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"Let the Training Begin!" (特訓開始!! Tokkun Kaishi!!, lit. "The Special Training Begins!!") is the two hundred twenty third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred twenty-seventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover has Gohan and Goten in combat stances, ready to train together.


Gohan decides to begin his training by going Super Saiyan and practicing his reflexes. He gathers a pile of rocks, draws a line in the dirt, and tells Goten to throw the rocks at him from there. Goten asks if he's sure Gohan wants to start that close, but at Gohan's insistence, Goten throws a rock. Gohan is caught by surprise at how hard Goten can throw, and only manages to barely get out of the way as the rock flies at him, and it slams into the cliff behind him, smashing it.

Realizing Goten's a lot stronger than he was expecting, Gohan moves the line further back. Goten starts throwing the rocks again, and Gohan manages to dodge them easily now. Eventually, Goten stops throwing the rocks and asks if he can go Super Saiyan like Gohan. Gohan laughs, telling him it would take a long time for him to be strong enough to go Super Saiyan, but then Goten goes Super Saiyan, utterly shocking Gohan.

Changing his plan, Gohan asks him if he knows what "kumite" (freestyle fighting) is, and Goten tells him that Chi-Chi was teaching him how to fight while Gohan was working on homework. When Gohan asks if Chi-Chi knows Goten can go Super Saiyan, Goten says he showed her once, and she said it made him look like a punk. Knowing that feeling too well, Gohan laughs about it.

A bit later, Gohan and Goten are going at it in full-contact sparring. Gohan manages to avoid one of Goten's kicks by flying into the air. Goten calls Gohan a cheater because Goten doesn't know how to fly, stumping Gohan again. Gohan then sees a familiar airplane fly by, and realizes Videl's on her way to his house. Gohan tells Goten not to go Super Saiyan in front of her.

As they run back to their house, Goten is amazed at how strong Gohan was, but Gohan says Goten could enter the tournament too if he trained hard enough. Goten then tells Gohan that Trunks is even stronger than him, and Gohan starts to get worried that the kids will leave him in the dust if he's not careful.

Gohan and Goten return to their house, where they find Videl and Chi-Chi in an argument. Gohan just sighs, saying he only wanted to train quietly.



  • Goten (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Chi-Chi (flashback)
  • Gohan (Super Saiyan) vs. Goten (Super Saiyan)


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