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"Dr. Leggings is a scientist and inventor currently employed at Capsule Corporation."
Zaus in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Leggings also known as Dr. Leggings is a member of the Time Patrol and Capsule Corporation employee who works for Xeno Trunks. Anne is her assistant.


She heavily resembles Bulma, even having the same color as her. Aside from this, she wears glasses along with a lab coat.


Leggings is a genius scientist and inventor. Due to her role in developing a high-tech armored version of the Great Saiyaman Suit that can be materialized by flipping a built-in switch on the Hero Switch, she is implied to admire the Saiya Squad to the point she was responsible for "knighting" Xeno Trunks as Great Saiyaman 3 and was also responsible for dubbing Beat as Great Saiyaman 4 after revealing how to activate the materialization feature. Like Beat, she thinks her suit design is cool and appreciates Beat's positive comments about the suit. Though Xeno Trunks and Anne do not share her and Beat's opinion on the suit she is unaware of their true feelings as they refuse to comment on it, though apparently she mistook their speechless reaction to it as being due to the epicness of the moment she "knighted" Xeno Trunks. She also originally intended to have the whole Dragon Ball Heroes team use the materialization feature from the get-go but the Hero Master and Anne forced her to keep quiet about it until Beat asked for a suit like the Hero Master's and Great Saiyaman 3 gave her permission to tell Beat, Note, Froze, and Kagyu about the feature though only Beat elected to activate it. However this shows that despite her own feelings, she is capable of following Xeno Trunks' orders even if she disagrees.



Dr. Leggings is a Capsule Corporation Scientist recruited by Xeno Trunks of the Time Patrol to assist him in his investigation of anomalies within the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. She helped design and create the Hero Lab which was secretly built into Hero Town's Hero Tower though its existence is unknown to the general public.

She "knighted" Xeno Trunks as Great Saiyaman 3, as she helped design his sword and Great Saiyaman Suit. She helped Great Saiyaman 3 build the Hero Switch used by the Dragon Ball Heroes team to investigate anomalies created by "the menace".

World Mission

Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2

During the introductory cutscene that starts upon beginning Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2, "Hero Town in Danger!", Beat asks Great Saiyaman 3 if their last battle to fix the anomaly in Gizard Wastleland altered the history of the game world. Note says he has a good point as there's no telling how that would effect the game world's official timeline. However before he can answer, a mysterious voice calls out saying "Oh, no worries there." which they find is coming from a young woman wearing glasses and a lab coat. She continues to explain that once an anomaly has been neutralized, the game world returns to normal.

"Ah. Did I not introduce you? Forgetful me. Team, meet Leggings. She works at the Capsule Corporation. Consider her our tech guy--er, girl. Her talents helped us build the Hero Switch."
Great Saiyaman 3's introducing Leggings to the team in World Mission

Great Saiyaman 3 introducing Beat & Note to Leggings in World Mission

Beat asks who she is and Great Saiyaman 3 realizes he forget to introduce them to her. She introduces the woman as Leggings, a scientist from the Capsule Corporation who they can consider as the team's technician. He also explains Leggings helped build the Hero Switch. Leggings says she's glad Beat is on board as she's heard a lot about him. Since everyone is present, she decides to get one more introduction out of the way and calls over a young girl named Anne.

Anne rushes over but unaware Leggings only wishes to introduce her to Beat and Note, Anne starts complaining to Leggings saying there is only so much she can do. Leggings however laughs off her complaint and introduces her as her trusty assistant. Leggings says Anne can lay on the complaints pretty thick, but notes she is as smart as a whip and that they should ask her for advice if they are ever stumped. Anne however admits she has no idea who Beat and Note are or what is going on, but that it is nice to me them regardless.

Beat quickly memorizes their names and says its a real pleasure meeting them. Thinking to himself, Beat notes Anne is pretty young and bets she's around his own age. He also notes working at the Hero Lab is no small feat and that Anne must be pretty sharp to be Leggings assistant.

With the introductions out of the way, Great Saiyaman 3 decides to pick up the conversation where they left off. Beat asks for confirmation that they're actions won't negatively effect the game world. Great Saiyaman 3 confirms it and that as Leggings explained, the anomlies are the root of the problem as correcting them will cause the game world to revert to normal resulting in a clean fix. This takes a weight off Beat's mind, as he notes there would be no point to fixing them if their own actions messed up the game. Note is glad too and says it looks like the Heroes are in business for the long haul.


  • Great Saiyaman 3 Suit - Leggings was responsible for the development of Xeno Trunks' Great Saiyaman Suit and was the one who "knighted" him as Great Saiyaman 3. Though it is modelled after Bulma's original design, it has a high-tech armor design more suitable for combat.
  • Hero Switch - Co-created by Leggings and Xeno Trunks using data acquired from a journey into the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Allows the user to physically enter the game world by taking the form of their Hero Avatar and can be used in reverse to allow one to use game world abilities in the real world. Additionally due to idolizing Great Saiyaman 3, the Hero Switch functions as a Great Saiyaman Watch for Beat manifesting the Great Saiyaman 4 Suit that allows Beat to become Great Saiyaman 4 after he uses the Hero Switch to allow himself to fight outside the game world.

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  • Leggings name comes from "leggings".
  • Her naming scheme matches that of the Brief family and Leggings herself resembles Bulma, Bulla, and Bulma Leigh. However, there is no indication she is related to the Brief family, which makes Leggings similar to Ranfan and her husband who also match the naming scheme of the Brief family though are unrelated.
  • Like Bulma, she is has a hand in the development of two Saiyaman-style superheroes having "knighted" Xeno Trunks Great Saiyaman 3 and created the Hero Switch that allows Beat to become Great Saiyaman 4 due to his idolization of Great Saiyaman 3.
    • However, Great Saiyaman 3 and 4 have cooler high-tech Great Saiyaman Suits and are less goofy than Great Saiyaman 1 and Great Saiyaman 2.
    • In addition to Leggings herself and Beat, the Hero Stadium clerk Moden is also a fan of the Great Saiyaman 3 suit design and after Beat defeats Great Saiyaman 3 in Secret Battle, Moden reveals she secretly has a replica of the Hero Master's suit hanging up in her house.


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