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This is a list of the notable real-life topics or fictional works which have been influenced by the Dragon Ball franchise.



Arale and Akane playing a Dragon Ball Z game in the Dr. Slump remake

  • Goku has been cited as an inspiration for such protagonists like Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto Uzumaki, and Zatch Bell from the One Piece, Naruto, and Zatch Bell series respectively.
    • In episode 6 of Naruto SD, "Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals", the card Tenten draws out of the box says, "A thrilling conclusion where seeing your best friend killed causes you to snap and awakens your latent powers?!" Shizune states that it is straight out of Dragon Ball, referencing the Frieza Saga when Krillin gets killed and Goku turns into a Super Saiyan for the first time.
  • In Shuriken School, the founder of Shuriken School, Koji Murasaki, is a ninja who looks very similar to Ninja Murasaki, in addition of bearing the same name.
  • In My Bride is a Mermaid, the Dragon Ball franchise is referenced several times, including cameos of major characters:
    • In episode 7, the character Saru asks the series protagonist Nagasumi whether or not he used the Dragon Balls to wish beautiful girls into his life, and an image of Shenron and the seven Balls appears on the screen as he is speaking. Additionally, when the school's students split into two factions warring over who the school idol should be, Saru appears dressed as an elderly bearded man named Chimp-Roshi, which is a clear reference to Master Roshi.
    • In episode 16, younger versions of Vegeta and Trunks can be seen in the background as students sitting in a classroom.
    • In episode 18, while the cast is visiting Kyoto on a school trip, Goku is seen standing in a group of people, facing away from the screen so that his face is hidden.
  • In To Love-Ru, the main female Lala makes a reference to Dragon Ball when she shows the protagonist Rito that she has a tail, which freaks him out. She tells him that he does not have to worry and says that she does not transform when she looks at the full moon. Another time, she is shown trying several odd outfits to look for a normal one, two of the odd outfits she was seen in were Goku's uniform and the Bunny Costume Bulma wore. Additionally, it is revealed that when her tail is pulled, she is weakened, much like Goku.
    • In general there have been several information about the Devilukeans that resembles the Saiyans. They have superstrength and grow weak when their tails are touched (however this apply only to female characters).
    • The minor villain Lacospo has a striking resemblance to Emperor Pilaf.
    • One of location from Sainan Town is called "Super Vegeta". In a chapter it has the emblem of the Ginyu Force along with various vegetables used for Saiyan name puns, such as a carrot and lettuce.
    • In the chapter 70 of the sequel To Love-Ru Darkness, at a Devilluke party, appear in the background Beerus, Zeno, Zeno's Attendants, Jaco and the Galactic King.
  • In the ninth episode of School Rumble, one of the main characters, Harima, transforms into a Super Saiyan (in his manga) during his fight with Kurasama (who is ironically voiced by Eric Vale the FUNimation voice actor for Trunks). Additionally, Harima has clothes similar to Vegeta's GT outfit. In the episode he fights Kurasama for Tenma's love, they both shoot energy blasts and reenact the fight between Majin Vegeta and Goku when they clash their energies in a sphere.
  • A character in MM! transforms into a Super Saiyan in the 5th and 7th episode.
  • In an episode of Yakitate!! Ja-pan, in the Yakitate 9 Arc, when the opponent baker gave his bread called "Super Toro Aburi" up for the judge, Kuroyanagi, he transforms into "Super Kuroyanagi" (a parody of a Super Saiyan) after tasting it. Kyosuke Kawachi, who commented on his reaction to be cheap, was put in a freezer costume (a parody of Frieza) and fights him off while explaining how amazing the bread was, and then finishes him off by throwing a giant beehive pastry in the same manner as Goku releases a Kamehameha.
  • The show Keroro Gunso ("Sgt Frog" in English) has many references to Dragon Ball Z.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo characters impersonating Dragon Ball Z characters

  • The manga and anime Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo makes regular parodies of Dragon Ball Z. Various fusions between the main character and other members of his team are common. Also, the character Don Patch can become Professional Patch (Don "Ikarin" Patch in Japanese), turning gold and gaining an upward curve to his body spikes, similar to a the Super Saiyan transformation.
  • Many references to Dragon Ball Z are made in the anime version of Gin Tama; the first is a scene that starts with Kagura teleporting onto Shinpachi's head, resembling how Goku did the same in his fight against Nappa. Additionally, Kagura comments "Too slow, Nappa". Gintoki is then seen as Yamcha, mimicking Vegeta's line "He's fast", except substituting the female pronoun for the male one. The second scene would be Gintoki comedically practicing a Kamehameha, to no avail as his friends look at him with a loss of respect for him. Finally, the third scene would be the main cast participating in an amalgamated show of Dragon Ball, One Piece and Bleach, called DragonBleaPiece. Gin Tama also parodies the opening of Dragon Ball Z Kai, "Dragon Soul", replacing the cast with their own main characters. Gin Tama also featuring the parodies character like Dende, Frieza, Cell, and Shenron.
  • In the online manga/anime series Hetalia, several references to Dragon Ball Z are made. In the Axis Powers special "Paint It, White", during a conference in a makeshift headquarters, the countries were attempting to come up with a solution on how to defeat the Pictorians. America suggested a superhero, and Italy said that Japan should do it (because of all the animes in his country). China then butts in saying he can do anime, and a blurred image is shown yelling "Kame-Kame-Ha!!!" Italy then says he has heard the phrase before, but better. Also, in Hetalia: World Series episode 2, Greece shows Japan what Japanese words he knows, and says "sushi-paki-Dragon Ball Z-nani".
  • In episode 10 of Lady Jewelpet (the sixth season of Jewelpet anime series), Lady Momona, performed the final position of the fusion saying "Move-Move" to convince her friends Charon and Mizuki for jogging.
  • In episode 1 of Norakuro-kun, Norayama Kurokuchi (Norakuro-kun's grandpa) opened the door and saw Rika Sawaguchi, an energetic high school girl who lives next door to the Kinoshita family. When Norayama saw Rika, he was surprised and his face turned red just like how Yamcha saw Bulma, he was surprised, and his face turned red.
  • There are many similarities to the Dragon Ball franchise in the anime Scan2go. First, the robots that assist characters like Kaz and Shiro look a lot like Giru, and in one-episode Kaz's robot says "Danger, danger!" like Giru would. One of the antagonists, Ryu, has facial markings resembling Baby's. Shiro can transform into a Great Ape-like monster.
  • The 2000s Pokémon series, like Black & White, include attacks resembling techniques from the Dragon Ball franchise. For instance, in Black & White, Pansage's Solar Beam resembles a Kamehameha. In the Adventures in Unova episode "A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!", the two trainers Soren (ソラン Soran) and Rocko (リーク Rīku) both resemble Gotenks.
    • One of the inventions that Clemont tests out in Pokemon XY has Clemont utilizing similar movements to Broly nearing the end of Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.
Gg Binbougami ga - 04 A3B7F716.mkv snapshot 04.53 2012.07.26 22.57

Dragon Ball reference in Binbougami ga!.

  • In the gag manga and anime Good Luck Girl! (Binbougami Ga!) references are constantly made to several other Shonen Jump series, particularly the Dragon Ball franchise:
    • Super Saiyan Goku appears in a montage of people described to have good fortune with his eyes censored out and an alternate color uniform. A similar picture of Vegeta is likewise seen in a montage of those said to have negative energy.
    • The poverty god Momiji and her familiar are seen dressed as Goku and King Kai with a backdrop of the latter's home planet behind them.
    • The characters are seen cosplaying as Vegeta and Nappa.
    • When the Dog God Momo'o transforms into his canine form, his hair turns golden, and his body is engulfed in a bright aura like that of a Super Saiyan. Bobby and Momiji look on while dressed as Krillin and Master Roshi.
    • When Bobby is show being blasted away by a wave of energy, he shouts Vegeta's name, the scene's animation parodying Nappa's demise.

Tomoko parodying Yamcha's death

  • In the opening theme for The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan, the Kamehameha is mentioned.
  • In the anime and manga series Bakuman, there are several references to Dragon Ball like:
    • The character Akito Takagi's favorite manga being Dragon Ball.
    • The main characters Moritaka and Takagi doing the Fusion Dance pose.
    • Eiji Niizuma drawing a Super Saiyan Goku's eye along several other Shonen Jump heroes, when explaining that Moritaka has eyes like a manga hero.
    • The silhouette of one of the 5 heroes who appear in the background when Ashirogi Muto (Takagi and Mashiro's pen name) are thinking about creating their battle manga Reversi, includes Super Saiyan Goku.

Super Saiyan Akari in Yuru Yuri

  • The anime Yuru Yuri includes a scene where the main character, Akari, turns into a Super Saiyan in a dream sequence.
  • In episode 49 of the anime Beelzebub (which is a parody of Journey to the West), Takayuki Furuichi wears the Son Goku's band, and he pictures himself with a wig of Super Saiyan Goku.
  • In episode 10-C of Dotto Koni-Chan, Koni and his friends are reading several mangas with Koni being the lead character, and one of them is Dragon Ball Z.
Sensei kamehameha

Sensei doing a Kamehameha

  • In episode 5 of the anime Denki-gai no Honya-san, Sensei uses a red gi similar to Goku's, and Umio uses clothes similar to Master Roshi's.
  • In episode 3 of the anime Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru, Yukihira calls Kanade "a piece of trash with a power level of 5".
Ichimatsu seven balls
  • In episode 12 of the anime Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Shenron and the Dragon Balls are referenced when Kohina's house is destroyed. They used the "Ichimatsu family's seven balls of wish-granting" to repair it.
  • In Tsukimonogatari, the main character, Koyomi Araragi, is bantering with Shinobu when says: "Don't phrase it like I'm a Super Saiyan or something."
  • In The World God Only Knows, the main character, Keima Katsuragi, is bewildered after learning he must capture many more runaway spirits and states: "Imagine needing 60,000 balls to summon the dragon!"
  • In episode 4 of the original net animation Comical Psychosomatic Medicine, Nurse Asuna mistakenly refers to an "awakening" as being an increase in power and references becoming a Super Saiyan.
  • Episode 2 of Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken Sure-me includes a reference to Yamcha's death by Saibaman in a gag where a character, Kaoru Tsunashi, clobbers her husband.
  • In Episode 4 of Absolute Duo, a reference of Super Saiyan is shown on the board.
  • In Episode 10 of Haiyore! Nyarko-san, the title character takes advantage of the fact that she's swapped bodies with her love interest Mahiro by proclaiming "his" undying love for her in front of their classmates, saying that with her, "not even the Twelve Zodiac Temples (a reference to Saint Seiya) or the World Martial Arts Tournament will scare me!"
    • Episode 3 of the second season contains an extended reference where the heroes fight a Great Ape-like creature dubbed "Alaozaru" (whose name combines the names "Alaozar", a city from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, with "Oozaru", the Japanese name for Great Apes). When it first appears, it takes the same roaring that Goku took upon his first transformation in the original Dragon Ball manga. After the heroes attack it for a bit, the Alaozaru enters a "rage mode" where becomes a Golden Great Ape.
    • In the original light novel, when Nyarko is introducing herself to Mahiro, she claims to be one of the strongest fighters on Earth with a power level of 530,000 (equivalent to Frieza's first form), adding that a farmer with a hunting rifle has a power level of 5. This reference is omitted from the anime adaptation.
    • In the direct-to-DVD episode "How to Defeat a Kind Enemy", Luhy Distone is shown to have a door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in her apartment, which is used to train Nyarko as a magical girl. At one-point Luhy attempts to identify the room by name but is interrupted by Nyarko's pet Shanta-kun sneezing. The interior of the room resembles the version seen in the Budokai video games rather than the anime version.
Osomatsu-san - Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu parodying Tao Pai Pai

Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu

  • In the first episode of Osomatsu-san, a Super Saiyan is briefly seen jumping at the characters. In episode 17, Jyushimatsu throws his brother Karamatsu in the air and rides him like Tao Pai Pai.
  • Super Sonic from Sonic X resembles to Super Saiyan.
  • In episode 20 of Ore Monogatari!!, Takeo says that his baby sister, Maki, has spiky hair like a Saiyan.
Blood Lad DBZ reference

A chain featuring a character that looks like Goku.

Blood Lad DBZ reference 2

Staz prepares to charge up a Kamehameha.

  • In the first episode of Blood Lad, Staz can be seen with a Goku chain hanging from his cellphone. He can also be seen later in the episode reading a manga titled Dra-gun Boll. Additionally in episode 6 Staz attempts to perform a Kamehameha while remarking how he learnt it from observing Goku one of the greatest martial arts masters, only to be stopped from fully charging it up.

Itona representing Goku and Korosensei representing Raditz

  • In the 11th episode of Assassination Classroom, after Itona declares that he is Korosensei's brother, multiple pictures appear including one showing the two in a scene similar to the fight between Raditz and Goku.
  • In the second episode of Highschool DxD season 1, the main protagonist Issei Hyoudou meets a person who he goes to make a pact with, but a series of things were said and occurred that's referenced Dragon Ball:
    1. The human Issei meets talks about Drago M-Ball and shows the entire manga set that looks very similar to the dragon ball mangas.
    2. Issei yells out "dragon wave!!!" to show his powers to the human, and he later says in that scene how the main character uses the dragon wave to beat his opponents (a reference to either the Kamehameha or the Dragon Fist). In the Dub, Issei yells out "Kamehameho!!!!" instead of dragon wave.
    3. The human talks about how he and his friends traveled across the earth to gather energy for the ultimate spirit ball (a reference to the spirit bomb).
    4. Issei also brings up how he played hide and seek with his friends and finds each other by sensing life energy (same way how the Z-fighters sense their opponent's Ki).
    5. Issei mention the main character of Drago-M ball, Gon-Soku (a reference to Son Goku) to be the world's strongest.
Peasuke Araragi

Koyomi Araragi dressed as Peasuke

  • In the Owarimonogatari special Hitagi Rendezvous, there is a brief shot where the protagonist Koyomi Araragi is dressed as Peasuke Soramame.
  • In Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan, season 2, episode 10, Saiki finds his grandmother in a Medical Machine and notes that it is similar to one that Vegeta uses.
Umaru DBZ

Umaru and friends wearing Turtle School Uniforms

  • In Himouto! Umaru-ChanS Episode 4, Umaru show she's the master and dresses as Master Roshi with his beard, sunglasses, and turtle shell. Her friends being Umaru's students all wear the Turtle School Uniform before all of them train in the "Way of Umaru". Also, while Umaru is explaining the philosophy behind the Way of Umaru, a group of men are seen playing croquet with a Dragon Ball.
Goblin Turles in Dropkick on my Devil!!

The Goblin father that looks like Turles.

Super Saiyan Jashin

Jashin turns into Super Jashin

  • In Dropkick on My Devil!:
    • In Episode 2, during a flashback of Jashin bullying a kid, the kid's father has the silhouette of either Turles or Goku wearing Battle Armor and possessing Super Saiyan aura. Masako Nozawa even guest stars to voice said character.
    • In Episode 7, after Jashin eats Poporon's angel halo she turns into Super Jashin, gaining the Super Saiyan aura, golden spiky hair, and narrowed green eyes. She follows up by doing the Kamehameha pose, but Poporon calls the fight off and runs away before she can complete it.

Nozomu and Matoi doing the Fusion Dance pose.

  • In episode 8 of the anime Asobi Asobase, Kasumi performs a Kamehameha pose in front of her teacher.
  • In episode 28 of the anime Hayate the Combat Butler, Hayate performs a Kamehameha, but his opponent surrenders before he finished it.
  • In Pokémon, there are several elements in the series that are reminiscent of Dragon Ball:
    • The Pokémon Jynx has often been compared to Mr. Popo due to their resemblance to blackface, and there have been numerous jokes by fans of both series that the two are counterparts. Also, both had their skin recolored by 4Kids to avoid offense.
    • The characters Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket have characteristics similar to those of the Pilaf Gang: both are bumbling, comical villainous trios that work for a person of higher power, are cowardly when facing greater threats, have a child as their enemy who they always attempt to steal from and who always defeats them or foils their plans, and both have a leader who comically yells at and abuses the others when angry or when the others fail them.
MHA talk about DB

My Hero Academia characters discuss Dragon Ball

  • For the release of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, author Kohei Horikoshi drew an image of several characters discussing the Dragon Ball manga.
Veldora Kamehameha

Veldora prepares to charge up a Kamehameha.

  • In That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime:
    • In Episode 11, when Gobta preparing to fight Gabiru, Gobta possessing Super Saiyan aura after Rimuru tells him that he will have to eat Shion's cooking if he lose the battle. Later Gobta possessing Super Saiyan aura again by charging up this time before the fight starts.
    • In Episode 37, Veldora performs a charge by possessing Super Saiyan aura to compress his power to make sure everyone wouldn't notice Veldora's power and Rimuru thinks to himself that Veldora just tried something he read from Dragon Ball manga.
    • In Episode 47, Veldora performs a Kamehameha against Milim. Interestingly, unlike any other anime tributes to Dragon Ball, Veldora said the actual name in the anime (While in the manga adaptation renamed the attack due to not have the right) and Kodansha gave a credit to Akira Toriyama and Shueisha along with Yuuzo Takada (the author of 3x3 Eyes), Capcom (Street Fighter), and Sega (Virtua Fighter) during the credit rolls.
  • In episode 10 of the anime Spy × Family, Damain having image training where he's in Planet Namek and starts to resist Freiza's Death Ball. In the reality, he was resisting a tire swing.
  • In Bocchi the Rock:
    • In episode 9, after being attacked by birds, Bocchi ends up in a similar position to Yamcha's after being killed by a Saibaman.
    • In episode 12, Bocchi powers up, having an aura similar to Super Saiyan 2.

Manga and Comics[]

  • In MAD Kids magazine, issue 2, there is a make your own SpongeBob story, and after a SpongeBob character is chosen, one of the options of who they visit is Goku.
  • The first issue of Mecha-Nation (a 3-issue miniseries) contains a profile for several characters. The profile for Marcus Brand/Blast mentions him to be geek for various mediums of entertainment (including anime) and can "rattle off Dragon Ball power levels on an episode-by-episode basis".
  • Crayon Shin-Chan protagonist Shin-Chan uses a Frieza mask and acts like Frieza in chapter 20. In volume 10, Misae is calling for Shin-Chan while he is watching a parody of Dragon Ball Z. Shinnosuke is disobedient and doesn't answer and Misae ends up attacking him with a Kamehameha-like energy attack. In the Crayon Shin-Chan anime SPECIAL 16-1 (SF殺人サイボーグだゾ), Kazama of the future travels back in time to inform the characters of the imminent arrival of a dangerous cyborg. This story is a parody of the one seen in the Dragon Ball Z series and in-depth special Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, where Future Trunks travels back in time to inform the characters of the imminent arrival of dangerous cyborg C-17 and C-18.
  • In the manga Mahou Sensei Negima, Goku, Piccolo, and Innocent Buu can be seen in the background in one scene. In addition, a minor character claims he knows how to use the Kamehameha. Later on, few characters makes a reference to Muscle Tower and Farmer with the Shotgun's power level.
    • During the climax of the Magic World Arc, after the protagonist Negi Springfield had mastered his transformation Raiten Taiso while fighting against the main antagonist, one character makes a reference to the Super Saiyan.
  • In the manga UQ Holder!, which is the sequel of Mahou Sensei Negima, a few characters knows and casted Kamehameha with the technique name being censored.
  • In the 65th chapter of the manga Ghost Sweeper Mikami, a boy asks his father to buy a toy for him in front of a stand that starts with "Drag". The father asks if it's not the same as the one he has, and the kid mentions that they aren't the same, the one he has is No. 17, and the one he is asking for is No. 18.
  • King Piccolo can be seen being sucked in by a black hole in Chapter 338 of Gin Tama.
  • A spoof of Goku appears in Bongo's Simpsons comics Issue 45. He is seen fighting Mr. Sparkle and using an attack called the 'Krakatoa Attack".
  • In Yomeiro Choice volume 2, chapter 6, there are many parodies of things from Dragon Ball, like scouters, and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In this chapter they had YP or wife/yome points, in fact Karin's starting yome level was 5 and her mom's yome level was 530,000 and she even states it in a similar way as Frieza did.
Suzumiya Haruhi-chan Vol

A reference to the opening of Dragon Ball

  • In the volume 7 of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan segment "Autumn of Leaves," Yuki Nagato describes the changing colors of the leaves as a Mystical Adventure, a reference to the opening theme of Dragon Ball.

