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"I like strong men, like my grandpa. He's a real fighter."
— "A Girl Named Lime"

Lime (ライム Raimu) is a filler character in the Dragon Ball Z anime series who Gohan meets before the Cell Games.


She has brown hair tied in two chest-length braided pig tails, and she wears red overalls over her yellow shirt.



Lime's parents were victims of Cell, and now she lives with her grandfather, Mr. Lao, who owns a shop in Chazke Village. Lime has the bad habit of lying, which often gets her into trouble. On the other hand, her lying also exposes Mr. Borbonne's cowardice and lying nature as well.

Dragon Ball Z

Cell Saga

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Lime screams

Lime meets Gohan after she fell from a tree into the river while trying to reach an apple. Gohan saves her and later helps her destroy Mr. Borbonne's Protective Dome. She also expressed horror when Mr. Lao, after being defeated by Cyborg Tao, was seemingly about to be vaporized by his Super Dodon Ray.

It's most likely that her parents were brought back to life with all of Cell's victims by the wish made after he was defeated.

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  • Lime is the first Dragon Ball character Kara Edwards played.


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