model Battle Armor (in one scene in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ one of them was given the new model Battle Armor) and had a red Scouter. In the movie they were only seen standing next to Sorbet's throne and in the scene of Frieza's regeneration, however in the Dragon Ball Super adaptation one of them was also seen accompanying Shisami.

They were probably defeated during Frieza's revenge by the Dragon Team and were killed by Frieza himself.

In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ they were drawn in a generic way of being green and orange aliens with the same dressing only different in color, in Dragon Ball Super however they got redesigned into a beige skinny alien and a bulky green amphibian alien with different dressings for each.


Sorbet's Malaka's Race Medic

Malaka's race medic in Resurrection F

This Malaka race medic is one of the doctors present on Sorbet's Spaceship in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ when Sorbet takes it to Earth, and also during Frieza's recovery.

Frieza Force Officer


A character only referred to as Officer is a Third Stellar Region army soldier, who acts as an adviser to Sorbet. His appearance is of a humanoid frog small in stature, he is the same race as Burpman.


Main article: Golden Frieza Saga The Officer is on Sorbet's Spaceship just after Vados shook it, where he informs Sorbet that their elites on Planet Frieza 448 are dying and that there are not much soldiers to be sent to help them against the natives' rebellion due to other conflicts their army is dealing with.

Film Appearances

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ He is shown to be the most out-speaking character in the early scenes on Sorbet's Spaceship in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, where he shares his concerns with his boss about the revolt on Planet Frieza 448 and about Frieza's Revival, however he can't manage to talk Sorbet out of going with Tagoma on a risking mission to collect Earth's Dragon Balls.

Later on that movie he's seen in the Medical Machine room where the newly revived Frieza is being treated, after the tyrant wakes up he blasts Tagoma into outer-space and causes Sorbet's Adviser to fall to space as well, before Sorbet commands his men to deploy the force field shield and the adviser is helped by his comrades back to the ship.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (manga)

Sorbet's adviser is shown to be brought to Earth as part of Frieza's army, where he faces the Dragon Team and Jaco who easily defeats him and his fellow Frieza Soldiers.

Voice Actors
  • In the manga he's given much more gecko-like appearance and a Malaka-like model of the Battle Armor with a cape that goes from his back to his lower part of the armor suit.
  • His features are similar to that of Frog from Chrono Trigger who was also designed by Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Super

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Make-up Store Man

The old man

The unnamed character is an old man who appears as a customer in one of the shops Goten and Trunks were visiting to get a gift for Videl. Trunks got the idea to go to a cosmetics store for lotion after seeing a man rubbing his girlfriend's face, complimenting her on how smooth it is. When they get there, they see the man ranting about the ridiculous prices in the store, with him saying the hot spring where he lives will make anybody look young again. Trunks asks for directions and the man points where to go in a silly manner. They thank him and leave to search for the spring. He bears a light tan jacket and hat, and carries a staff with him as well.

Golden Frieza Saga

Snackian Ambassador and Secretary

The Snackian ambassador (left) with his secretary (right)

The ambassador of Planet Snack, with his secretary shows up at Earth after overhearing Mr. Satan gloat about his false victory over "Beebus", an imaginary God of Destruction. Mr. Satan makes up the story to keep the public's attention away from Goku and the Z-Fighters and take credit for himself. The ambassador doesn't believe Mr. Satan was truly responsible for the defeat of Beerus, until his secretary points to a giant golden statue of Mr. Satan. The ambassador then rewards Satan for his "heroic deeds" by handing him a medal called the "Hero's Medal". But before he can, Galbee wants to test Satan's strength to see if he's a hoax or not. Satan asks Goku to fight for him, and Goku agrees. However, he has to leave after Chi-Chi spots him, and asks Mr. Satan to fake punch him. He flies away with his tractor over a building. Left helpless, Mr. Satan is almost punched, but Galbee spots Bee behind him and runs away in terror. The ambassador and secretary follow suit, all of them leaving because of their fear of dogs.



Beavis (ビビス Bibisu) is a fictional God of Destruction who appears in Mr. Satan's delusion of the battle between Goku and Beerus, and is an alternative version of Beerus envisioned by Mr. Satan. In Satan's re-telling he defeated Beavis using his "God form". Beavis looks vaguely like Beerus, more-so resembling a vampire bat or goblin, but sharing purple skin (although with a darker shade of purple) and similar attire to Beerus.

Beavis makes a video game appearance in IC Carddass Dragon Ball.

"Future" Trunks Saga

Future Pui Pui

Future Pui Pui's corpse

He was killed during the battle between Future Trunks and Future Babidi's forces.

Future Yakon

Future Yakon's corpse

He was killed during the battle between Future Trunks and Future Babidi's forces.

Goku (Goku Black's timeline)

Goku with Zamasu's body

This is the Goku who existed in the original, unaltered main timeline where the original present Zamasu originates from. His history was originally the same as the Goku from the altered main timeline before Future Trunks time traveled to the past and disrupted the main timeline's time stream.


In the anime this Goku's life was the same as the Goku from the altered present timeline up until sometime after the Tournament of Destroyers where Future Trunks never came to disrupt the timeline leading to Zamasu using the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku.

Goku before he switched bodies

A year later, Goku was farming with Goten one day and suddenly found that his body had been switched with Zamasu's. After Goten brought Chi-Chi to see, Zamasu suddenly appeared, in Goku's body and quickly killed him and his family. Because this Goku was killed, the Tournament of Power never occurred in this Timeline. This was originally the fate of the main timeline Goku, but Future Trunks' interfence and Beerus destroying the Zamasu from the altered main prevented it from ever happening in the altered main timeline.

Forms and transformations
Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan While never actually seen in this form, this Goku has access to all of the transformations that the Goku from the altered main timeline had at the time when he sparred with the Zamasu, and thus has access to this form. Furthermore, since this Goku is known to possess, and was actually seen in, the Super Saiyan 2 form, it can be inferred that he possess the first Super Saiyan form as well.

Super Saiyan 2

Main article: Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 Goku defeats Zamasu

During his spar with Zamasu in the anime, the Goku from Goku Black’s timeline utilized his Super Saiyan 2 form.

Zamasu's body

Main article: Zamasu The Zamasu from the original, unaltered main timeline swapped bodies with the Goku from the original, unaltered main timeline, resulting in Goku gaining Zamasu's body - to the alarm of his family, and soon after was killed by Zamasu.

Voice Actors

Goten (Goku Black's timeline)

Goten, Chi-Chi, Goku (in Zamasu's body)

In the original history of the main timeline before Future Trunks traveled back and disrupted the main timeline's time stream, Goku was farming with Goten one day and suddenly found that his body had been switched with Zamasu's, after Goten brought Chi-Chi to see, Zamasu suddenly appeared, in Goku's body, and quickly killed him. He then proceeded to kill Chi-Chi and Goten. This would later be prevented from happening in the altered main timeline due to Beerus destroying Zamasu. Goten is only known to have been killed by Black in the anime, his status is unknown in the manga.

Chi-Chi (Goku Black's timeline)

Goku (in Zamasu's body), Chi-Chi, Goten and Zamasu (in Goku's body)

In the original history of the main timeline before Future Trunks traveled back and disrupted the main timeline's time stream, Goku was farming with Goten one day and suddenly found that his body had been switched with Zamasu's, after Goten brought Chi-Chi to see, Zamasu suddenly appeared, in Goku's body and quickly killed him. He then proceeded to kill Chi-Chi and Goten. This event would later be prevented from happening in the altered main timeline due to Beerus destroying Zamasu in the altered main timeline. Chi-Chi is only known to have been killed by Black in the anime; her status is unknown in the manga.

Gowasu (Goku Black's timeline)

In the original history of the main timeline before Future Trunks traveled back in time, the original present Gowasu is killed by the original present Zamasu who would take the rank of Supreme Kai in order to have a Time Ring on his right index finger. This Gowasu's death is mentioned by Black who reveals his origins both in the anime and manga. His altered main timeline counterpart’s death is undone when Future Trunks traveled back to the past and warns his friends about Goku Black before Zamasu could put his plans into action, and when Whis rewinded time after the Zamasu from the altered main timeline succeded in killing the Gowasu from the altered main timeline.