Jellal's "death" at the hands of Zero

  • In Fairy Tail, the characters Brain and Zero utilize a piercing technique named Dark Capriccio which appears identical to the Special Beam Cannon. In the 368th chapter, Jellal Fernandes "dies" in a manner similar to how Goku and Raditz are killed when hit by the Special Beam Cannon.
  • In the manga Medaka Box, Ajimu Najimu (a character who frequently breaks the fourth wall) talks to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi about the characteristics from different manga's lead characters, and one of them is Goku with "the strength like the Saiyan raised on Earth, Goku".
  • Multiple Dragon Ball characters make cameos in Marvel comics:
    • Vegeta makes a cameo in a panel of Fantastic Four Heroes Return.
    • Frieza makes a cameo in a panel of X-Men No More Humans.
  • In the manga Change 123, the male protagonist Teruharu is told by his friend Kannami that HiFuMi can not disappear from Motoko but have a fusion, and Teruharu is then shown doing the Fusion Dance with a reflection of himself in a window.
  • In Ranma 1/2, the character Mariko Konjo has an attack called "Nyoibo Baton Crash" where her cheerleader baton extends in a similar manner to Goku's Power Pole. Several spectators comment how this was a Dragon Ball reference, prompting Ranma to ask if they were in the right manga. She then calls for her Kinto'un, where her support cheerleaders rush upholding out their pompoms to surround them, to imitate a cloud. The character Happosai draws a large number of parallels with Master Roshi.
  • In the very first volume of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yugi explains how completing the Millennium Puzzle would grant the person a wish, before adding "just like Dragon Ball."
Beelzebub dragonballreference

Goku and Krillin's training in Beelzebub

  • There are several references to the series in the manga Beelzebub:
    • Teimo's Shadow Force, who are four bald fighters, are described by the lead character Tatsumi Oga as the "Four Krillin Brothers".
    • When Oga and the Shadow Force are commanded to seek stones to train, Oga tells them that they could be throwing the stones to a jungle to look for them like Master Roshi did with Goku and Krillin (also that scenes appeared in the background).
    • After Oga and Baby Beel finished the training with Zenjuuro Saotome, he tries to give them a shirt which looks like the Turtle School uniform with the Zen symbol (like ZENjuuro) instead the Kame symbol on it.
    • In several cover arts, Oga, Furuichi and Baby Beel are shown doing the Kamehameha pose.
    • In the New Year Special (Chapter 138.5), it is revealed that Oga respected a man in the past, and that person was Goku. An artwork of him appears in the background during this part.
    • In the final battle of the series with Fuji and Satan, Oga uses the full power of baby Beel which gives him a Super Saiyan appearance. He then flies around and jokes "I finally did it! I'm a Super Saiyan".
    • In the end, when people on TV are heard commenting about the fight between Oga and Fuji, one of the comments is "ahahahaha Kamehameha".
    • In the dual match between Saiten-Saotome vs. Oga-Hilda, both teams jump very high, and the commentator says "Up Above!! It's something you'd see in Dragon Ball!!!"
    • After the return to the Ishiyama High building, two thugs are fighting because they call Nam and Yamcha (and they look like them).
Robber Villain MHAV

The Robber Villain who resembles Buu

  • In Hetalia World Stars, chapter 11 references Dragon Ball, as N.Italy wants to find the Dragon Balls.
  • In chapter 61 of My Hero Academia Vigilantes, the Robber Villain that appears as the antagonist appears to be based off Majin Buu.

Akira and Keita's Fever Attack

  • In chapter 231 of Hell Teacher Nube, Akira Hinokami (Meisuke Nueno) and Keita Nagumo (Kyousuke Tamamo) doing the Fusion Dance pose but they called it Fever Attack.
  • The Dragon Fall series, authored by Nacho Fernández Gonzále and Álvaro López and published by Chameleon Editions starting in 1993, was a Spanish series primarily serving as a Dragon Ball parody - though with numerous references to other series and original content. The series ran for 11 volumes, with 47 main chapters and 4 special chapters. Its later portion was named Dragon Fall Turbo.
  • According to Mauro Fonseca, the antagonistic character Surge the Tenrec from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics was partially inspired by Android 18.[2]
Chiaotzu mask in Naruto

A Chiaotzu mask on the left

  • In Naruto chapter 150, a Chiaotzu mask is seen on display while Naruto is roaming around in the festival.
My Adventures With Superman Issue No. 4 Alternate Cover (DB vol

My Adventures with Superman issue #4's alternate cover art tribute

  • My Adventures with Superman issue #4's alternate cover art pays homage to Dragon Ball volume 42, "Goodbye, Dragon World".
Spawn Kills Everyone 2 Issue 3 - Future Trunks killed

Future Trunks executed in Spawn Kills Everyone 2 issue #3

  • In Spawn Kills Everyone Too issue #3, Future Trunks is one of the executed heroes.

Western Animation[]

Goku and Gohan in Robot Chicken

Goku and Goten as they appear in Robot Chicken

  • In the stop-motion Adult Swim series Robot Chicken, Goku and Goten appear in the skit "A Very Dragon Ball Z Christmas" featured in the episode "Easter Basket". In the sketch, Goku and Goten help Santa Claus fight the evil forces which want to take over Christmas. After defeating Mrs. Claus, Goku and Goten state that the World Martial Arts Tournament is complete while Santa, who is puzzled as to what they're talking about, and also angered by the death of his wife, decides never to deliver presents to Japan again.
    • Piccolo and Gohan appear in the skit "Piccolo Gets Busted" featured in the episode "Shall I Visit the Dinosaurs?". In the sketch, Piccolo is shown training Gohan to protect the Earth, when child protective services and the police arrive to arrest Piccolo for kidnapping, brainwashing, child endangerment and feeding Gohan Senzu Beans.
  • The character Omi from the Kids' WB show Xiaolin Showdown resembles the Orin Temple monks (especially Krillin due to the lack of nose, as he had his own design based on Krillin).

Numbuh 4 Go's Gumward attack.

  • In an episode of the Cartoon Network series Codename: Kids Next Door named "Operation R.E.P.O.R.T.", when Numbuh 4 tells a story, it is a parody of Dragon Ball Z, including the Delightful Children from Down the Lane resembling Frieza, Number 4 going Super Saiyan, and a parody of the Kamehameha using a gumball.
Fairly Odd Parents - Vegeta parody

A parody of Vegeta as he appears in The Fairly OddParents

  • In the Nickelodeon series The Fairly OddParents, in the TV movie Channel Chasers, a show called "Maho Mushi" is featured that is a parody of Dragon Ball Z. It features characters similar to Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, and the World Tournament Announcer (and even characters that parody the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kamen Rider V3).
  • In the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, there is an episode (called "Grim for a Day/Chicken Ball Z/Halls of Time") which is a parody of the World Martial Arts Tournament. When Billy and Mandy fight each other, they both power up with golden auras that resemble Super Saiyan auras.

Robin with Goku's hair

  • In the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans GO!, after Starfire destroys Robin's hair gel, Robin tries to fix his messed-up hairdo but it results with it turning into other hairs, including Goku's.
  • In an episode of Cartoon Network's 2003 Looney Tunes series Duck Dodgers, Porky Pig mentions watching reruns of Dragon Ball.
  • An episode of the Cartoon Network series Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes is called "The Shell Games", which is much like the Cell Games.
  • In the Latin American dub of the Cartoon Network series Cow and Chicken, when Cow asked Cousin Black Sheep why he is so bad, he answer her that he is bad because he watched Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya.
  • In the Latin American dub of The Simpsons, when the Simpsons family gets stuck in Japan and Homer was working in an Eel Farm, he used an Eel like a whip, changing the TV Channel saying: "Can't we watch Dragon Ball Z?".
  • In the Cartoon Network series Chowder, in episode Tofu Town Showdown, the character Schnitzel powers up and becomes similar to a Super Saiyan, including a yell and growing golden hair.
Instantánea 1 (11-09-2012 14-50)

Goku in MAD

Instantánea 1 (01-02-2013 17-47)

A character in MAD transforms into a Super Saiyan

  • In the Cartoon Network series MAD (based on the magazine of the same name), in the skit "Grey's in Anime", the nurse tells the doctor "His heart rate is over 9000!" with the doctor replying "What? Over 9000?! That's impossible! I'm gonna have to power up to Super Surgeon! Upon saying this, the doctor's hair becomes that of a Super Saiyan, and his shirt disappears. This episode also makes reference to other manga series, like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon.
    • In another episode of MAD, called "Money Ball Z" (a parody of Dragon Ball Z and the film Moneyball), Goku and other Z Fighters become baseball players.
    • In another episode of MAD, called "Go, Dragon Ball, Go!" (a parody of Dragon Ball and the Nick Jr. series Go, Diego, Go!), Diego searches for seven Dragon Balls so he could save all of the animals.
    • In a commercial for MAD, there is a parody of TMZ and Dragon Ball Z called Dragon Ball TMZ: this commercial shows Goku and other Z Fighters reporting on the latest celebrity gossip.
    • In a commercial for MAD, there is a parody of World War Z and Dragon Ball Z called World War DBZ: this commercial shows people turning Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, or fusing.
  • In the Cartoon Network series Johnny Bravo, in the episode "20,000 Leagues Over My Head", Johnny's new obsession is a television show called "Clam League 9000", a parody of Pokémon where the trainer bears a resemblance to Goku while wearing a similar outfit like Ash Ketchum and his rival looks like a green skinned Vegeta wearing an outfit similar to the Team Rocket uniform.
  • In the Cartoon Network series ReBoot, the episode "My Two Bobs" involves Enzo and one of the Bobs entering a world reminiscent of Pokémon crossed with Dragon Ball Z, Enzo's reboot form resembles between Vegeta, Yamcha, and Ash Ketchum they face off against a trainer who resembles Super Saiyan Goku wearing Tien's outfit.
  • In the popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time, in the episode "Jake the Dog", the royal gems spreading out in Ooo after Jake's wish was granted might be a reference to the Dragon Balls. In another episode, "Frost & Fire", the attack Flame Princess uses in the last fight looks similar to a Kamehameha, Ice Kings' attack looks similar to a Big Bang Attack, Ice King and Flame Princess look like Super Saiyans, and they have a beam struggle which might be a reference to the Kamehameha vs. Galick Gun beam struggle in the Vegeta Saga.
  • There are Dragon Ball references through many episodes of the French short series Les Podcats: One of the characters, Mimo uses the Kamehameha, Dragon Ball mangas are shown in several episodes (such as "SunBall Z"), and three Dragon Balls standing on a chest are shown at the end of one episode (this might refer to the video games Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Heroes, because they are able to go into the video game and bring stuff from it).
  • In the Latin American dub of the Cartoon Network series Regular Show, when Mitsuru Shinehara is about to attack Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson, Benson says "Look, it is Pan, Goku's granddaughter."
SS Gumball

Gumball transforms into a Super Saiyan in The Pest.

