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Ladies (レディース Redhīsu) and Gentlemen (メンズ Menzu, lit. "Men's") are two stone demons from Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.


Both are made of stone, with a metal tongue (gold and silver respectively), and were perched on a toilet (made of the same metals as their tongues).


When the Dragon Team where searching for the Dragon Balls to revive Goku (with Goku helping them), the Dragon Radar picked up two signals in the Devil's Toilet. They followed the signals through the maze to Ladies and Gentlemen; to the Z Warriors' surprise, each of them were protecting a half of the Two Star Dragon Ball. The Z Warriors fought both of them separately, in both cases not expecting that they would come alive.

Upon obtaining both halves, the Z Warriors went to visit Mr. Popo to fix the ball.


  • Their names are a reference to genders of public bathrooms.
  • It is unknown who made them or their purpose in the Devil's Toilet; it is not likely they were created solely to protect the Dragon Ball, as the ball was recently used to revive the victims of King Piccolo.
  • When battling, Ladies seems to have higher attack strength, while Gentlemen seems to have higher health.
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