Universe Survival Saga

Masked Poacher

Goku unmasking the Masked Poacher in the full color Dragon Ball Super manga

The Masked Poacher is one of the poachers riding in a jeep that Goku encounters while searching for Android 17 on Monster Island in the manga. He wears a mask that was removed by Goku.


He wears a mask similar to the one worn by Mighty Mask. When unmasked by Goku, he is revealed to be a balding Earthling male with a mustache.

Poacher A

Poacher A is a heavy set Earthling with a beard. He is among the Poachers that try to poach wildlife on Monster Island.

Video Game Appearance

Poacher A card Dokkan Battle

Poacher A appears as a non-playable boss in the Little Rangers Story Event of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

Poacher B

Poacher B is a lanky Earthling. He is among the Poachers that try to poach wildlife on Monster Island.

Video Game Appearance

Poacher B card from Dokkan Battle

Poacher B appears as a non-playable boss in the Little Rangers Story Event of Dokkan Battle.

Caulifla's Gang Members

Caulifla's Gang in the manga

Caulifla's Gang are a group of Saiyan criminals who live on planet Sadala. Aside from Caulifla and Kale, in the anime, they are a group of Saiyan men with stereotypical gang looks, while in the manga they are another pair of Saiyan girls.


In the manga, lost by the road, each member was found by Caulifla to join her group. Due to Caulifla's power the Sadala Army cannot deal with her and are instructed not to set foot on her turf. She and her gang steal from them in order to provide to the worse off Saiyans.


Obni's Family

Obni's family includes his child and spouse. They reside in Universe 10.


Obni's family.

Obni's spouse and child reside in Universe 10. After Obni, Team Universe 10's final warrior, was eliminated from the Tournament of Power he dropped a picture of him with his family. Gohan quietly stares at the photo until it gets erased along with the rest of Universe 10 by the Omni-Kings. Obni's family was revived along with the rest of Universe 10 when Android 17 wished to restore all the universes.

Villainous Demon

The Villainous Demon confronting Gicchin

This villainous demon is a mysterious entity who killed Jiren's parents and destroyed his entire village. Before the demon could kill Jiren, he was saved by Gicchin. Years later, when Jiren returned with his allies and his teacher's other students to take his vengeance, the villain killed most of the students and Gicchin. The Viz translation refers to it as a monster instead of a demon.




Moroko is a Saiyan scientist in the Frieza Force, serving on Planet Vegeta.


Together with his fellow Saiyan scientists, Nion and Shito, Moroko discusses the power of Broly and Vegeta IV with King Vegeta.

Voice Actors
  • Moroko's name possibly comes from 'toumorokoshi' (とうもろこし), meaning corn. This continues the saiyan trend of veggie-themed names.

Male Frieza Soldiers

Male Frieza Soldiers A, B, C, D and E are minor characters in Broly.

Male Saiyans

Male Saiyans A, B and C are minor characters in Broly. Two of these Saiyans are shown to have survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta, along with Nappa, Raditz and Vegeta. Their current fate is unknown.

Male Saiyan Flight Staff

Male Saiyan Flight Staff A, B and C are minor characters in Broly.

Male Saiyan Guards

Male Saiyan Guards A and B are minor characters in Broly.

Female Frieza Crew

Female Frieza Crew A is a minor character in Broly.

Male Frieza Crew

Male Frieza Crew A is a minor character in Broly.

Male Saiyan Generals

Male Saiyan Generals A and B are minor character in Broly.

Male Saiyan Control Tower

Male Saiyan Control Tower A is a minor character in Broly.

Male Saiyan Staff

Male Saiyan Staff A is a minor character in Broly.

Female Saiyan

Female Saiyan A is a minor character in Broly.

Male Saiyan Courtier

Male Saiyan Courtier A is a minor character in Broly.

Saiyan Army Snipers

Two Saiyan snipers

The Saiyan Army Snipers are a group of minor characters in Broly and are the first Saiyans to be killed by Frieza.


Saiyan Sniper viewing Frieza with their Scout-Scope before being killed by Frieza's Death Beam

During the Occupation of Planet Vegeta, the Cold Force arrive on Planet Vegeta so King Cold could inform King Vegeta of his retirement and Frieza's takeover of the Cold Force which is redubbed the Frieza Force. Four Saiyan Army Snipers hide in Vegeta's Palace and observe from their sniper positions. Unfortunately during Frieza's demonstration of the Scouters, he brought to replace the Saiyan Army's outdated Scout-Scopes (which the Snipers were ironically using) to the scouter Frieza was using detected which detected the hidden snipers' power levels and alerting Frieza of their presence. However rather than punish King Vegeta and the Saiyan Army for this apparent act of disloyalty and potential assassination attempt by the Saiyan Army, he nonchalantly used the Scouter to aid him in targeting each sniper whom he killed with Death Beams from the landing site of King Cold's spaceship, demonstrating the futility of such tactics upon their new emperor and the effectiveness of the new Scouters in one fell swoop. As the Frieza Force leaves, King Vegeta angrily crushes the scouter Frieza was using when he killed the Saiyan King's Snipers.


According to Frieza, one of the Snipers had a power level of 2,000, causing Frieza to sarcastically comment on the impressiveness of their power. Unfortunately like most members of the Saiyan Army, they lack the ability to conceal their power levels, and their power levels paled in comparison to the galactic tyrant, resulting in their detection by Scouter and death at Frieza's hands.

  • Scout-Scope - A telescopic device used by the Saiyan Army before the introduction of Frieza Force Scouter technology. Used by the Snipers as sniper scopes.
  • Ray Gun - As snipers they utilize Saiyan Army Ray Guns designed for snipping.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga



Tanissh is a Namekian.


When Moro arrives at Tsuburi's village for the Dragon Ball, he telekinetically grabs Taniish by the throat and throws him into the wall of fire surrounding the village, killing him.



Tsuburi is a Namekian village elder.


Elder Tsuburi and the inhabitants of his village were trapped in a wall of fire by Moro, who demanded their Dragon Ball. Tsuburi watches Moro kill Tanissh and another Namekian villager but refuses to hand over the Dragon Ball. He then tells Moro that his reign will end by the Namekian Savior, only to watch in horror as Moro kills the savior with a single blow to the chest without looking behind.

Planet Namek Savior

Namekian Savior

Planet Namek Savior[27] is the fusion of several Namekians, who defends New Namek from any evil that threatens it.


After several Namekians are assimilated by one, the Namekian Savior charges straight at Moro, only to be killed by a single blow to the chest by Moro without looking behind.

However after Moro's defeat, the Namekian Savior, Moori, and all those killed by the Planet Eater and Moro Corps.


Being the fusion of dozens of Namekian warriors, the Namekian Savior is a powerful being. Despite being aware that Moro was capable of defeating Goku and Vegeta, Moori believed the savior may be able to defeat him. However, he was easily killed by the partially restored Moro.

Techniques and Special Abilities
  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Namekian Fusion - It is more of an assimilation than fusion, as one Namekian absorbs the energy, strength, memories, and intelligence or thought pattern of another. Both participants must willingly consent to fuse in this manner and usually the pair agrees to the stronger of the two to serve their body as the host; the reason for this consent is that the body of the absorbed Namekian disappears during this fusion and the consciousness ceases to exist as a body. The agreed host places his hand over the chest of the other one and through unknown thoughts, a flash merges them. After the fusion, the non-host's consciousness lives inside the body of the host from this point onwards and their life span as a body ends. The host's consciousness dominates the body, while the non-host serves to aid him by supplying information, thereby meaning that the absorbed consciousness remains separate from the host's.
Forms and transformations
Super Namekian

Main article: Super Namekian As the fusion of dozens of Namekians, the savior is a Super Namekian.

