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This is a list of planets which have been seen or mentioned throughout the Dragon Ball series.


Arlia (unclear)

Planet Arlia


Planet Earth


Planet Imecka


King Kai's planet in the Other World


Makyo Star

  • Makyo Star – Home planet of Garlic Jr. Destroyed by Gohan's Full Power Masenko during the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  • Manu – A planet mentioned by Beerus in Resurrection ‘F’. It is said that a giant toad lives here.
  • Mars – A planet in the North Area. It was destroyed by King Nikochan in Dr. Slump, and Martians appear in the Other World in the Dragon Ball manga.
  • Mayonnai - A planet mentioned by Cabba where he fought space pirates with Frost.
  • Meat – The planet where Bardock's team was ambushed and killed by Team Dodoria, by orders of Frieza.
  • Metamor – The home planet of the Metamorans.
  • Mogina – Homeworld of the Moginaian race. It was destroyed by Beerus.
  • Monmaasu – A planet where everything is gigantic. One of the Black Star Dragon Balls landed here.
  • Monser – A planet Beerus destroyed after tiring of its food.
  • Myuu's Planet - The planet where Myuu performs his experiments and where Baby is located.
  • Namchek – A planet only mentioned by name, when King Kai searches his planetary address book for the location of Namek.
  • Namchinno – A planet only mentioned by name, when King Kai searches his planetary address book for the location of Namek.
  • Name ("nee-me") – A planet only mentioned by name, when King Kai searches his planetary address book for the location of Namek.

Planet Namek

  • Namek – Original home of the Namekians. In Universe 7, it was pillaged by Frieza and his henchmen. Ultimately destroyed by Frieza. In Universe 6, the planet remains.
  • Nameless Planet – Planet where the teams of Beerus and Champa fought to protect or take Universe 7's Earth.
  • Netfiss - Planet in Universe 11 where one of the Pride Troopers' base is at.
  • New Namek – The new home planet of the Namekians after the destruction of the original Namek.
  • New Vegeta – A planet offered to Vegeta by Paragus as a kingdom. It was later destroyed by a comet, known by name as Comet Camori, located in another galaxy.
  • Nikochan – King Nikochan's home planet.
  • Nutts – The planet where Amond was imprisoned before Turles freed him.
  • Octo – Homeworld of the Octo Race.
  • Outa – A planet visited in the video game Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans.
  • Pital – A hospital planet.
  • Planet – A battle stage in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. It appears similar to planets controlled by Frieza, such as Planet Frieza #79 or Planet Vegeta.
  • Planet Cruiser - Lord Slug's spaceship, which has a Terra-Freezed planet as it's shell.
  • Polaris – A frozen planet. One of the Black Star Dragon Balls landed here.
  • Popol – A planet mentioned by Kibito. It is inhabited by frogs that have golden yellow droppings.
DBS Potaufeu Screenshot 8

The desert planet Potaufeu

  • Potaufeu – An arid planet covered in large mushrooms and rumored to house a dormant, mystical power called the Superhuman Water (actually a deadly weapon named "Commeson"). It is devoid of intelligent life besides a single inhabitant named Potage.
  • Prison Planet - An experiment site created by Fu by chaining multiple planets together.
  • Ribrianne's Planet - The planet that the Kamikaze Fireballs originate from in the manga is a location in Universe 2.
  • Rudeeze – A desert planet orbiting many stars, populated by Sandipedes. One of the Black Star Dragon Balls landed here.
  • Rygol 7 – A planet only mentioned by name in the Ocean Group dubs, when Vegeta explains to Goku how his squad had trouble defending against the advanced technology used by the planet's people to repel the Saiyans until Bardock developed the "fake moon" technique used to transform into a Great Ape in the absence of a lunar body.
  • Sacred World of the Kai – Home of the Supreme Kais in the Other World, the highest ranking deities in Dragon Ball (unlike the Kais, the Supreme Kais do not seem to have individual worlds).
Planet Sadala

