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"Life or Death" (せい Sei ka Shi ka, lit. "Life or Death") is the one hundred and twenty-third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred and seventeenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Gohan and Krillin looking at awe at the enormous crater created by Goku's large Spirit Bomb.


Frieza kills Krillin with Death Psycho Bomb

As Gohan and Krillin look at the giant crater made by the Large Spirit Bomb, Gohan wonders whether Goku and Piccolo got sucked into the explosion or not. He notes that he cannot feel their ki, but then spots them climbing out of the water onto a nearby rock. The two excitedly fly over, much to the delight of Goku and Piccolo. After watching the crater finish getting filled with water, Goku says that they should go home, noting that, in his spaceship, it will only take five days. Krillin then gets agitated, and says that they almost forgot about Bulma. Goku tells him not to get excited like that, as he thought Frieza had popped up again. Krillin humorously says that Bulma can be scarier than Frieza in the right mood.

Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan for the first time

Piccolo says that Namek has suffered greatly, but says that Guru and the other Namekians can now rest in peace. Krillin asks Piccolo how he knows about Guru, but immediately after, a mortified look appears on his face. A livid Frieza, still alive, stands on a cliff in front of them and immediately fires a Death Beam that strikes Piccolo in the chest. Piccolo falls backwards to the ground, and an angered Frieza says that even he thought he was going to die. Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to take Piccolo, find Bulma and get off Namek as soon as possible. Frieza laughs, saying that none of them will be leaving the planet alive, and grabs Krillin using his telekinetic powers. As Goku and Gohan watch in horror, Frieza detonates the ki inside Krillin's body, killing him instantly.

The sight of seeing his best friend so heartlessly murdered is too much for Goku to bear and, as Frieza announces that Gohan will be the next one to die, something inside Goku snaps. His hair changes from black to gold and stands on end, much to the surprise of Gohan and Frieza. Goku tells Gohan to take Piccolo and return to Earth, yelling at him to leave while he still has control of himself. A frightened Gohan agrees to do so, and Goku turns and glares at Frieza.







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