Dragon Ball Super
  • Planet Namek Savior vs. Moro



A Galactic Patrol prisoner whose name is seemingly Vinesal.[28]


At some point Vinesal was taken to Galactic Prison, he was freed by Moro's wish and joined the Moro Corps, being powered up by his new boss and sent out to fight Goku and Vegeta on New Namek, he was defeated.



Hatska is a member of the Yadrats who Vegeta meets on Planet Yardrat.


When Vegeta lands on the Planet Yardrat, Hatska is the one to assist him, taking him to see their elder Pybara. When Vegeta trains on the planet, Hatska is there throughout to offer his assistance.

Granolah the Survivor Saga

20211104 151515.jpg


Flayk is a powerful Cerealian.


To try and turn the tide of the battle with the Saiyans during the Frieza Force's invasion of Cereal, Flayk concentrates all of his power to destroy the orbiting moon, also injuring Great Ape Leek as he does so, however he is killed by Taro soon after.

Techniques and Special Abilities
  • Evolved Right Eye - As a Cerealian he possesses this trait.
  • Finger Beam - The user holds out their index finger and releases an energy beam from their fingertip.

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Mr. Henderson

Mr. Henderson is a business man scheduled to have a golf game with Trunks in Dragon Ball GT.



Poperu (ポペル Poperu), also called Popell or Pablo, is the boy seen dating Pan in Dragon Ball GT. Pan thinks he is cute, gentle, and ladylike. He is last seen running away after seeing Pan fight bank robbers.

Voice Actors

Giant from Monmaasu

A giant who lives on Monmaasu. This character was designed by Akira Toriyama.[29]


The giant from Monmaasu

He owns a hawk that he uses to hunt. One day, he eats an apple where the Four-Star Black Dragon Ball gets stuck and ends up with a toothache. To retrieve the Black Star Dragon Ball, Goku removes his tooth by firing a Kamehameha at it. This ends the giant's toothache.

Later, the giant is shown contributing to Goku's Super Ultra Spirit Bomb to defeat Omega Shenron.

Video Game Appearances

The giant is the Monmaasu stage in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation, with the giant's tooth being his weak spot.

See also

Luud Cult Mercenary

The unnamed mercenary working for the Luud Cult

An unnamed mercenary who works for the Luud Cult. Because he did not find any Black Star Dragon Ball when he returned to Planet Luud, he was transformed into a doll and absorbed by Luud.

DNA Replicants

The Sigma Force ambush Goku

In the Funimation dub, the Sigma Force who appear to assist Rilldo during his battle against Goku are said to be DNA Replicants, new and improved compared to the originals. In the original Japanese version no such thing is said, and they are not different entities from the Sigma Force.

Baby Saga

Arcade Gangster

Arcade Gangster

The Arcade Gangster is a seemingly young troublemaking delinquent hanging around a gaming arcade (his "turf"), who is depicted as one of the humans Goten attempts to evacuate during the Earth's imminent destruction at the hands of the Black Star Dragon Balls. While threatening to beat Goten to a pulp for trespassing, he is easily taken out by Vegeta along with the rest of his gang.

Voice Actors
  • Interestingly enough, he bears a slight resemblance to Kazuma Kuwabara from the YuYu Hakusho series, and is even voiced by Christopher Sabat, who voices him in the dubbed version, and in a similar manner. Like many gangsters, the Arcade Gangster also has quite a few of his friends ready to back him up.



A young farm boy. He was the last one with his dog to be transported to the New Planet Plant when Earth was about to explode in Dragon Ball GT. His parents were too busy with their animals and forgot to take him on their truck. He gets saved on Earth by Piccolo, and then Goku arrives to transport them to safety. As Goku has run out of energy, Piccolo gives him some of his energy to allow Goku to transport back to the ship with Danny and his dog.

Super 17 Saga


Charlie faces Goku

Charlie is a competitor in the junior division of the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament. He competes at the beginning of the tournament, and faces Goku. He is defeated by Goku making him cry when he injures himself trying to kick Goku.

Mad Chilli

Mad Chilli about to fight Papayaman

Mad Chilli (エビッチリー Ebicchirī) is a semi finalist in the 31st World Martial Arts Tournament. He lost to Papayaman (who is Majuub in disguise).

Voice Actors
  • His Japanese name is a play on the word Ebi Chiri, or "Chili Shrimp" in Japanese.

Shadow Dragon Saga



Colm (ビッシュ Bisshu) is the fishing boy who tricked Oceanus Shenron into revealing the negative effects of her tornado bringing fish to the villagers. After the Six-Star Dragon was defeated, he promises Pan to teach her his village's dance, and Pan promises to teach him how to fly. He owns a seagull pet named Gull.

Voice Actors


Gull (ガル) is the seagull owned by Colm. He is instrumental to the defeat of Oceanus Shenron, revealing her weak point by flying above her and attacking her head.

Elderly Couple

The elderly couple

An elderly couple that revealed what the Electric Slime is to Goku and Pan, and explained the events around Rage Shenron's attack.

A Hero's Legacy

Unnamed Truck Driver

The truck driver as he eyes Goku Jr.'s backpack full of food

The truck driving man (トラックの運転手 Torakku no unten-shu, lit. "Truck Driver") seen in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy.


He offers Goku Jr. a ride only to steal the young boy's food while he is turned around urinating. Other than being a thief, the unnamed man is a slob and very overweight. He works for a company known as Mac Macs, which apparently is a hamburger distributor.

Dragon Ball Heroes

99 alternate Gokus

The 99 alternate Gokus are counterparts of Goku who were defeated by the Crimson-Masked Saiyan during his crusade to perfect his power. The most notable of them in the manga was the 86th, who Crimson noted was the first he saw utilize Ultra Instinct Sign.

Techniques and special abilities
  • Flight - The ability to fly through ki.
Forms and transformations
  • Super Saiyan 3 - In the anime, one of the Gokus utilized Super Saiyan 3 to battle Crimson.
  • Super Saiyan God - In the anime, one of the Gokus utilized Super Saiyan God to battle Crimson.
  • Super Saiyan Blue - In the anime, one of the Gokus utilized Super Saiyan Blue to battle Crimson.
  • Ultra Instinct Sign - In the manga, the 86th of the alternate Gokus utilized this form.

Galactic Patrol series

Sachie-chan Guu!!

Octo Messengers

The Octo Messengers

Two unnamed Octos who come to Earth to pick up Zarid and Sachie Momochi so they can stop the Mil Clan from terrorizing their planet. They have a catalog which has a huge selection of prizes that would appeal to Earthlings from research that they are capable of granting for saving their planet. They have a spaceship and carrying around small circular universal translation devices that they can freely give to others to wear so beings can understand them.

Sachie's friend

Sachie's friend

An unnamed friend of Sachie Momochi and student of Satoyama Junior High on Gengoro Island. She appeared briefly in a P.E. class and right afterwards walking home with Sachie and saying bye to her just before they part ways.

Satoyama Junior High Teacher

Satoyama Junior High Teacher

An unnamed teacher that Sachie Momochi has at Satoyama Junior High. He is seen teaching the Physical Education class that Sachi was in.

Neko Majin

Yamada Haruo

Yamada Haruo

Yamada Haruo is the pet fish of Neko Majin Mix. It is briefly seen in a panel of the first chapter of Nekomajin.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Beat's Mom

Beat's Mom.png

Beat's Mom is the mother of Beat and daughter of Beat's Grandfather who appears in the Victory Mission manga.

Appearance & Personality

Beat's Mother resembles Chi-Chi in both appearance and personality to the point of having the same kind of temper. She has a hair bun and wears a Qipao dress like Chi-Chi and also wears a pair of Potara-like earrings.

  • In World Mission, it is revealed that Beat is a descendant of Goku's indicating by extension he is a descendant of Chi-Chi's as well. Presumably if Beat's mom in the timeline of World Mission is also a descendant of Goku's then that would also mean she's a descendant of Chi-Chi the mother of Goku's only children thus her resemblance to Chi-Chi would be likely hereditary. This would make her the second known female Saiyan-Earthling hybrid descended from Goku after Pan.