  • In the popular Cartoon Network series The Amazing World of Gumball, in the episode "The Move", the scene when Darwin briefly turns into "Darkwin" in order to stop Gumball and Clayton from fighting is a reference to a Super Saiyan. A Super Saiyan aura is present, as well as a brief soundbite of Dragon Ball Z style music. In "The Others" Gumball trying to become a Super Saiyan is a direct reference to the Dragon Ball franchise. In "The Pest", at one point while advising Anais, Gumball goes Super Saiyan, however the hairstyle is identical to Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan. In "The Night", the Robinsons' dreams are of becoming Super Saiyans themselves. In "The Fury", the guest animation provided by Studio 4oC is reminiscent to that of the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • In the popular Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, many references to the Dragon Ball franchise are made:
    • In the episode titled "Sworn to the Sword", Connie is shown wearing an outfit similar to the one Piccolo wears and that Gohan started wearing at the end of episode 21 from Dragon Ball Z.
    • The device Hopper uses to measure power levels is similar to a scouter.
    • The explosion of the device after someone exceeds their power levels is similar.
    • The power level reader skipped the number "9,000" during its rise even in increments of thousands, possibly to avoid reference to the "Over 9,000" meme.
    • During Garnet's training, she increases her power while holding a pose similar to the most common pose in Dragon Ball.
      • She takes off her hair (weight), similar to how Piccolo takes off his cape.
      • Her hair's increase in size with increases in power level resembles the transformation of a Super Saiyan.
    • The fusion dance that gems use to form Fusion Gems is inspired by the fusion dance from the series.
    • In an episode titled "Steven the Sword Fighter", Amethyst is flying on a cloud, possibly being a reference to the Flying Nimbus, a cloud used as a mode of transportation from the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • In the episode "Nightmare Hospital", Connie and her mother pass by a room where Patient #20 is being held and treated by Dr. Gero, a direct reference to the series.
  • The finale of the Disney series Kim Possible features a fight between Ron Stoppable and the Lorwardians, which is often compared to Dragon Ball Z, especially when he powers up his Mystical Monkey Power like a Super Saiyan.
WBB Radar

The "Amaze Navi" from We Bare Bears

  • In the Cartoon Network series We Bare Bears, Saavani Patel created an Dragon Radar-looking device named "Amaze Navi", which supposedly uses global satellites to help someone to find anything they want on a global scale. It also seems to give audio direction than a radar readout.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "Scare Master", Fluttershy drew artwork of various anime characters including Bulma. The other characters include Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2, Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • In the Disney series Amphibia, in the episode "The Plantars Check-In", one of the hairstyles Sprig gets in a barbershop bears a strong resemblance to the Super Saiyan Blue form.
    • The form Anne takes upon accessing her Calamity Box powers is visually similar to the Super Saiyan Blue form, through the form's trigger-throug-anger is more similar to the original Super Saiyan form. Creator Matt Braly later admitted that the scene in the episode "True Colors" in which she accesses her powers for the first time after assuming Sprig to be dead, was meant to intentionally evoke Goku's first transformation into a Super Saiyan.
  • In the series Pearlie (2008-2011), there is an episode called "Dragonball Run".
Fox Ash fusion dance

Fox and Ash from Final Space

  • In the first episode of the second season of Final Space, characters Ash and Fox perform a Fusion Dance upon introduction.
Dragon Claw Z Owl House

Dragon Claw Z

  • In the ninth episode of the second season of The Owl House, a film called Dragon Claw Z featuring a Vegeta look-alike is shown and said to have come out thirty years ago.
  • In Futurama, in the episode "Rage Against the Vaccine", Goku's hairstyle is shown as one of the possible webcam filters when Amy cycles through them.

Film and Television[]

  • In the Hong Kong movie Flirting Scholar (1993), the protagonist Tong Pak-Fu (Portrayed by Stephen Chow) used Kamehameha to find his lover Chow-Heung at the special event of their wedding ceremony. The other characters claimed that he might be a Super Saiyan due to the immense Ki he had released.
  • In the Hong Kong movie Black Rose II (1997), during the climax battle between Black Rose and Sandra Suen, various sound effects from Dragon Ball Z can be heard in the screen.
  • In the movie Fight Club (1999), box sets of Dragon Ball Z are seen being trashed along with hundreds of other movies.
  • In the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), the character Andrew Wells claims his life is like Vegeta's from Dragon Ball Z, who originates as a villain, but eventually changes his ways and joins Goku to fight for the side of good (Andrew claims this in the episode "Potential").
  • On the popular comedy show Two and a Half Men (2003-2015), in the episode "Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab, Squab" when Alan asks Jake what it will take to get him to spend time with his Grandma, one of the things that Jake says he wants is "the new Dragon Ball Z game." As the episode aired in 2005, the game was likely Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3.
  • In Richard Linklater's Boyhood (2014), Mason's favourite TV Show was Dragon Ball Z, with footage of the Majin Buu Saga being shown throughout the movie, along with other Dragon Ball products.

Gohan (left) and a Big Citrus commercial character (right)

  • A Big Citrus advertisement uses an altered image of Gohan for a commercial.
  • In the movie The Matrix Revolutions, the final fight between Neo and Smith appears to be very similar to fights in Dragon Ball Z.
  • In the movie documentary Super Size Me (2004), Dragon Ball Z toys are seen at a shop.
  • In the movie Birth (2004), Sean has a backpack featuring Super Saiyan Goku.
  • In the Steven Spielberg movie War of the Worlds (2005), Rachel (Dakota Fanning) has figurines of Emperor Pilaf and Mr. Satan's car. Conversely, Justin Chatwin, who would play Goku in Dragonball Evolution, also starred in this film as Robbie, and some Dragon Ball toys could be seen on a shelf in his character's room.
  • In the animated movie South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999), Cartman swears and blasts electricity that looks similar to the Ki attacks from Dragon Ball Z, Cartman also gains an aura like a Super Saiyan and spiky hair.
  • In the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), a Goku action figure is seen on Andy's bed and a boxed figure of Kibito is seen on one of Andy's shelves.
  • In the movie The Glass House (2001), Ruby wakes up her brother by telling him "They're giving away free Dragon Ball Z tapes at Blockbuster. If we hurry, we can beat the rush."
  • In the television series Criminal Minds (2008-2020), the computer hacker has figures of Super Saiyan Goku and Gohan Buu. Also, the character Penelope Garcia has a Gotenks figurine on her desk.

Future Hiro in the series Hiro Naka

  • In the television show Heroes, the character Ando fires his red lightning in a similar way to the way Goku fires his Kamehameha. Additionally, the appearance of Future Hiro in the series was inspired by Future Trunks. In an interview, actor Masi Oka compared Trunks to his Heroes character Hiro Nakamura, as both are time travelers that carry swords.
  • In the television series According to Jim, during a marriage counseling session Jim states that his weekends are spent "watching Dragon Ball Z with his kids" he then goes on to say "there are seven of them".
  • In the movie Tooth Fairy (2010), in the background of the kid's room, a Goku statue/figure can be seen..
  • In the movie Friends with Money (2006) starring Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand discusses the responsibilities of caring for friends' children in her home, with friends at a dinner outing, and says: "This kid played at my house all day, and his parents don't know who I am. I see them at school, they don't even say thank you. I've kissed their kids' boo-boos, cleaned his pee." The friends say they would want to know everything their kid was doing. One of them asks McDormand: "Where's yours?", and she replies with "Sitting in front of Dragon Ball Z where I left him." One of the friends says: "I think it's too violent.", then his wife says "You think SpongeBob is too violent.", and he responds with: "No. I never said it was violent. I said it was ugly."
  • On the radio station(s) that features Dr. Drew and "Love Line" in California, a caller requests to speak with current guest Tom Green, and asks him if he has any videogames in the works. The caller repeatedly asks Tom Green if he's played the Dragon Ball Z games. Dr. Drew asks Tom himself: "He wants to know if you play any of the Dragon Ball Z games?". Tom comments on the concepts involved with Dragon Ball Z, relating to "super aliens invading earth, and super warriors".
  • On the "TV Funhouse" of Saturday Night Live, competitive eating champion Kobayashi is featured in KOBAYASHI The Hot Dog Eater, which parodies Dragon Ball Z In the skit, he transforms into a Super Saiyan and eats hot dogs to save people. The skit is completely in Japanese, but different variations of both original and English Dragon Ball Z music is used during the skit, as well as footage of the show itself in the background. The intro also has him land and transform into a Super Saiyan, much like the actual intro to Dragon Ball Z. Crude drawings of villains are made as well, these include Dr. Gero, Android 19, King Cold, Captain Ginyu, Hirudegarn, Dabura, Pui Pui, and Frieza.[3]
  • In the film Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010), the titular character battles a bass-playing vegan named Todd Ingram (played by Brandon Routh), who has gained psychic powers by not eating meat. When Todd powers up, his blond hair stands straight up in a process similar to that of the Super Saiyan transformation. He also uses energy-based attacks, somewhat similar to those used by characters throughout the Dragon Ball series. The fact that Todd is vegan is most likely a play on the way that all Saiyans, such as Vegeta, are named after vegetables.
  • In the comedy series Grounded for Life (2001-2005), Sean mentions a conversation with his son about Dragon Ball Z.
  • The Disney Channel comedy series So Random! (2011-2012) includes a bit called "Anime Brothers" where Scott resembles Goku, having the same spiky hair and same style of outfit. His brother Elliot resembles Naruto. They mention Dragon Ball Z as "Marudo Ball D."
  • The Superman film Man of Steel (2013) has strikingly similar fight scenes to Dragon Ball Z, particularly the final fight scene between Superman and Zod.
  • The Bollywood superhero film Krrish 3 (2013) has strikingly similar fight scenes to Dragon Ball Z.
  • In a 2016 episode of Ridiculousness (since 2011), guest star Travis Scott talks with host Rob Dyrdek about a symbol he uses and says it was inspired by Dragon Ball Z. He wears a necklace with the symbol on the show, it's a stick figure with Super Saiyan hair.
  • In the CW TV series The Flash, in the episode "Cause and Effect" Barry loses his memory and Iris is explaining what he was like in high school, including the fact that he was in the school's anime club. She goes on to state that he was a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z.
    • In the episode, "Time Bomb" of the same series, Cisco and Sherlock Wells find a decayed time machine hidden in the middle of the woods used to transport the main villain of the season to the past. This is most likely a reference to the Cell Saga.
  • In the CBS TV series NCIS: Los Angeles, in the episode "Venganza" when tracking the last known visitor for a murdered felon in prison, the Special Projects team eventually tracked him to the obvious fake identity of "Son Goku", with Eric Beale, an anime fan, taking some amusement at the fake name before digressing by explaining who he actually was after further searches and his ties to Peru.
  • In the Japanese series Kamen Rider Ghost, the initial plot revolves around the title character Takeru Tenkuji dying and being given the chance to wish himself back to life if he can gather fifteen Eyecons (mystical eyeball-like devices containing the spirits of historical figures) within 99 days, a concept similar to the use of Dragon Balls. The connection is alluded to in the episode "Magnificent! The Mysterious Eye", where Takeru's mentor Onari says that he was worried making the wish would cause the Eyecons to scatter across the entire planet.
    • Kamen Rider Zi-O also makes an explicit reference in "Ghostly Teacher", one of the series' web-exclusive and fourth wall-breaking Supplementary Plan episodes. When discussing the plot of Ghost, protagonist Sougo Tokiwa explicitly name-drops the Dragon Balls and Shenron (which are censored out with bleeps), which causes his co-star Geiz Myoukoin to warn him that they'll get in trouble if he keeps referencing Shonen Jump series like Dragon Ball, ironically getting bleeped out himself.


