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The Laser Sword (レーザーソード Rēzā Sōdo) is a sword that can be used by Future Trunks in Super Dragon Ball Z and by Vewonean and Sinkleean Frieza Force soldiers in Dragon Ball Online.


Vewonean Laser Sword wielder in Dragon Ball Online

It is very powerful, and can be obtained as an option by leveling up Future Trunks' skills (the player can choose from the Japanese sword and the Laser Sword) in Super Dragon Ball Z.

It is very similar to the iconic lightsaber in the Star Wars series, but the handle is much thicker.

In Dragon Ball Online, some Vewonean and Sinkleean Frieza Force soldiers wield Laser Swords as weapons.


Artwork of Krillin wielding a Laser Sword


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