Beat's Grandfather

Beat's Grandfather.png

Beat's Grandfather is also the father of Beat's Mom.

Froze's parents

Froze's parents.jpg

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission


Moden during Exhibition Match Registration in Chapter 1, Sub Chapter 1: "My Thrilling First Battle" of World Mission

Moden is the receptionist for the Hero Stadium in Hero Town in World Mission. During the events of the game, Beat notices they are holding exhibition matches for new SDBH players and decides to enter. After asking for his name (inputted by the player), Moden assists Beat through the registration process by having him pick his Hero Avatar noting he can switch his Avatar (referring to Super Shenron's Ability to change a Hero Avatar's selected race via a wish) later. After he chooses his Avatar, she provides him with a selection of cards for new players that lack their own like Beat (the cards are selected by Beat automatically and the player has no control over the cards selected). After this Beat's registration is completed and he is allowed to begin his exhibition match.

Later on he can return to the Hero Stadium, where Moden runs the Tournament Registration counter. She helps explain the rules such as match tiers and how the the preliminaries matches work. She also acts as the SDBH Tournament Announcer.

Moden bares a resemblance to Videl even sporting pigtails like Videl had while in high school before she cut her hair short. She wears a small blue hat on the left side of her head as part of her uniform. Like Videl, she wears black shorts under the skirt of her uniform.

Her name is seemingly a anagram of "demon", similar to how Videl's a anagram of "devil".

Hero Stadium Announcer

The Hero Stadium Announcer in World Mission

Hero Stadium Announcer (called Announcer in his dialogue box) is the official Announcer for the Hero Stadium who appears in Chapter 1, Sub Chapter 1: "My Thrilling First Battle" acting as the announcer for Beat and Yuto's Exhibition Match. He acts as the announcer for Note's battle with Froze that Beat observes via the Hero Tower Monitor which broadcasts the fight during the game's opening.

After Chapter 1, Sub Chapter 1, he can be found standing outside the Hero Stadium. Ironically, he does not act as the announcer for Tournaments, as Moden performs that role. He wears a suit, sunglasses, and has a blue pompadour.

In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", the Note, Froze, Kagyu, and Great Saiyaman 3 are shown watching a news report about the current attack on Hero Town with the Announcer fulfilling the role of news reporter. Unbeknownst to him, the town is being attacked by members of the game world Organization of Babidi who are trying to eliminate SDBH players to prevent the Dragon Ball Heroes team from finding more Hero Switch-compatible players to join their team. The Announcer and Hero Town survive the attack which is foiled by the intervention of Great Saiyaman 3, Note, Froze, Kagyu, and Beat in his new costumed alter-ego Great Saiyaman 4 who kills Babidi after the Heroes annihilate the anomalous Kid Buu completely putting an end to the wizard's evil plans.


Roche is Bocacchi's elder sister. According to Bocacchi, she loves to watch SDBH tournaments and as a result can often be found inside the Hero Stadium in Hero Town. In Chapter 1: "My Thrilling First Battle", Beat overhears Roche telling Bocacchi that the Hero Stadium is holding exhibition matches that anyone can join in and decide to go and watch, causing Beat to decide to register so he can start playing SDBH. Lody, Roche, and Bocacchi watch Beat win his first SDBH match against Bocacchi's friend Yuto. When Great Saiyaman 3 approaches Beat, she points this out to her brother and Lody who are both surprised to see the Hero Master. Like her brother, Roche calls Great Saiyaman 3 "The Master" and is shocked when he challenges Beat to a SDBH match. After watching Bear's match with Great Saiyaman 3, she wonders if he is really a beginner SDBH player as he plays like a pro. Lody, Roche, and Bocacchi also overhear the commotion outside the stadium that unbeknownst to them was caused by the SDBH game world Cooler as they remain inside the stadium as Beat follows Great Saiyaman 3 outside.

In Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", she is outside when the game world Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu attack after escaping into the real world. Fortunately, Beat, Note, and Great Saiyaman 3 arrive on the scene, allowing her to flee to safety with Chamile while Great Saiyaman 3 deals with the villains as Beat and Note are unable to fight outside the game world.

After Chapter 1, Roche can be found inside the Hero Stadium. She will comment on Bear's progress as he climbs up the Tournament Ranks. After he becomes a A-Rank Champion, she will even ask him what cards he likes, revealing that she herself likes cards with cool designs.


"Hnh! Hah! Say hello to Great Saiyaman Bocacchi! I won't let evil go unpunished! Wait. How am I supposed to punish evil? As long as the world has Great Saiyaman Bocacchi, evil will never prosper!"
Bocacchi pretending he is a superhero in World Mission

Bocacchi is Roche's younger brother who wears a child sized Great Saiyaman Suit based on Great Saiyaman 1 complete with helmet. He looks up to Great Saiyaman 3 and often plays make-believe heroes with his friend Yuto. During Chapter 1: "My Thrilling First Battle", Beat overhears Roche telling Bocacchi about the Hero Stadium holding exhibition matches and they decide to go watch, which causes Beat to decide to enter so he can start playing SDBH. Bear's first match happens to be against Bocacchi's friend Yuto who loses to Beat. When Great Saiyaman 3 approaches Beat, Roche points this out to Bocacchi and Lody, with Bocacchi surprised to see the Hero Master whom he calls "The Master". When Great Saiyaman 3 challenges Beat to a match, Bocacchi jealousy notes how lucky he is as Great Saiyaman 3 never asked to play against him. After seeing Beat and Great Saiyaman 3 fight, he like his sister and Lody is amazed by how good it was, before hearing the commotion caused by the escaped game world Cooler.

After Chapter 1, Bocacchi can be found wondering the streets of Hero Town near the Stadium and Hero Tower where he and Yuto often play make-believe heroes as Roche tends to hang around the Hero Stadium to observe Tournament Matches. He also starts looking up to Beat and even encourages him to join him and Yuto in playing make-believe heroes (unaware Beat is secretly a member of Great Saiyaman 3's Dragon Ball Heroes team who later ironically becomes Great Saiyaman 4 after he activates Leggings' built-in suit materialization feature of the Hero Switch causing him to don a red and yellow version of the Great Saiyaman Suit based off the Hero Master Suit designed by Leggings).

After starting Character 3, if Beat talks to Bocacchi he may suggest Beat use Great Saiyaman's SH5-15 card. He also says that his sister told him she found a really promising kid and wonder who she was talking about (she was likely referring to Beat as she observes Beat's rise through the tournament ranks).


"Hello, my name is Yuto. It's a pleasure to meet you. Hmm... I sense something shiny coming from you."
— Yuto introducing himself to Beat after "My Thrilling First Battle" in World Mission

Yuto is a friend of Bocacchi who fights against Beat in his first SDBH battle in an Exhibition Match at the Hero Stadium in Chapter 1 "My Thrilling First Battle". Beat easily defeats Yuto who is surprised by his loss. After said chapter, if Beat speaks to him on the street of Hero Town he will politely introduce himself showing he's not a sore loser. He notes he can sense something shiny coming from Beat heavily imply that Yuto can use Ki Sense as Beat is among the few inhabitants of Hero Town to be able to use ki subconsciously to cancel out Ki Blasts which is due to Beat having Saiyan blood due to being descended from Goku. However unlike Beat who's ability to utilize ki without any formal training likely comes from his hybrid Saiyan/Earthling heritage, Yuto's ability to use Ki Sense is never explained. However Yuto also tells Beat he's not going to lose indicating he sees Beat as a rival.

"I'm getting ready to spend some time with Bocacchi. Would you like to join us? Maybe I should ask my mother to buy me a Great Saiyaman outfit too."
Yuto talking to Beat about playing with Bocacchi in World Mission

After Chapter 1, Yuto can be found playing make-believe heroes with Bocacchi on the streets of Hero Town near the Hero Tower and Battle Center. At one point he asks Beat if if he'd like to join him and Bocacchi in their game. He also wonders if he should ask his mother to get a Great Saiyaman costume like the one Bocacchi constantly wears.

In Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", Yuto and Bocacchi are at the Hero Stadium watching Lody's match against Froze. Froze an experienced player defeats her and after his match is approached by Beat who strikes up a conversation with him after noting Froze is Hero Switch-compatible and decides to test him in battle. Lody, Bocacchi, and Yuto watch their match where Beat defeat Froze's deck of Frieza cards. When Beat and Note approach Froze to recruit him to the DBH Team, Bocacchi and Yuto overhear them tell Froze they're going to take him to see the Hero Master and decide to follow them as they have something to tell Great Saiyaman 3. They manage to get pass Kang and Kong of Hero Tower security and reach the Hero Lab. However Kang and Kong arrive and attempt to remove the boys from the lab as it is a restricted area who's existence is unknown to the general public as it is the HQ of the Time Patrol's DBH Team. However Great Saiyaman 3 notices they have something important to say and tells Kang and Kong they can stay. Bocacchi and Yuto reveal that some local kids including a friend of theirs named Nim have gone missing. Yuto reveals that Nim's mother is worried sick and that it is unlike him not to come home eventually. Beat and Note suspect an anomaly but they play it cool creating a cover story that it may be related to the recent incidents of rampaging cosplayers (referring to recent attacks by the game world Cooler, Dabura, Yamu, and Spopovich). Great Saiyaman 3 and his team agree to look into it to the relief of Yuto and Bocacchi who trust the Hero Master, Beat, Note, and Froze as they are all skilled SDBH players. The boys leave the lab confident Nim and the other kids will be found. Thanks to Yuto and Bocacchi's info the DBH Team are able to track down two othe missing kids, Kagyu who ended up in the game world Age 764 during Mecha Frieza and his father's invasion in Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 3: "An Unthinkable Appearance" and Kabra who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Babidi in Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4" before being freed by Great Saiyaman 4 (Beat costumed alter-ego) killing Babidi. Both Kagyu and Kabra are discovered to be Hero Switch-compatible and are recruited into the DBH Team.

"I saw a really, really cute girl dressed in white a little while ago. I wonder who it was."
— Yuto telling Beat about a cute girl he saw in World Mission

Later he tells Beat about seeing a really cute girl dressed in white whom he didn't recognize. Given the description he gives, fits with either Legggings or her assistant Anne who both wear white labcoats. It is unclear which one he was referring to. He also reveals that every time he gets a new card he checks out what ability it has.


Lody is a young girl around Bocacchi and Yuto's age though she considers them to be childish for still playing make-believe heroes. During Chapter 1: "My Thrilling First Battle", she watches Beat win his first SDBH match against Yuto. When Roche points to her and Bocacchi that Great Saiyaman 3 talking to Beat after his match, Lody calls Great Saiyaman 3 a "Dreamboat" indicating she has a crush on the Hero Master. Beat partially overhears her calling Great Saiyaman 3 a dreamboat and is confused, causing Great Saiyaman 3 to explain that's what some of his fans call him sometimes though he admits he doesn't see it himself. After watching Beat and Great Saiyaman 3's match, Lody is so impressed she admits she wants both of them to win before overhearing the commotion outside the stadium caused by the escaped game world Cooler.

After Chapter 1, she can be found wondering the streets of Hero Town near the stadium and Hero Tower. If spoken to she will recognize Beat from his matches at the stadium and calls the Master dreamy and says she'd love to enter a SDBH tournament someday. She apparently enjoys shopping and will talk about the various shops such as mentioning the opening of the Gacha Shop, or about buying accessories from Maline's Accessory Shop, and that she might hit up Tour's Creation Shop.


Chamile is a SDBH player who witnesses Beat and Great Saiyaman 3's confrontation with Cooler. Like Mint, he mistakenly assumes Cooler is just a really good cosplayer, though unlike her, he thinks it looks cool and even wanted to take a picture with him, though fortunately Great Saiyaman 3 confronts Cooler before he can do so. He watches the confrontation with Cooler which he like Mint assumes is just a show.

After Chapter 1, he can be found wondering the streets of Hero Town.

During Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", he is once again present during another attack by escaped game world villains, this time by Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu. However unlike the previous incursion by Cooler, Chamile realizes the danger as Dabura and his underlings attack innocent bystanders with Ki Blasts. Fortunately, the Dragon Ball Heroes Team consisting of Great Saiyaman 3, Beat, and Note arrive on the scene catching the villain's attention, allowing Chamille and fellow bystander Roche to flee to safety while Great Saiyaman 3 confronts the villains in battle due to Beat and Note's inability to fight outside the game world.


Mint is a green haired female SDBH player who uses a Supreme Kai avatar though she does not specify which type she uses. She likes the Freeze CAA Ability as it can cancel enemy attacks. She is apparently a friend of Roche's though she thinks it's a shame that all Roche does is watch fights, believing she is missing out on the fun of actually playing SDBH. She spends a lot of her time at the battle center playing online against friends that live far away and even players she doesn't know too.

In Chapter 1 "My Thrilling First Battle", she and Chamile witness the appearance of the game world Cooler who escaped into the real world. However like Chamile, she assumes he is just a really good Cooler cosplayer though unlike Chamile, Mint thinks it is too good and finds his appearance terrifying. When Chamile says he's going to ask for a photo, Mint tells him to go for it, before noticing the arrival of Great Saiyaman 3. She and Chamile watch as Cooler fights against Great Saiyaman 3 and Beat before Great Saiyaman 3 kills Cooler with a Burning Slash. However like Chamile, Mint assumes it was just a show and agrees with Chamile that it was a great one. Unbeknownst to her or Chamile, Cooler was no cosplayer and that the fight they witnessed was real.

After Chapter 1, she can be found wondering the streets of Hero Town.


"Kang is a distant relative of mine. Those in our clan have a long history of working as guardsmen and assistants... It was sheer coincidence he and I came to work here together."
Kong on his relation to Kang and their clan's history in World Mission

Kang is an Earthling who resembles Nappa and is Kong's distant relative who wears a red tie though otherwise his suit is identical to Kong's. Alongside his relative he acts as a security guard for the Hero Tower and is one of the few people who know of the existence of the Hero Lab.

He is familiar with the Hero Lab robot Moll and tells Beat to talk to it if he wants to play some minigames.


Kong is a Earthling who resembles Nappa and is Kang's distant relative who wears a green tie though otherwise his suit is identical to Kang's. Alongside his relative and clansman he acts as a security guard for the Hero Tower and is one of the few people who know of the existence of the Hero Lab.

According to Kong, he and Kang come from a clan that have a long history of working as guardsmen and assistants. He also reveals it was sheer coincidence he and Kang came to work the same job at the Hero Tower presumably due to them following in the footsteps of their fellow clan members as they are effectively the guardsmen of the Hero Tower and Hero Lab.


"Heh, Heh. This here is Anne, my trusty assistant. She can lay on the complaints pretty thick, but she's as smart as a whip. Come to her for advice if you're ever stumped."
Leggings introduction of Anne to Beat & Note in World Mission

Anne is Leggings' young assistant and apprentice. She is first introduced alongside Leggings during the introductory cutscene for Story Mode Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2. After Great Saiyaman 3 introduces Beat and Note to the team's technician Dr. Leggings after she injects herself in their conversation regarding what happens to the game world after they fix an anomaly, Leggings decides to introduce them to her young assistant whom she calls over. Anne does as Leggings requests but is quick to complain stating there is only so much she can do, unaware Leggings only wants to introduce her to Beat and Note. Leggings introduces Anne as her trusty assistant and though she warns the two about Anne's tendency to make complaints, she also tells them she is smart as a whip and if they are ever stumped they should ask her for advice.

Beat thinks to himself that she is pretty young, betting she is around his age and must be pretty sharp to work at the Hero Lab which he notes is no small feat. After her introduction, Anne admits she doesn't know who Beat and Note are or what is going on but says it was nice to meet them before returning to what she was doing before Leggings called her over.