  • On Emmure's album Goodbye to Gallows is a song entitled "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle", in homage to the second Dragon Ball movie. On Emmure's album Speaker of the Dead is a song entitled "Solar Flare Homicide", in a homage to the Solar Flare technique; the songtext trades of the fact that someone cannot find his opponent in cause of a "fire in the sky" (the fire stands for the Solar Flare).
  • "U Know What it Is", a song by American rapper Young Jeezy from his 2006 studio album, The Inspiration, samples "Pikkon's Theme", a song recorded by Scott Morgan for the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z.
  • B.o.B mentions Super Saiyan in his song "Autotune".

The Who is, This is album (with Krillin on the cover)

  • Krillin appears in his Saiyan armor on the cover of the album Who is, This is (by Voodoo Glow Skulls).
  • Rapper Soulja Boy has two songs that reference Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, the Ginyu Force, Korin, Master Roshi, Chi-Chi, and Super Saiyan.[4]
  • Jahred from Hed PE mentions the Kamehameha in the song "Killing Time".
  • The Japanese punk metal band Maximum the Hormone has a song called "F" which pays homage and is a tribute to Frieza and mentions Frieza's primary military commanders and mercenaries, including Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, Guldo, and Captain Ginyu in the song lyrics.
  • In Frank Ocean's debut album, Channel ORANGE, the song "Pink Matter" (feat. Andre 3000) references Majin Buu.
  • Dragon Ball Z is mentioned in the song "Dansplaat" from the Dutch rap group Brainpower.
  • In Thrice's debut album Identity Crisis, on the song "T & C", the lyrics references Dragon Ball Z, stating "For like a Saiyan I won't grow, unless I'm battered in the fray." The demo version of the song from "First Impressions" has a sample of Vegeta in the intro from the original Ocean dub, "No way! How? It can't be! Kakkorot a Super Saiyan? But he's a low-class soldier, it doesn't make any sense!"
  • Rap icon Snoop Dogg revealed via the news website Reddit that he is a fan of Gogeta, stating "Gogeta is a g".[5]
  • RZA of the popular rap group Wu-Tang Clan is an avid fan of Dragon Ball Z, calling it "one the deepest cartoons in history". In his book The Tao of Wu, he even states that he believes the Saiyans can represent the "journey of the black man in America".[6]
  • In Christina Aguilera's music video "What a Girl Wants", a picture of Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Goku is seen in the background.
  • Rapper Domo Genesis has a song title "SS4" dedicated to the Dragon Ball series; the cover art features Super Saiyan 4 Goku.
  • In the song entitled "Christ Conscious" by Joey BADA$$ he states, "Got Dragon Balls, like my name was Vegeta".
  • The song "Rampage" by French house artist KAVINSKY samples the song Gekitotsu!! 100-Oku Powaa no Senshi-tachi from the Dragon Ball Z original soundtrack
  • Dragon Ball Z is referenced in Aesop Rock's song Coma on his Labor Days album.

The Not Forgotten album (with Android #17 on the cover)

  • Not Forgotten is an album written about Android 17, by Melodic Deathcore band, "From The Shadows". The lyrics for each song on the album tell #17's story, shedding light on his inner demons.
  • Spanish thrash metal band Crisix has made a song entirely based on Frieza, called "Frieza The Tyrant", from their album Rise...Then Rest. The song is an homage to "the most evil villain in Dragon Ball", as described by the band, and lyrics are about the darkness of Frieza's nature and the end of his empire.[8] The song's introduction is a remix of "Genkidama", from Dragon Ball Z's Japanese original soundtrack.
  • American Emotive Hardcore band I Hate Myself has a song titled This Isn't The Tenka-Ichi-Budokai with many figurative Dragon Ball references.
  • The song "The Greatest" by the rapper Futuristic mentions the Super Saiyan form in the lyrics "I'm frustrated and about to go Super Saiyan".
  • In the song "Paradise" by rapper Big Sean, he mentions the Super Saiyan form in the lyrics "I just hit the booth and went Super Saiyan".
  • In the song "Ultimate" by rapper Denzel Curry there are two references pertaining to Dragon Ball Z. In one line, he says, "Let him get the senzu bean so he regenerate" And in the other he states, "Claim you the homie, I turn into Broly".
  • Chance The Rapper mentions Krillin is his song "Blessings".
  • Hip Hop Artist J. Cole samples Bruce Faulconer's Gohan Angers in the song and album, "Revenge of the Dreamers".
  • In XXXTENTACION's "Curse" ft. Bass Santana, the Flying Nimbus is mentioned ("Ridin' 'round with sinners, flyin' on a nimbus")
  • In the live action/stop-motion music video for "Drone Racing League" by British Synthwave band Gunship, Goku is shown drinking with and later racing against several prominent characters from the 1980s, including He-Man, Optimus Prime, the Predator and the Terminator among others; the characters all represented using toys and racing inside of Quadcopters - with Goku transforming into Super Saiyan 3 at one point during the race and later using Instant Transmission.

Video Games[]


Dragon Quest XI's identical beginning to Grandpa Gohan finding Goku

  • The Dragon Quest series, which is known for having characters designed by Akira Toriyama himself, has many character designs and monsters identical to ones he made in the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • The 1988 Taito arcade game Kuri Kinton draws much inspiration from Dragon Ball and other fictions in style, themes, and characters who resemble the likes of Goku and Master Roshi. The hero uses a technique similar to the Kamehameha, Chinese dragon backgrounds are seen during boss battles, and the title itself mentions the Flying Nimbus.
  • In the Street Fighter series, the characters Ryu and Ken use an energy ball technique called the Hadoken. Though not a beam of energy (with some exceptions), the position of both character's hands is identical to that of the hand positions to form a Kamehameha. It is also blue like the Kamehameha is.
    • In Street Fighter V, due to Kyle Hebert voicing Ryu, several of his vocal grunts were reused from those of Gohan during his fight with Broly in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming.
Ultimate nova

Mega Man X's Nova Strike. Note how the attack is similar to Frieza's Nova Strike.

