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Lakasei (ラカセイ Rakasei) is one of the two short, plump henchmen who work for Turles, the other being his brother Rasin.


Lakasei is purple skinned, ovular-headed and rather short.



Lakasei prepares an energy blast

Lakasei and Rasin are revived by Turles from fossils of the long extinct Beenz people using extract from the Tree of Might. Their species is extremely intelligent and the two of them build Turles' spaceship and the rest of their ordnance.[1]

Dragon Ball Heroes

Supreme Kai of Time Saga

Main article: Supreme Kai of Time Saga

Film appearances

The Tree of Might

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might On Earth, Lakasei and Rasin easily defeat both Chiaotzu and Tien Shinhan. Lakasei is then defeated by Gohan, and later slain along with his brother when Goku goes on a rampage against all of Turles Crusher Corps., defeating them at exactly the same time.

Fusion Reborn

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Lakasei along with several other antagonists reappear briefly when the dimensions between the living and other world are broken down.



In The Tree of Might, Lakasei and Rasin used their teamwork to overpower and defeat both Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu. Later they were defeated and killed by a Kaio-Ken empowered Goku.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

Dragon Ball Carddass and the movie pamphlet for "The Tree of Might" state that Lakasei has a power level of 7,600.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Lakasei fires a powerful energy blast


Lakasei and his brother Rasin can merge into a singular being as well as being able to split in two at will.


Video Game Appearances

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  • His named is a pun on Rakkasei (らっせい), the Japanese word for "peanut"/"monkey nut".
  • In the AB Groupe dub, Lakasei and twin Rasin are given feminine-sounding voices, suggesting they may be female, although in most versions it is implied they are male.


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