In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", Anne assists Leggings in installing the new feature to the Hero Switch that will allow Beat, Note, Froze, and Kagyu to tap into theur latent power to manifest game world abilities in the real world. When Note, Froze, and Kagyu question how to activate the feature, Anne points out the new switch they installed that activates the new feature. She watches as Beat, Note, Froze, and Kagyu activate the feature which allows them to take on the appearance, race, and gender of their respective Hero Avatars. Beat however inquires if he can have a suit like the Hero Master's and Great Saiyaman 3 permits Leggings to reveal the Hero Switches secret built-in feature that allows one to materialize their own version of the suit. Leggings explains she had intended the entire team to utilize the feature from the get go but Anne and Great Saiyaman 3 stopped her from reveal it up until that point. Leggings reveals that when she "knighted" the Hero Master as Great Saiyaman 3, the epicness of the moment left both Anne and the Hero Master speechless, though Anne and Great Saiyaman 3's silence upon her mentioning and their secrecy regarding the built-in function suggests they have a negative opinion of the suit but keep silent so as to not hurt Leggings' feelings as she considers the suit design to be her masterpiece.

Lody mentions she hasn't had a chance to play with Anne for a while, indicating they are friends. Lody wonders if she's still busy helping out at home indicating Lody is unaware of Anne's work at the Hero Lab which makes sense as its existence it unknown to the general public (besides Lody's friends Bocacchi and Yuto who ended up following the Beat, Note, and Froze there to tell Great Saiyaman 3 about missing local kids such as Nim). Lody's statement about Anne helping out at home implies it was a cover story created by Anne to keep her Hero Lab job working under Leggings a secret.


Anne bares a strong resemblance to Mai in her child form from Battle of Gods,Resurrection ‘F’, and Dragon Ball Super. She wears a child sized white lab coat over top a lime green hoodie and wears green headphones around her neck.

According to Beat, Anne is quite young and estimates they are both around the same age.

"Coming, Coming! Oh, what is it now? I can only do so much, you know..."
— Anne complaining after beginning called over by Leggings in World Mission

Anne tends to lay on the complaints pretty thick according to Leggings and is also demonstrated during her introduction as she immediately starts complaining upon being called over by Leggings. However Leggings considers Anne her trusty assistant whom she notes is as smart as a whip and even tells Beat and Note to seek her advice if they are ever stumped. She can be somewhat blunt as shown by her admitting she had no idea who Beat and Note are or what was going on, but was polite enough to say it was nice to meet them.

Given her young age, it is heavily implied that Anne is a child genius. Like Great Saiyaman 3 and Note, she apparently does not share Beat and Leggings opinion on the "coolness" of Leggings' high-tech Great Saiyaman Suit design, though unlike Note, she keeps silent her personal opinion regarding it to herself like Great Saiyaman 3 out of respect for Leggings.

Nim's Mom

Nim's Mom is a unnamed and unseen character mentioned by Yuto in Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!". After Nim goes missing and hadn't returned home, Yuto notes that it caused his mother to worry herself sick as said behavior was unlike him.

It is unclear if she is the mother of Nim's other siblings from Victory Mission as Nico and Genome do not appear as human protagonists in World Mission. Additionally it is unknown what her relation is to the three siblings grandfather Dr. Auto.

Yuto's Mother

"Maybe I should ask my mother to buy me a Great Saiyaman outfit too."
— Yuto mentioning his mother in World Mission

Yuto's Mother is a unnamed and unseen character mentioned by her son, Yuto. He mentions her while talking to Beat wondering if he should ask her to buy him a Great Saiyaman outfit like the one his friend Bocacchi constantly wears.


Incha is the owner of the Gacha Shop where SDBH players can use Gacha Tickets to win cards from one of the shop's Gacha Machines.

After Chapter 1, if Beat speaks to him, Incha will reveal he just opened the Gacha Shop and is giving out free tickets to promote his shop. He explains to Beat how the Card Gacha Machines work before giving him 10 Gacha Tickets (Normal) and 1 Gacha Ticket (Rare). If Beat gets a duplicate card, he will receive a certain number of Ticket Pieces which can be exchanged for more Gacha Tickets. 10 Ticket Pieces for 1 Gacha Ticket (Normal) and 50 Ticket Pieces for 1 Gacha Ticket (Rare).

In addition to cards, his shop also has a Accessory Gacha which allows Beat to pay Zeni to for a chance to win accessories. 10,000 Zeni for a chance to win a single Accessory or 90,000 Zeni for a chance to win ten accessories. This accessories run from Normal to Tera+ rarity. His shop resembles a giant gumball-like machine with a statue of Beerus sitting on top.

In the Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1 Super Boss Mission: "I'm a Robber Now?!", after the DBH Team defeats the Organization of Babidi, the Gacha Shop is robbed though fortunately the Saiya Squad consisting of first two Great Saiyamen manage to foil it and catch the robber. However they suspect he may have had accomplices and decide to split up to look for them.

Meanwhile, Great Saiyaman 3 informs Beat now using his costumed identity of Great Saiyaman 4 to investigate the situation suspecting it might be due to an anomaly. Great Saiyaman 4 finds Incha, Maline, Tour, Mint, and Chamile standing in front of the Gacha Shop but before he can investigate he is confronted by Great Saiyaman 2. While talking to him, Great Saiyaman 2 begins to suspect Great Saiyaman 4 as being part of a group of heinous criminals using the Saiyaman mantle to commit crimes with Great Saiyaman 3 being the group's boss after Beat refers to him as "Master" and refuses to listen to Great Saiyaman 4 forcing him to flee upon realizing she is too angry listen to reason which ends up leading to a fight between the Saiya Squad and the Great Saiyamen of the DBH Team before the Saiya Squad realize they were mistaken and that Great Saiyaman 3 & 4 are local heroes who have taken on the Saiyaman mantle. Fortunately the robbery itself was foiled and the robber was caught with Incha left unharmed, however it shows that Hero Town is not immune to crime and that the Gacha Shop is a tempting target for criminals due the valuable cards and accessories that can be acquired there.


He bears a resemblance to Yamcha.


"Maline of the Accessory Shop and Tour of the Creation Shop are siblings."
Zaus on Maline's relation to Tour in World Mission

Maline is the owner of the Accessory Shop in Hero Town. She is a young woman with silver gray hair and green eyes who wears a green hoodie with torn black legs, yellow socks and black wedge heels. Her facial features make her resemble Android 18 though her hair is slightly curly (however her hair color is similar to Android 18's silver hair color from the manga).

Her shop sells various accessories that can be used either for Card Creation or equipped to any card in a custom deck save for Special Type cards. Lody mentions buying accessories at her shop and notes Maline sold them to her for a good price. Occasionally her shop has Accessories on sale. Her shop is located next to Tour's Creation Shop which makes good business sense as both shops cater to the needs of SDBH players interested in Card Creation.

Her name, along with Tour's, are based off of the gemstone tourmaline, a reference to how Android 17 and 18's real names come from lapis lazuli.

According to Zaus' data, Tour is Maline's brother.


Tour is the owner of the Creation Shop in Hero Town that sells items used in Card Creation such as Blank Cards, Character Stickers, Frames, Backgrounds, and Effect Stickers. However his shop does not sell Accessories which are also required to add Super Attacks and Abilities to Custom Cards. However his shop is conveniently located nextdoor to Maline's Accessory Shop allowing both to cater to SDBH players interested in Card Creation. Tour wears a monocle over his left eye and has black hair in a ponytail with pink highlights, with a long bang with a pink stripe down the middle over his right eye.

He bears a resemblance to Android 17. According to Zaus' data, Maline is Tour's sister.

Battle Navigator Kaisei

Battle Navigator Kaisei runs the Battle Center in Hero Town where SDBH players can play online against other players.

