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"Let's Go, Gohan!" (発進!超孫悟飯 Hasshin! Sūpā Son Gohan, lit. "Take Off! Super Son Gohan") is the two hundred tenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred fourth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover is colored and shows Gohan as a Super Saiyan in foreground with three other boxes showing him at different stages of his life. This cover art is also featured in Daizenshuu 1.


Everyone is shocked at Gohan's power, except Goku. Cell says Son Goku was right about Gohan being strong, but he was exaggerating to say he could beat Cell—a miscalculation that Cell proclaims will cost Gohan his life. Cell lands, and turns his attention to Gohan. He kicks at Gohan, but Gohan blocks it. Cell backs off, then charges at Gohan, but Gohan jumps out of the way. Cell turns to follow him and goes for a kick, but Gohan dodges. They both land, and then Cell grabs Gohan by the shirt and headbutts him hard. Then he hits Gohan in the face, before throwing him into the air. Cell uses a shockwave to send Gohan flying through some mountains. Krillin and Future Trunks are worried; Chi-Chi, watching at home on TV with Ox-King, faints.

The announcer exclaims that a boy tragically lost his life after challenging Cell, right when everyone was supposed to break for lunch. Piccolo blames this all on Goku and his naiveté, saying he is the one who killed Gohan. Goku tells him to calm down, and to notice Gohan's ki did not drop at all. Cell says that the games are over, now he wants Son Goku to eat a Senzu Bean and come back to fight again. But Goku tells Cell to look behind him. Cell turns around, and Gohan is walking out of the rubble, barely damaged at all. Cell is very surprised to see him. Gohan tries to convince Cell not to fight, saying that the fight has no point. Cell laughs, and says the Cell Games has plenty of meaning: for him, it is amusement, for them, it is to save the Earth. Gohan responds that he just does not like to fight or kill.

Krillin and the others can not hear what Gohan is saying. Cell says he knew Gohan does not like fighting, but had no idea Gohan did not want to kill him. He says Gohan could not kill him in a hundred years. Gohan says that he thinks the reason his dad thinks he can kill Cell is due to the way he goes berserk upon getting angry. Cell thinks Gohan said all that to try to scare him, but instead, he is going to try to make Gohan angry. He then proceeds to punch Gohan in the face.

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