Planet Sadala

  • Sadala - The home planet of the Saiyans. In Universe 6, the planet remains (Cabba lives there), but in Universe 7, it was destroyed by the Saiyans themselves.
  • Saute – The home planet of the criminal Gryll and his henchmen.
  • Planet Shamo – A planet enslaved by Paragus and Broly. A neighbor planet of New Vegeta. Was completely destroyed by Broly shortly after he turned into a Legendary Super Saiyan.
  • Shikk – A planet conquered by Nappa, Raditz, and Vegeta in three days. Frieza, Dodoria, and Zarbon teased them saying they'd be able to do it in a much shorter timespan.
  • Slug – The planet which Lord Slug was sent to from Namek as a baby.
  • Slum Area - One of the planets used to make up the Prison Planet.
  • Snack – A planet inhabited by Snackians. Galbee is the hero of the planet and traveled to Earth to fight Mr. Satan.
  • Sweetz – A planet Champa visits to receive sweets in Universe 6.
  • Synthesizer – An alien from this planet appears in Dragon Ball: Daimaō Fukkatsu.
  • Tazba – A planet only mentioned by name, when during one of Frieza's flashbacks King Vegeta questions a Saiyan warrior on the status of its capture.
  • Tech-Tech – Home planet of the Tech-Tech aliens.
  • Tigere – Home planet of a giant tiger-like creature. One of the Black Star Dragon Balls landed here.
  • Todokama – A planet that Vegeta and Broly visit.
  • Towale - A planet in Universe 11 that has a Galactic Prison.
  • Tritek – A planet only mentioned by name, when Nappa explains that the batch of Saibamen used against the Dragon Team on Earth is the same batch as the "ones that survived that crazy battle on Tritek."
  • Vampa - A planet that Broly was sent to in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Planet Vegeta

  • Vegeta/Tuffle – The planet Vegeta is seen only briefly in the anime and manga, and there is little information given as to its exact nature. What is known is that Vegeta possesses ten times the gravity of planet Earth. The planet was originally called Planet Plant and was at this time home to two races: the Tuffles and the Saiyans. The Tuffles were a diminutive race who lacked physical strength and toughness but were very intelligent and skilled with technology. By contrast, the Saiyans were a very strong and powerful, but primitive race. The Saiyans killed off the Tuffles and took the planet for their own. Frieza soon seized control and used the Saiyans to conquer other worlds. He eventually destroyed it to keep the Super Saiyan of legend from emerging, though it was later restored, and renamed as Planet Tuffle, thanks to Baby's actions in Dragon Ball GT. It also exists in Universe 6 under the name Planet Tuffle.
  • Wagashi – The home planet of Monaka.
  • Watrin – A planet where Whis brought some food for Beerus from.
  • Yardrat – The planet where Goku learned Instant Transmission.
  • Zoon – Home planet of Pui Pui, with a gravity of ten times that of Earth.
  • Zorert – A planet mentioned only by Champa and Vados.
  • Zuno's Planet – Homeworld for Zuno and his assistants.
  • Planet 904 in Blue 4032 - The planet where Whis sends the villains in the Bad Guy Saga.
Planet Vegeta Blue

An unnamed planet in Bardock - The Father of Goku

  • Unnamed Planets – Several unnamed planets appear in the series.
    • Saiyan soldiers are seen destroying an unnamed planet in a flashback in the Vegeta Saga.
    • King Vegeta, Vegeta, Nappa, and three Saiyan soldiers are seen destroying another unnamed planet when Vegeta recalls his past in the anime.
    • Kid Vegeta trains on an unnamed planet controlled by Frieza at the beginning of the TV special Bardock - The Father of Goku, and he is seen on another unnamed planet while his home planet is destroyed by Frieza.
    • Vegeta and Nappa are seen on an unnamed planet while Raditz was on Earth.
    • Another unnamed planet was destroyed by Frieza's soldiers; it is where Zeshin, Bun, Emi and many other orphans in the Mirror Spaceship originated from.
    • Another one is where Vegeta killed an army of Appule's race soldiers.
    • In a promotional movie for Dragon Ball Heroes, Lord Slug's henchmen are seen on an unnamed planet, attacking the native Toadmen.
    • Cooler is on an unnamed planet when he learns that his brother was killed by a Super Saiyan and decides to invade Earth in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge.
    • Kid Buu goes to an unnamed planet and destroys it.
    • While taking refuge from the battle with Kid Buu, Kibito Kai takes Dende and Old Kai to an unnamed planet whose surface is covered in grass.
    • Ten million years ago, Moro fought the Supreme Kais around an unnamed planet.
    • A Planet of energetic beasties.
    • A planet Seven-Three invades and kills-off several porcupine-like humanoids while Yunba and Shimorekka eat the inhabitants' food source.
    • A planet the Moro Corps attack which is inhabited by six-armed beings.
    • A planet the Moro Corps go to which has large domed structures.


  • In the real world, a planet is a celestial body, typically formed during the birth of a star and composed of rock or gas left over from that event, that has a fixed orbit around a parent star. Depending on size, a planet can have a variable gravitational effect on other celestial bodies and objects (e.g. other planets, asteroids, comets, etc.).


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