Mr. Satanman

"That Mr. Satanman is pretty weird, but he definitely knows his stuff."
Lody talking about Mr. Saiyaman in World Mission

Mr. Satanman is a mascot who wears a Mr. Satan costume and stands near the entrance to the Hero Stadium in Hero Town. He provides SDBH players information about the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game, Hero Town, and other topics. He also encourages people to use Mr. Satan cards in their decks. As he wears a Mr. Satan head, his true identity and appearance are unknown.

Super Hero Robo

"Super Hero Robo can be set as a Battle Module, allowing you to unleash modular effects once per battle! Select which round you'd like to activate a module in before battle, the choose which one you want to use during that round!"
— Mr. Satanman's info on the Super Hero Robo Battle Module function in World Mission

The Super Hero Robo after being released from its Capsule in World Mission

Super Hero Robo (or simply Hero Robo) is a robotic Machine Mutant who is one of the mass produced copies of Giru created by the Capsule Corporation. Like Poll and the Hero Robots featured in Dragon Ball Heroes, the Super Hero Robo is designed to be used in Super Dragon Ball Heroes in World Mission.

Beat receive the Super Hero Robo's Capsule from Lulu after completing all her Tutorial Missions. The Super Hero Robo can be modified with Modules that can be used in battle and have different effects depending upon the type.


Like Beat, the Super Hero Robo can be named by the player in World Mission upon receiving it from Lulu. Outside of the name given to it, it is often referred to in-game as Super Hero Robo or Hero Robo.


Main article: Capsule As a product of the Capsule Corporation, the Super Hero Robo has the ability to turn into a small portable Capsule. His capsule is white with red and blue bands, as well as a CC logo. His in this form when first given to Beat by Lulu.


Lulu is a robot found in the Hero Lab that gives Tutorial Missions in World Mission. After Beat receives his Dragon Ball Heroes team uniform and Hero Switch, Note suggests he talk to Lulu to do some tutorial missions learn more about the game as he is still a relative newbie. When Beat completes all of Lulu's Tutorial Missions, she rewards him with a Capsule containing a Super Hero Robo one of the mass produced copies of Giru which Beat can name and equip with Modules that can be used in-game.


"Talk to Moll if you want to play some minigames."
— Kong in World Mission

Moll is a robot found in the Hero Lab who provides mini-games that Beat can pay Zeni to play.


Rill is a robot who runs the Item Shop. The items he sells can increase EXP, Bond, Camaraderie, Zeni, Hero Energy, or Miracle Bonus chance.


Zaus is a robot dinosaur who can be found between Tour's Creation Shop and the Battle Center in Hero Town. He has access to a lot of historical data and will reveal different pieces of historical information when spoken to.

Bojack (Universe 6)


Main article: Full Power Hera Clansman

Zangya (Universe 6)

Bio-Broly (Universe 6)


Main article: Legendary Super Saiyan

Paragus (Universe 6)

Hirudegarn (Universe 6)

Future Android 13

Future 13.png

Future Android 14

Future 15.png

Future Android 15

Future 14.png

Unseen Boy

A Unseen Boy who is mentioned by Chronoa and Sealas in Chronoa's flashback of the events that lead to Sealas' betraying the Time Patrol.

While patrolling history, Sealas and Chronoa come to an unnamed planet (similar in appearance to Earth) being attacked by the Ultimate Majin Kid Buu. Sealas notices Kid Buu is about to attack the boy though Chronoa tells him not to interfere as it is part of the official history. However as a former Galactic Patrolman, Sealas can't stand to watch an innocent child be murdered and shields the boy from Kid Buu's attack.

Chronoa and Sealas return to the Time Nest, with Chronoa admonishing him for violating the rules against altering history as it is taboo among the Time Patrol. However she understands Sealas' intentions while misguided were noble and tells him to take some time to cool off. After Chronoa leaves Sealas, he decides to check the Time Scroll to learn of the boys fate, optimistically thinking he survived only to learn that in the official history the boy and his entire planet perished at the hands of Kid Buu and that his attempt to alter history had failed. His inability to save the boy is what ultimately lead to Sealas' decision to betray the Time Patrol by plotting to burn the Scroll of Eternity in order to eliminate evil itself and create a new more "just" Multiverse leading Chronoa to sealing him within the Time Abyss after discovering his plot.

Video Games

Legacy of Goku series


Vinnie is a resident in the mountain area that Dr. Gero's Laboratory is in. He calls himself "The Vinnie" and resides in The Party House that he refers to as his "swinging bachelor pad". Vinnie has one of the generators that powers the forcefield to Dr. Gero's lab in his basement, and he uses it to power the house. Vinnie is not popular with the locals that live near him since his music is always annoying them.

The door to the basement is locked and can only be locked by turning on the right security switches in a cave nearby. The switches are different colours and the right colours correlate with the colours mentioned in the song Eyes of the Lion. Once the generator is destroyed, The power goes out, and Vinnie wonders if this is the end of "The Vinnie"



Crook is the right-hand man of Warlord. He is a Mechanoid cyborg. After giving the Warlord the Five-Star Dragon Ball he battles Goten or Trunks alongside his boss, but is killed.

Dragon Ball Online

Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.

Teacher Plush

Teacher Plush.png

Teacher Plush is a teacher in Age 1000.


Plush resembles Ox-King.


Iko is the Karinga clan's ancestor. Long ago, before the Karinga tribe settled down in Karin Forest, he defeated the mammoth Animal-type Earthling Mothman who lived there. All that was left as proof of Mothman's defeat is the giant axe in the Axe Rock.

Murasaki family sons


The sons of the Murasaki family. They are descended from the Murasaki Brothers who worked for the Red Ribbon Army and so seek to claim all of the Red Ribbon Army's remaining treasures.

General White Jr.

General White Jr.

General White Jr. is a human who somewhat resembles Mercenary Tao. He is the successor of General White within the Red Pants Army.

He is apparently a student of Tao X as he wears the mark of the Crane School and was recruited by Tao X into the Red Pants Army.



Hank is the top killer in the world, he was second best until the Time Patrol killed Tao X.


Mothman is a mammoth Animal-type Earthling who lived in the Karin Forest long before the Karinga tribe settled down there. He was defeated by the Karinga clan's ancestor Iko.

Mrs. Bon

Churai shape-shifted into Mrs. Bon

Mrs. Bon is the wife of General Bon, she was impersonated by Churai.

Bong Bong

Bong Bong

Bong Bong is the commander of the Red Pants Army's Yahoi West fortress. He was defeated by the Time Patrol in Age 1000.

Captain Taylor

Captain Taylor

Captain Taylor is an ally of Captain Bacterian.

Sora Kahn

Sora Kahn also known as Sora Khan, is a descendant of actor Barry Kahn.


Following in his ancestor's footsteps, Sora Kahn is an actor.

Baby Buu

Baby Buu is the child of Good Buu and Miss Buu, who was created via the Love-Love Beam in Age 791.


Remembering the book "Bob and Margaret", Majin Buu and his wife decide to have a child. They tear off many pieces from various parts of their body, mix them together, and birth life into the dumpling-shaped pieces by firing the Love-Love Beam into it. It is implied that the family grows beyond just one offspring, thus causing the formation of the Majin race on Earth, who play a large role in Dragon Ball Online.

Majin Mani Mani

Majin Mani Mani is a heroic Majin who fought against the Frieza Force in Age 834 and an important figure in the history of the Majin race.[30]


In Age 834, Mani Mani valiantly stood up against the remnants of the Frieza Force and heroically died protecting his people.

In response to his death and inspired by his heroism, the Majin began to training in the martial arts and developed their own warrior culture. This led to the creation various Majin fighter classes: "Ultimate", "Grand", and "Karma".

Xenoverse series

Orlen's Father

Orlen's Father is the father of Appule's race Frieza Force Soldier Orlen whom is mentioned by Orlen in the Frieza's Spaceship rift timeline in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. According to Orlen, his father was a reporter who taught his son about intelligence gathering a skill which Orlen utilizes in his adult life as a member of the Frieza Force as Orlen's primary role is gathering intel for the Frieza Force.



Sapphire is one of Yamcha's girlfriends that appears in Kakarot.


Pearl is one of Yamcha's girlfriends that appears in Kakarot.