  • In the Mega Man series, Mega Man and many other characters, use firearms called busters. Though not always a beam of energy, the weapon is very similar to various energy sphere and energy wave attacks. They are also chargeable like most ki attacks.
    • In the Mega Man X series, X has an attack called the Nova Strike, which shares a name and performs similar to an attack used by Frieza.
    • The character High Max from Mega Man X6 shared several similarities to Cell, in particular his Perfect Form, such as a similar head shape, a similar personality (such as his obsession with perfection), and even the same Japanese voice actor. Coincidentally, both also were created by a man who had an obsession towards at least one of the protagonists of the game (High Max being developed by Isoc who had pure hatred of X, yet also an obsessive desire to make a copy of Zero, with High Max being directly created from Zero's specs, while Cell was created by Dr. Gero largely to eliminate existence due to the Red Ribbon Army's collapse and to a much lesser extent his hatred of Goku, and also was composed of the genetics of various powerful fighters, including Goku).
    • In the first game, just before the second battle with Vile, Vile says after X recovers his energy bar "What the...? Where did that energy come from?! It really doesn't matter how much energy you absorb, X, you are still far too weak! Prepare to be terminated!", which was similar to Broly's reaction to Goku experiencing a massive power boost in the climax to Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. It is to be noted that the first game was released three years after the film's initial release in Japan.
  • There is a Dragon Ball reference in World of Warcraft. A player who gains 9000 achievement points gains the achievement "It's Over Nine Thousand!".
  • In Monday Night Combat, there is an unlockable Highlight ProTag called "Over 9000." It reveals an icon of a bag that has an obvious resemblance of the four-star ball. This can be gained by receiving over $9000 in lifetime earnings in the game.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, the famous "Over 9000" meme from the Ocean Group dubs is referenced after the "Triple Wave Armor" is unlocked. The description for this is "Surprisingly, funneled Electroshock capacitor energy at the right frequency through both Wildfire and Sludge Mk. 9 armor parts created a recursive feedback loop that dramatically increased the potential peak power output, nearly into the Petagigawatt range. As one Gadgetron research scientist famously reported, "It's over nine thousaaand!!!"
  • inFamous 2 makes a reference to the "Over 9000" meme when one of the posters in the city says, "Over 9000 clubs".
  • In Ninjatown, also features the infamous meme.
  • In the HD remaster of Devil May Cry 2, one of the trophies/achievements in the game is titled "Over 9000!", it's earned by passing 9000 levels in the Bloody Palace Mode.
  • The PC game Magicka also has a reference to the "Over 9000" meme: once a Wizard does over 9000 points of damage to enemy, they earn the "It's over nine thousand!" achievement, with an icon of a Wizard powering up in the manner as Goku.
  • The popular MMO-RPG, World of Warcraft also features the "Over 9000!" meme as a Feat of Strength.
  • Another MMORPG RuneScape, has a monster named the "Ferret of Doom" with a combat level of 9001.
  • One of the achievements in the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 5 (and a trophy on the PlayStation 3 version) is titled "Over 9000!" in reference to the internet meme.
  • In the fighting game Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, the Kreate-a-Fighter mode includes Goku's hairstyle listed as "Anime 2" and exactly the right clothes for Goku, which means a character with Goku's appearance can be created and played by the player. It is possible to create a character similar to Adult Gohan as well.
  • In the downloadable Liars and Cheats pack of Red Dead Redemption, one of the achievements is titled "Over 9001," another reference to the internet meme.
  • In the fighting game series Power Stone, the character Wang-Tang has a martial art fighting style reminiscent of Goku's, and upon transforming with 3 power stones, has his hair stick up and become blonde like a Super Saiyan. In this stage, he has several ki-themed attacks, as well as an ultimate attack identical to Goku's Spirit Bomb.
  • In Addictinggames.com's popular game Potty Racers, if one flies high enough into space, a stick figure Super Saiyan appears.
  • In the flash game Super Karoshi when the character goes super, he grows hair identical to Super Saiyan Goku, and gains an ability to fly, and gets a cape.
  • The popular iOS game Jetpack Joyride has four striking Dragon Ball Z references:
    • A clothing item called "Super Suit" is identical to the famous Turtle School uniform, its description says "Be ready for the Martial Arts Tournament in this bright orange super suit. It costs 8000 coins."
    • Another clothing item called "Powered Up Hair" contains a head with green eyes and a hairstyle that is similar to that of Adult Gohan and supposed to be a Super Saiyan version of the main character Barry. Its description says "We are not really sure what the power level of this hair is. It's probably a lot". It costs 9001 coins as an obvious reference to the popular meme "It's Over 9000!". Additionally, when you fail during the game, Barry's hair will return to normal to complete the reference.
    • One of the vehicles in the game called "Mr. Cuddles" resembles a robotic version of Shenron that can breathe fire while the character rides on it. After upgrading it into gold, it will resemble a robotic version of Goku's Dragon Fist.
    • The gadget called "X-Ray Specs" looks exactly similar to a scouter. It works as an identifier to vehicles.
  • Goriath, a boss in the Wii game Kirby's Return to Dream Land from the Kirby franchise, may be influenced by the Dragon Ball universe. At half health, his hair turns gold and emits a fiery glow, similar to that of a Super Saiyan. He also begins to use attacks that are similar to the Kamehameha. In addition to the transformation, Goriath EX uses an attack that resembles the Spirit Bomb. Also, their gorilla-esque appearance is a reference to the Great Ape forms that Saiyans can turn into.
  • In League of Legends, one of Ezreal's skin lines, Battle Academia Ezreal, references Dragon Ball transformations by causing his hair and eyes to steadily glow white the more Rising Spell Force stacks he accumulates. At maximum stack, Ezreal's hair stands up like a Super Saiyan, and he exhibits bio-electric sparks, much like Super Saiyan 2.
  • In Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, case 3, some people are seen wearing items identical to scouters.
  • In Team Fortress 2, the description of the vintage ban hammer (which is Gabe Newell's special joke item) says "level 9001 mallet of banishment" in reference to the internet meme. Also, the playable character Pyro has a taunt move that throws a Hadoken fireball in a pose similar to the Kamehameha technique. The Medic also has the "Power Spike" cosmetic item, which resembles Saiyan hair when powering up or transforming.
Super sonic

The Super Sonic state.

  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, there are multiple references to the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • Some of the characters personalities directly take inspiration from Dragon Ball Z. One notable example being the character of Silver the Hedgehog having his personality inspired by Future Trunks. In addition, concept art for Shadow the Hedgehog dating back to Sonic Adventure 2 implied that the character in overall role was at least partly inspired by Vegeta.
    • The Super Sonic form greatly resembles the Super Saiyan transformation, so much so to the point where co-creator Yuji Naka was asked if Akira Toriyama commented on this. Naka smiled and said "no".[9]
      • Initially in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Super Sonic had green eyes just like a Super Saiyan. Later on, after Sonic Adventure, Super Sonic had red eyes, similar to that of the early concept art of Super Saiyan by Akira Toriyama.
    • In Sonic Frontiers, Sonic defeats a boss named Giganto in a manner similar to that of how Goku defeated King Piccolo.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Bryan Fury has JACK-X scan Guy and Cody to determine if they are tough. JACK-X reveals that each of them have battle power levels over 9,000.
  • In Worms World Party, there is an attack called "Dragon Ball".
  • In Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, Billy and Mandy's super move shows them powering up to what appear to be Super Saiyans which is a direct reference to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy episode "Chicken Ball Z" which was an obvious parody of the franchise.
    • An achievement from that game is titled "It's over 9000!" Which is a reference to Vegeta's line from the Vegeta Saga.
Naruto-Shippuden-UNS-3 Goku-752x600

Naruto Uzumaki wearing Goku's uniform

  • In many sandbox free-roam games, there is an alternate character costume based on Goku's orange gi and his Super Saiyan form.
  • In the early beta files for Pokémon Gold & Silver of the immensely popular Pokémon franchise, there is an unused Pokémon design that resembles InoShikaCho (though without the butterfly wings).
  • In Pokémon X & Y, after defeating a Psychic (one of the series' trainer classes) named Robert, he says "Wow, your Pokémon's power levels are incredible! They're over 9,000 for sure!".
  • Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate uses the online alias of "KuriGohan and Kamehameha".
  • In the Adult Swim game Duck Game, there is a hat available called "Super," which looks very similar to the hair of a Super Saiyan.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, there's a comedic scene in which Krauss Ushiromiya is fighting one of the goat-heads. They mention power levels, saying Krauss' power is 6 and the goat has a power of 1000. After a series of multipliers (pulled from nowhere), Krauss' power rises to 11520, which would "easily win the very first Tenkaichi Budokai".
Super Karoshi

Super Karoshi

  • In the flash game Super Karoshi, the player is able to take on a "Super" form with a hairstyle similar to Super Saiyan.
  • In the video game Saints Row IV, one of the tops/hats you can buy, and wear is a Super Saiyan hairstyle hat.
Bayo1 Fusion Dance Pose

Bayonetta and Jeanne in a pose reminiscent to that of the Fusion Dance.

  • In Bayonetta, one scene features the main two characters, Bayonetta and Jeanne, standing in a pose similar to the Fusion Dance.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl as well as other entries in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, Lucario's Final Smash, Aura Storm, bears a strong resemblance to the Kamehameha, and to a lesser extent the Spirit Bomb.
    • In the Co-Op Event Match "Peach in Peril" in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, the flavor text, given from Bowser's point of view, stated "Kidnapping Peach is OUR thing! Anyone who lays a finger on her is getting launched into the next dimension!", which was similar to how the Saban dub often censored any direct references to death by having the characters declare they're sending their enemies into the next dimension.
  • The NES version of Metroid had a password called "DRAGON BALL Z Dragon Ball Z" that has Samus spawning on Brinstar with Tourian open and several power ups, including the Screw Attack and High Jump Boots. Of course, it should be noted the password is likely unintentional since in-game, the passwords with the exception of two aren't programmed in with each character altering an aspect of the code.
  • In the Roblox avatar shop, there is a gear available to purchase based on Dragon Ball. the item takes the appearance of a Dragon Ball but with instead of a star there is a big R on the side. Using in-game would give the player blonde hair, using it again will allow the user to charge an attack based on the Spirit Bomb.
  • The design for the character Jacky Bryant from the Virtua Fighter series was taken from the Super Saiyans.[10]
  • In Genshin Impact, there is an event character named Liben who has 3 Dragon Balls on his backpack.
  • The game Final Fantasy IX, particularly the character arc for the main protagonist Zidane Tribal and his origins, bears a strong resemblance to that of Goku and the Saiyans in the Dragon Ball franchise, particularly Z and GT. Zidane in particular was depicted as a monkey-like humanoid entity who was intended to be sent to Gaia to depopulate its population as Terra's "Angel of Death", which was similar to Goku's Saiyan origins and his initial mission to depopulate Earth so it could be sold to the highest bidder. A slight difference is that Zidane was prematurely sent to Gaia by his elder brother/prototype Kuja in a fit of jealousy due to his essentially being made to supplant him. Also similar to Goku, Zidane largely grew up unaware of his dark origins, and ultimately rejected his destiny of destroying his new home. In addition, the trance forms for the Genomes, namely Kuja and to a lesser extent Zidane bear a strong resemblance to the Super Saiyan 4 transformations. The Japanese name for the Trance ability, "Gain Spirit of the Full Moon" (alluding to the twin moons that play a key role in the game) was similar to how Super Saiyan 4 had ties to a full moon (albeit indirectly, as it required mastery of the Golden Great Ape form, which the latter transformation is caused by Super Saiyans looking at a full moon).
    • The story mode arcade/PS4 crossover game Dissidia NT: Final Fantasy gives more parallels between Final Fantasy IX and Dragon Ball by having Zidane be partnered up with Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI to find Summons as part of the latest cycle of war, similar to how Goku partnered up with Bulma to find the Dragon Balls in the first saga.
  • In the "Apex Legends Gaiden Event" short for the video game Apex Legends, Wattson forms her electricity into a Kamehameha to attack.[11]
  • In the April Fools 2023 update for Overwatch 2, Moira sometimes shouts Kamehameha when she uses her Coalescence ability.
  • In the cutscene immediately prior to the third Ghirahim boss fight in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the antagonist while ranting about how Link continues to defy him time and time again before hinting at his origins as the Demon King Demise's sword spirit briefly enacts a pose resembling General Blue's "I'm the Worst!" powerup.
  • In the PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy XVI has an achievement for inflicting 50,000 damage onto a staggered enemy called "It's Over 50,000!" a direct reference to the "It's Over 9000!" meme.
    • The main protagonist Clive Rosenfeld, or rather, his alternate Eikon form Ifrit's finishing move Hellfire bears a strong resemblance to the Spirit Bomb, with the similarities in overall usage being particularly evident during the Typhon boss fight where Ifrit struggles to power it up while simultaneously holding off Typhon's attacks.
Halo Over 9,000

Over 9,000 roentgen

  • In Halo, the Radioactive common armor emblem is over nine thousand roentgen!
Street Fighter 6 World Tour artwork 52 A Bond with Blanka 4 (DBZ Tribute)

Blanka wearing Goku's gi

  • Street Fighter 6 World Tour artwork 52 "A Bond with Blanka 4" shows Blanka wearing Goku's gi.
Payday 2 - The OVE9000
  • In Payday 2, there is a weapon called The OVE9000 which is a reference to "It's Over 9000!".


