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Lemlia (レムリア Remuria) is an Arlian who was married to King Atla, but King Moai stole her from him when he imprisoned Atla.



Lemlia married King Atla on the same day the War of Planet Arlia broke out between the Kingdom of Arlia and the Empire of King Moai, who defeated King Atla's forces leading King Moai to dethrone Alta and imprison him along with Atla's remaining loyalists while Moai took Lemlia for himself.

Saiyan Saga

When Vegeta and Nappa killed the tyrant and all his guards, she was finally reunited with Atla, but right at that moment, Vegeta destroyed Planet Arlia from orbit with his Galick Beam, killing them both.

Voice Actors


  • She is the only female Arlian to appear.


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