Former Frieza Force Soldier (Appule's race)

Former Frieza Force Soldier is a member of Appule's race who was among the soldiers that fought Future Trunks in the Continent Central Area during King Cold and Mecha Frieza's invasion of Earth during Episode 1 of the game's Cell Saga. After being severely injured by Future Trunks, the Combatant was found by a local girl from nearby Jingron Village who treated his wounds. Feeling ashamed for having been part of an attempted invasion and wanting to stay near the girl that saved his life, the soldier decides it is a good time to go AWOL from the Frieza Force due to the deaths of his former superiors Frieza and King Cold. He decides to settle on Earth and joins the Jingron Village militia as a form of atonement for his past as an invader. If spoken to Piccolo, he will recognize the Namekian as a fellow alien and tell him his story of how he came to live in Jingron Village. Interestingly, he will not recognize Vegeta or Goku as Saiyans (as he mistakes them for Earthlings) and will assume that they (along with Gohan & Trunks) see him as a monster due to his alien appearance.

During the period before the Cell Games, most of Jingron Village's inhabitants including the soldier have evacuated due to Cell building the Cell Games Arena near the village.


The former Frieza Force soldier is remorseful and ashamed that he took part in Mecha Frieza's failed invasion of Earth due to the kindness of the Earthling girl who treated his wounds. As a form of atonement, he joins the local militia to protect her and the rest of Jingron Village. Due to his alien appearance, he finds it hard living on Earth developing an opinion that Earthlings see him as ugly and monstrous. As a result, he feels more comfortable talking to other aliens though while he recognizes Piccolo as a Namekian, he fails to recognize Goku and Vegeta as Saiyans apparently mistaking them for Earthlings. Additionally, his dialogue with Piccolo regarding the girl that rescued him suggests that he has a crush on her, though keeps his feelings to himself as he thinks she is unlikely to reciprocate due to his appearance. However in addition for wanting to atone, he joined the militia in order to be near her.

Despondent Man

Despondent Man is an Earthling admirer of Future Android 18 from Future Trunks' timeline that appears in Kakarot. He is a key figure in the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC Episode 3 Sub Story: "Android Admirer".


The Despondent Man is an Earthling survivor of the Androids rampage who unlike most inhabitants of the future Earth mourns the death of his crush Future Android 18 despite her villainous ways. While out in patrol before heading to the Sacred Land of the Kais with Future Shin, Future Trunks can find the Despondent Man in the Southeast Islands Area on the large island southwest of Kame House

As Future Trunks listens to his take of sorrow, it is revealed that Future 18 was his unrequited love as he never met her in person, but feel for her charming beauty after televised footage of her and 17's rampages. He expresses anger at the mysterious warrior responsible for killing her unaware he is talking to her killer. Reminded of Krillin falling for Android 18 in the main timeline, Future Trunks decides to try and find a way to help the man, though due to his own inexperience on issues of love, he wisely decides to ask his mother Future Bulma for advice. Future Bulma states only way to stop him is to get the woman he loves to set him straight, though due to that being impossible without the Dragon Balls not counting the potential destruction she could cause if revived, Future Bulma suggests that her son have Future Oolong shapeshift into 18, then to have him in 18's form convince the man not to kill himself. However knowing Future Oolong is unlikely to accept such a request, Future Bulma asks Future Trunks to gather ingredients for a candy to give to Future Oolong as insurance. Future Bulma uses said ingredients to create some Tasty-Looking Mango-Flavored Candy which unbeknownst to Future Trunks is the same candy she used to keep Future Oolong in line during their initial search for the Earth's Dragon Balls. When Future Oolong refuses as Future Bulma predicted he might, she tells Future Trunks over Kame House's phone to say "piggy" to force Future Oolong to comply with his request.

Back on the island, the two duck behind the man's Hovercar as Future Oolong shapeshifts into Future 18, though unfortunately his transformation is imperfect though unlike his initial failure transforming into Future Bulma in the past, her body size is correct though her face is messed up. Future Oolong assumes the transformation is perfect and Future Trunks is unable to tell him that the face is all wrong. Future Oolong approaches the Despondent Man and pretends to be 18. The man is taken aback by her appearance noting there is something different about her though is fooled by Future Oolong's acting. The Despondent Man asks how she is still alive and Future Oolong as 18 claims she faked her death after having gotten tired of destroying cities. The man accepts this explaination and declares his love for 18, but Future Oolong as 18 tells him she plans to explore the world and isn't looking to settle down with anyone, though notes if she ever feels like doing so she'll come see him and tells him to hang in there, seemingly giving him something to live for as he promises to become a man worthy of her love. Future Oolong as 18 then leaves, having seemingly succeeded in convincing the man to live. However while he believes he really spoke to Future 18, the man thinks to himself that she isn't as attractive as he thought.


As his dialogue box name implies, he is despondent as a result of Future Android 18's death at the hands of a mysterious warrior (who unbeknownst to him is actually Future Trunks, as his role in the Androids defeat is not widely known outside of the Future Z Fighters' remaining supporters) to the point of being suicidal as he plans to jump off a cliff on the large island where Future Trunks finds him and tries to talk him down. While he is fully aware of how evil Future 18 was, he is blinded his love for her charming beauty to the point of obsession. Additionally some of his statements imply he had been stalking Future Android 18 prior to her death as he tried to meet her by listening to the radio and going to places she and her brother attacked, though only ever saw her on TV. Though he is fooled by Future Oolong's acting as Future 18, he comes to the conclusion that she isn't as attractive as he previously believed (this due to Future Oolong getting her facial features wrong).

  • Hovercar - The Despondent Man has a Hovercar Capsule #103 which he uses to reach the cliff where he plans to end his life before being saved by the intervention of Future Trunks and Future Oolong who hide behind the car while Future Oolong transforms into Future 18, thus his hovercar inadvertently plays a role in them saving his life.



Ruhna is the wife of King Chappa. She is only mentioned in the special magazine Dragon Ball: Adventure Special.


Sapa is the first son of Ruhna and King Chappa. He is only mentioned in the special magazine Dragon Ball: Adventure Special.


Chapu is the second son of Ruhna and King Chappa. He is only mentioned in the special magazine Dragon Ball: Adventure Special.


Peruka is the daughter of Ruhna and King Chappa. She is only mentioned in the special magazine Dragon Ball: Adventure Special.

Queen of the Saiyans

The last Queen of the Saiyans is the wife of King Vegeta and mother of Vegeta and Tarble, as well as the paternal grandmother of Trunks and Bulla. King Vegeta took her as his queen in Age 731.[7] She was killed by Frieza alongside almost every other Saiyan in Universe 7.

Master of Satan Castle

The Master of Satan Castle was Mark's martial arts mentor whom trained him at his dojo, Satan Castle.[31]

Through a combination of considerable power and good luck (his rival fighting opponent would get food poisoning, for instance), the young Mark quickly became world champion and then was called "Mr. Satan" after the name of his Master's dojo.

One day when they were on tour, at a bar in South City, the master of the dojo and Mr. Satan made the mistake of making fun of Mercenary Tao's hairstyle, so Tao killed the master and heavily injured Mr. Satan. From then on, Mr. Satan solemnly swore never to fight anyone whose true identity he did not know, or anyone who seemed crazy strong.[31]

Android 17's Wife

Android 17's Wife is a zoologist and park ranger who Android 17 met and eventually married sometime after the Cell Games.[32]


According to Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Android 17 was traveling around until he came to Monster Island and met his future wife when she was stationed as a member of the MIR. Android 17 soon became a park ranger himself using his strength to protect nature. Eventually the two married and started a family. Though she eventually left MIR to raise her new family, Android 17 would become a member of MIR and continue to protect the island where they met and its population of rare animals.[33]

Universe Survival Saga

After Android 17 won the Tournament of Power, Bulma rewarded him with one of the Brief family's cruise liners so he and his family could go on vacation with Goten and Trunks protecting Monster Island like the did previously during the Tournament of Power.

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