  • Team Four Star created a parody series called DragonBall Z: Abridged. The entire Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga, and Cell Saga have been adapted along with several Dragon Ball films. Characters such as Nappa, Goku, Mr. Popo, and Grand Elder Guru, and a lot of other characters have different personalities for comical reasons. Recurring jokes usually involved Raditz, Krillin and Yamcha. The series got in legal trouble from Toei Animation and were removed from YouTube eventually but have since returned with the end of the second season. They also made a special site for their workings. Team Four Star also has a partnership of sorts with Little Kuriboh, who sometimes features crossovers between DragonBall Z: Abridged and his own Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged. In 2015, TFS founding member & the voice of TFS Nappa (AKA Ghost Nappa, the Abridged series breakout character), Curtis Arnott AKA Takahata101 appears as one the Future Warrior's voice options as Male Voice Option 8 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

"Well, guys, it's official! Team Four Star helped bring GHOST NAPPA to Dragon Ball Xenoverse! Bandai Namco How rad is that??!""
Christopher Sabat officially confirming TFS's Chris Arnott would be a voice option in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Christopher Sabat officially confirmed the news, indicating that Toei Animation may have settled their differences with Team Four Star, considering that a member of the group was allowed to do voice-over work for an official Dragon Ball video game. His voice also returns as Male Voice Option 8 for the Future Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Additionally, sound clips of him saying "Vegeta?" can be heard when talking to certain Time Patroller NPCs in both Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2. Fitting with his voice work on the parody series, his voice work in the Xenoverse series is often humorous (such as calling attacks by different funny sounding names when performing certain skills or referring to Ginyu Force and its members using the English names of dairy products their names are derived from such as referring to Recoome as Creamer), containing in-jokes and/or references to the Abridged series. In addition to Chris Arnott, TFS voice actors Scott Frerichs AKA Kaiserneko appears as Male Voice Option 13 and Nick Landis AKA Lanipator appears as Male Voice Option 15 in Xenoverse 2.
  • It's Over 9000! and many other scenes have become common popular memes on the Internet today.
  • It has become somewhat of a meme to showcase on YouTube mock videos of the farmer's shotgun blast, originally used to retaliate against Raditz, killing many significant Dragon Ball villains.
Lazer 1

Cell Shoop Da Whoop, the picture most commonly associating with Shoop Da Whoop

  • Cell commonly appears in the Shoop Da Woop!/Imma Firin' Mah Lazah meme and appears at the end of each episode of the Lazer Collection.
  • Kid Goku is seen riding the Flying Nimbus in the Ultimate Showdown video.
Ryoku AQW

Ryoku charges up the Soul Nuke


  • The online MMORPG Adventure Quest Worlds, contains numerous references to Dragon Ball.
    • Ryoku, an NPC and monster is the last of the seven opponents in the Dragon Koi Tournament, and is heavily based on both Goku from Dragon Ball and Ryu from the Street Fighter series. His Soul Nuke technique is based on the Spirit Bomb. However it takes him a very long time (weeks, even) to fully charge it. He is almost finished charging it by the time end of the quest chain, only for the Hero to knock him over with a punch, where he complains he needs to start over.
    • One of the customizable hairstyles is called "Goku".
    • There is a map called "Dragon Road" which is heavily inspired by Snake Way.
    • An armor available called cloud rider which feature the Hero wearing Goku's gi (albeit a different color) riding on a cloud, a reference to the Flying Nimbus. It also comes with cloud rider hair which resembles the style of Super Saiyan hair.
    • There is a boss/pet available called Super Dragon Twig and Super Slayin Twig, which features Twig with Super Saiyan hair.
    • In the Doomwood saga quest chain "Mad Scientist's Lab", the Hero mentions amping up Vordred's power to "Over 900,000". Furthermore, when Sally rebuilds Vordred she says she "built him over 9001% stronger."
    • The description for one of the Sandsea quest items in this game is influenced by the "It's Over 9000!" meme.
    • At "BattleCon" the Hero says "We'll be watching anime on the big screen before you can finish saying Kameha-" before getting cut off.
  • The YouTubers who created epic rap battles of history have Goku rap against Superman.
  • The RPG DragonFable, features a boss called Akira. He has spiky hair similar to Goku's, wears orange pants, can turn Super Saiyan, and is able to fire attacks similar to the Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb. He also gets stronger every time you beat him.
    • There is a pet called Gregg the Cricket who is able to turn Super Saiyan when his power is "Over 9000!"
    • One mask available for Mogloween is called "Kakarot", and is reminiscent of Goku as a Super Saiyan.
  • Dragon Ball Characters have appeared in the series Death Battle. The episodes so far have featured the likes of Goku, Vegeta and more doing battle with various fictional characters from the worlds of American comics and video games.
  • In the Annoying Orange episode "Kitchen-mon! (Pokémon Spoof)", Pear and Midget Apple are dressed similar to Goku and Vegeta. Also, Grampa Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit are respectively dressed similar to Naruto from Naruto, Ash, and Brock from Pokémon.
    • Annoying Orange also had a whole episode dedicated to Dragon Ball Z called "Dragon Fruit Z", featuring fruit and vegetable versions of Dragon Ball characters. Bulma shows up looking for the Dragon Orb which can summon the wish-granting Dragon Fruit. The Dragon Orb is inside Orange who turns out to be the Super Citrus. Villains who show up are Radish and Broccoli, before Carrot and Pickle-o arrive to stop them. Carrot is capable of the Kamehameha and the Red Kai-en, while Broccoli can do the Garlic Gun. Radish has an attack called Double Sundae that literally turns enemies into ice cream sundaes. Orange also takes on his Super Citrus form, complete with gold hair, and his annoyance level reaches over nya-thousand. Orange then defeats Radish with his own version of the Kamehameha.
  • In the Game Grumps video series focusing on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, the intro sequence shows guest hosts ProJared and the Completionist (Jirard Khalil) fusing into a character dubbed "ProJirard the Finishist", who wears the same Metamoran fusion outfit as Gogeta and Gotenks.
  • In the web show RWBY, one of the main characters Yang Xiao Long has a semblance that lets her use the energy from the damage and blows she is taken to become more powerful. If angered enough, her eyes turn red and fire appears around her hair, emitting a yellow glow. This may had some inspiration of the Super Saiyan transformation.
    • Yang Xiao Long's theme song I Burn mentions the Super Saiyan transformation in the lyrics.

"Reign supreme? In your dreams; You'll never make me bow. Kick my ass? I'm world-class And Super Saiyan now."

  • In a video by the Planet Dolan group, Redditors talked about the strange things that their pets do, with the tenth and final entry being a story from the video's narrator, PringleTheOne. In his story, he talks about watching Cell Juniors Attack! and comments on how his pet turtle was somehow about to go Super Saiyan 2 and throw a Super Spirit Bomb. Just to be safe and to make sure he wasn't seeing things, Pringle blinks and sees a normal turtle doing turtle things, letting him realize that he has been watching the show a bit too long. During the entry, music from the anime is used, cutting out after seeing the turtle as normal.
  • The Sonic fan-made web cartoon Nazo Unleashed has several elements taken from Dragon Ball Z, including fight choreography, sound effects, and even a fused character. In addition, the creator of the animation admitted that the final battle sequence between Perfect Nazo and Hyper Shadic was largely derived from the final battle sequence in Broly - Second Coming.
  • As implied by the title, Super Mario Bros. Z, a crossover between the Mario and Sonic franchises, was based on Dragon Ball Z, with the specific plotline referencing the Cell Saga overall. The character Captain Basilisx from the original series, aside from having Imperfect Cell's vocals, had an ability called Petrification Glare that, as implied by the name, induces petrification on whoever is afflicted by it, with the ability resembling Psychic Eyes from General Blue in the original Dragon Ball. Coincidentally, Basilisx gained said ability from a supersoldier experiment as revealed by Bowser, which was similar to the implied origin of Blue's psychic abilities. Mecha Sonic's voice clips starting with the fifth episode were also taken from that of Final Form Cooler.
  • Kiryu Coco, a Virtual Youtuber from the Hololive agency, uses a picture of Shenron with his face partially pixelated to represent her father (whom she calls her "dragon papa") whenever she tells her audience stories about him or reads the letters of encouragement he sends her.
  • A spoof playthrough of the game Mario Kart 64 had Broly acting as the "presenter", and eventually got particularly infuriated with the character Wario.[13]


  • Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal is a fan of the Dragon Ball series.[14]
  • American UFC fighter Marcus Brimage is an avid fan of Dragon Ball Z, even citing the series as one of his inspirations for taking up mixed-martial arts. He notes the first battle between Goku and Vegeta, Gohan vs. Cell, and Piccolo vs. Android 17 as his favorite battles in the series.[15]
  • Former UFC Welterweight Champion Carlos Newton has dubbed his personal fighting style as "Dragon Ball Jiu-Jitsu" in tribute to Dragon Ball.
  • Former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is a huge fan of Dragon Ball which inspired her to take up martial arts stating "she dreamed of becoming Android 18 as a kid".[16] Her favorite character is Vegeta because "he is the most entertaining", even going as far to say Vegeta was her "cartoon crush."[17]
    • At WWE WrestleMania 31, Ronda Rousey wore an "it's over 9000!" shirt.[18]
  • At WWE WrestleMania 32, the trio called The New Day entered the ring wearing Saiyan Armor and member Xavier Woods wore a Goku wig.
    • In one WWE NXT episode, Xavier Woods was wrestling in a Dragon Ball Z-inspired attire.
  • WWE tag team Sheamus and Cesaro perform a pose of the Fusion Dance during their entrance to the ring.
  • Professional wrestler Keith Lee is a fan of the series and calls his finishing move, Spirit Bomb which is an elevated powerbomb.
  • At WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 2, NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley entered the ring wearing an attire based on Vegeta's Battle Armor.


Ultra Instinct Shaggy

Ultra Instinct Shaggy grabs Scorpion

  • Beginning in 2017, an internet meme featuring Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo using Ultra Instinct began circulating, gaining enough prominence to influence Warner Bros. and thus numerous references to this incarnation of Shaggy have been made in an official capacity.
    • DC referenced this version of Shaggy in a tweet.[19]
    • In promotional material for the Scoob! film, the movie's twitter posted an image of Ultra Instinct Shaggy and tagged Dragon Ball Legends.[20]
    • The meme was eventually given a huge reference with Shaggy's cameo in the 2021 animated film Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms where during the opening Warner Bros. logo, Shaggy who's illuminated by a bright green aura grabs Scorpion by the throat and pulls him inside.
    • Shaggy's traits and abilities in the upcoming 2022 MultiVersus game are based upon Ultra Instinct Shaggy, with his character profile describing his unlimited power and him notably attacking with blue Ultra Instinct-like energy in-game, as well as tearing his shirt. Shaggy also powers up using a golden Super Saiyan-like aura in battle.
  • Reeses Puffs Cereal did a collaboration with Dragon Ball Z to release limited edition cereal boxes featuring Goku and other characters in 2024.[21]

Unlicensed Dragon Ball material[]

There have been several cases of unlicensed Dragon Ball material published by actual groups.

Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins

Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (新七龍珠 神龍的傳說 Xīn Qīlóng Zhū Shénlóng de Chuánshuō, lit. '"New Dragon Ball: The Legend of Shenlong") is a Taiwanese live-action remake of the first Dragon Ball film The Legend of Shenlong (known as Curse of the Blood Rubies in the English version), made in 1989. The plot revolves around a rag-tag group of heroes, led by Goku (dubbed "Monkey Boy" in this film) trying to stop the antagonist named King Horn from using the wish-granting "Dragon Pearls" (a rename of the Dragon Balls) to rule the world. The film was remastered with CGI effects in 2007. There is also an English-dubbed version of this film.

The movies characters include:

  • Monkey Boy: The main protagonist of the film, a happy go-lucky boy who claims to be the descendant of "the Monkey King." Based on Goku of the original Dragon Ball series.
  • Seetoe: A girl who nearly runs over Monkey Boy, she becomes a companion of him in hopes to acquire the Dragon Pearls while on his quest to rescue his grandfather. Based on Bulma of the original Dragon Ball series. Played by Jeannie Hsieh.
  • Sparkle: Monkey Boy's grandfather who is kidnapped by King Horn. Based on Grandpa Gohan of the original Dragon Ball series.
  • King Horn: The main antagonist, his sole mission in the film is to acquire the Dragon Pearls for world domination. Based on King Gurumes of the first Dragon Ball feature film The Legend of Shenlong (known as Curse of the Blood Rubies in the English version).
  • Zebrata: the henchman of King Horn who works as one of villains alongside Malilia in the quest to collect the Dragon Pearls. Based on Bongo of the first Dragon Ball feature film The Legend of Shenlong (known as Curse of the Blood Rubies in the English version).
  • Malilia: the henchman of King Horn who works as one of villains alongside Zebrata in the quest to collect the Dragon Pearls. Based on Pasta of the first Dragon Ball feature film Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (known as Curse of the Blood Rubies in the English version).
  • Piggy: An overweight shape-shifting man who accompanies Monkey Boy and Seetoe on their journey to gather the Dragon Pearls after Monkey Boy defeats him in a short fight. Piggy claims to be a descendant of Zhu Wuneng, who accompanied the Monkey King in the Journey to the West. Through the course of the film, they treat each other as "brothers". He is later revealed to be the owner of a Dragon Pearl. Based on Oolong of the original Dragon Ball series. Played by San Peng.
  • Westwood: A bandit who tries to loot Monkey Boy, Seetoe, and Piggy while they travel. While being scared of women, shown when he sees Seetoe for the first time, he is the companion of Miss Knowwhat, a talking cockatoo. He proves to be a valuable rival and ally of Monkey Boy and the others when he helps to defeat King Horn and is proven to be the owner of a Dragon Pearl. Based on Yamcha of the original Dragon Ball series.
  • Miss Knowwhat: A talking and wise-cracking cockatoo, she is the companion of Westwood. Based on Puar of the original Dragon Ball series.
  • Turtle Man: A old man who lives a solitary life on an island. He is said to be one of the greatest fighters in the world. He gives Monkey Boy a magical cloud for transportation, which he claims he captured centuries ago, and which he summons through a use of comical dance movements. Based on Master Roshi in the original Dragon Ball series.
  • Jade: A girl whose village was destroyed by King Horn. She sets out to obtain the Dragon Pearls to wish the damage away, and along the way meets Monkey Boy and the others. Based on both Chi-Chi from the original Dragon Ball Series and Penny of the first feature film The Legend of Shenlong (known as Curse of the Blood Rubies in the English version).
Dragon Ball: Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku
Ssawora Son o gong, Igyeora Son o gong

Dragon Ball (드래곤볼 Deulaegon Bol) is an unofficial live-action Korean film adaptation of the manga and anime series Dragon Ball by manga-ka Akira Toriyama.

It was released on December 12, 1990. Also titled 싸워라 손오공 이겨라 손오공, Ssawola Son Ogong Igyeola Son Ogong, which translates to "Fight Son Goku, Win Son Goku."

The cast was:

Differences from the series:

  • The way Goku catches a fish in the beginning is different. He catches it by screaming loudly instead of using his tail as bait. Also, the fish he catches is normal sized rather than a Giant Fish. He does not swim to look for it either; in fact, the only time Goku is seen naked in this film is when taking a bath at Bulma's Capsule house.
  • Goku does not get chased by a wildcat.
  • Bulma does not run Goku over; instead, she meets Goku when the car is parked.
  • Bulma shoots Goku with a Sub-Machine Gun resembling an MP5A3 or A5 (likely airsoft) instead of a pistol when they meet.
  • Instead of lifting Bulma's skirt up to see if she has a tail, Goku grabs her bottom. Bulma also offers to let Goku touch her bottom at his house, but she does not lift up her skirt.
  • In Bulma's Capsule House, Bulma's attempt to bathe Goku is unsuccessful. Also, Goku wears a loincloth (likely just to keep the actor's "tail" on him) and is still naked when he watches Bulma take a bath.
  • When Goku walks in on Bulma while she bathes, she is not bothered by his presence and gets mad at him for the fact that he's actually 2 years younger than him (Despite the fact that in both versions of the Manga and this movie, Goku is actually 12 and in both versions, he assumed he was 14 because he was bad at math) instead of invading her privacy.
  • Oolong is able to perform a Kamehameha and has some martial arts skills, especially with num-chuks.
  • Ninja Murasaki is part of the Pilaf Gang, is not referred to as a ninja, and wears the Battle Armor used by the Frieza Force instead of his ninja outfit (with the former and latter likely being due to Korea's centuries-old Anti-Japanese sentiment).
  • Pilaf has electrical energy powers and some martial arts skills, as evidenced by his fight with Goku at the film's climax. He also does not wear his white collar.
  • Shu looks nothing like his manga counterpart. He does not look like a dog at all and wears a more hi-tech armor suit, instead of his usual ninja outfit (the latter again likely being due to Korea's Anti-Japanese sentiment). During the battle between the Pilaf Gang and the Dragon Team at the end of the film, he is killed by Yamcha. He also has no speaking lines (though he can be heard laughing before he is killed).
  • Mai is capable of Shapeshifting, which coincidentally was a change in the 2009 live-action adaptation Dragonball Evolution. During the battle between the Pilaf Gang and the Dragon Team at the end of the film, she is killed, also like in Dragonball Evolution (though Goku kills her in this film; in Evolution, it is Yamcha that kills her).
  • The Dragon Radar flips open and has more than one button. It also resembles a handheld game console.
  • The Pterodactyl Goku fights is replaced with a human wearing some form of a robot suit. A similar thing also happens with the Bear Thief.
    • Goku defeats him differently as well. Instead of using Bulma's Motorcycle to fly up and hit him with the Power Pole, he simply battles him in a normal fight.
  • Roshi does not wear his shades (though he still has them) and has braided hair.
  • Kame House looks more like a log cabin, and is situated on the shore of a larger island.
  • Goku does not pat anyone's crotch in this film.
  • Oolong does not kidnap anyone else's daughters and does not live in a mansion.
  • When Goku first confronts Oolong, the latter only transforms into his bachelor and robot forms. His demon, bull, bat, and missile transformations are not shown. He does transform into a fish, but to flee from a shapeshifted Mai and not Goku. It should also be noted that his robot form is not a ramen robot (again likely due to Korea's Anti-Japanese sentiment) and resembles robots such as those from the Transformers and Voltron franchises.
  • There is a scene where Mai is spying on Goku, Bulma, and their new friend Oolong from a rocky ledge. She transforms into a giant centipede and follows the heroes. However, Oolong sees her, transforms into a fish, and attempts to bolt (though the transformation does not last long), only to be attacked by Mai. Goku then sees them and dives in to fight Mai. He is successful, and Mai retreats.
  • Oolong lives in an actual house instead of a bus. He does not attempt to steal the Dragon Balls, drug Goku, or molest Bulma in her sleep. Also, when Yamcha and Puar begin their raid, Puar does not pose as Goku to lure "Bulma" (Oolong) away, nor does Oolong transform into Bulma. Additionally, the Pilaf Gang does not detonate Oolong's house.
  • Puar does not have any shapeshifting abilities.
  • When the Kamehameha is performed in this film, the user does not slowly shout its name, but simply just shoots it.
  • Nappa appears as a villain, despite the movie taking place during the Emperor Pilaf Saga, several years before he and Vegeta invaded Earth in the Vegeta Saga.
  • When Roshi travels to Ox-King's castle, he rides on Turtle instead of Baby Gamera.
  • After Roshi accidentally destroys Ox-King's castle, he does not ask Bulma to show him her breasts and Bulma does not make Oolong transform into her.
  • Oddly, after a scene where he and Yamcha are spying on Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Roshi, Turtle, Ox-King, and Chi-Chi from behind a rock, Puar mysteriously disappears and is not seen, heard, or mentioned again for the rest of the film. Even Yamcha is not aware of this, nor does he mention Puar's absence.
  • Yamcha's car can auto drive, fly, and be used as a weapon, as shown in a scene where the Dragon Gang fights a robot.
  • When the Dragon Gang is trapped in Pilaf's Castle, Goku does not transform into a Great Ape, despite having a tail, and does not destroy the castle.
  • The film's climax is a battle between the Dragon Gang and the Pilaf Gang. Surprisingly, Turtle also appears (without Roshi) to join the fight and is revealed to have some fighting skills himself. In the end, Shu and Mai are killed and finally, Pilaf is killed when Goku and Oolong use their Kamehameha waves on him together. After the Pilaf Gang is destroyed, the Dragon Gang celebrates before the credits roll.
Super Mario vs. Son Goku
Super mario vs son goku

Super Mario vs. Son Goku is an unlicensed 1995 Filipino crossover film featuring characters from the Super Mario and Dragon Ball franchises.


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