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Limitbreaking Assault (限界突破の突撃 Genkai Toppa Totsugeki)[1] is a combo of archenemies/rivals Goku and Frieza.


Goku and Frieza charge at their opponent, in sync they deliver a barrage of blows at the opponent, launch them into the air and deliver a joint heavy kick.

Usage and Power

In the anime, Goku and Frieza utilized this attack in the final moments of the Tournament of Power to get the edge over Jiren. However, after it is finished Jiren hits the two of them with rapid fire punches and heads for Android 17. The duo then follow up with the Miracle of Universe 7.

In the manga, Goku and Vegeta use this technique against Jiren in the climax of the tournament, being able to fight perfectly in sync due to their training with Whis. The duo then follow up with a combined Kamehameha/Gamma Burst Flash.

Video Game Appearances

This technique was named in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and used by Goku and Frieza use as their Super Attack. In the game, it is ended with a joint Kamehameha / Death Ball.


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