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"Goku... Krillin... You're the ones who showed this old fossil he still had something left to give. That it was too soon to let the limits of age sentence him to sit idly by on the sidelines. You boys who were never content to stop, who kept aiming for and climbing greater and greater heights want me to take it easy? Now, listen to me, boys! Always remember these words: Work hard, study well, and eat and sleep plenty! That is the Turtle Hermit way! We must master the art of peace in addition to the art of war! The Turtle Hermit School will be with you...always! This will be my greatest, most powerful Kamehameha!"
— Master Roshi towards Goku and Krillin in "A Valiant Fight! Master Roshi's Blaze of Glory!"

Life Force MAX Power Kamehameha is a variation of the MAX Power Kamehameha used by Master Roshi in his Max Power state.


While the fundamentals of the technique are exactly the same as a regular MAX Power Kamehameha, the overall power of this Kamehameha is even greater due to Master Roshi using his life force as a source of power for the technique as well as Ganos' electricity, resulting in an even more powerful Kamehameha. However, as it uses Roshi's life force, there is a danger that it could kill him.


In the Tournament of Power, Roshi uses this technique to knock Ganos out of the arena. As it was powered by his life force, Roshi briefly died, but was quickly revived by Goku.

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