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Zarbon surprises Vegeta with his beastly transformation and proceeds to pound him

"The Fearsome Ginyu Force" (恐怖きょうふのギニューとく戦隊せんたい Kyōfu no Ginyū Toku Sentai, lit. "The Terrifying Ginyu Special Squadron") is a background music track (BGM), produced by Toei Animation and composed by prolific Japanese composer Shunsuke Kikuchi. The track was created for the soundtrack of the original Japanese Dragon Ball Z series. Its track numbers are M-809-2 and M-814.


The track was written for and played during the Vegeta Saga, Namek Saga, Captain Ginyu Saga, and Frieza Saga. It was also used in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. The track matched the battles of Zarbon, Dodoria, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Nappa, Vegeta, Gohan, Krillin, and the Namekians.

The track is confirmed to play during the following scenes:

Kyoufu no Ginyu Tokusentai as BGM[]

The Darkest Day - Kyoufu

Nappa removes his scouter

1. "The Darkest Day" - Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin assume their fighting stances as Nappa checks their power levels on his scouter. Vegeta tells Nappa to remove his scouter because the readings aren't reliable, since their opponents can raise their energy.

The Power of Nappa - Kyoufu

Nappa's onslaught is unleashed

2. "The Power of Nappa" - plays when Chiaotzu is holding Nappa from behind as Nappa begins slamming his back into mountains in order to get him off. Piccolo tells Gohan to watch in order to honor Chiaotzu's bravery. Chiaotzu telepathically tells Tien Shinhan that he must sacrifice himself and that Tien will always be his best friend. Chiaotzu begins to glow heavily, causing Nappa to glow along with him as the brute soars toward a very sharp mountain. Chiaotzu sacrifices himself to take down Nappa along with him in midair.

Nimbus Speed - Kyoufu

Krillin halts Nappa's attack

3. "Nimbus Speed" - plays the instant Nappa tries to rush at Gohan while Krillin kicks him directly in the face to halt him. Nappa focuses on Krillin instead, who back-flips and charges his Destructo Disc technique, surprising Nappa.


Goku incapacitates Nappa

4. "Lesson Number One" - plays the instant when Nappa decides to attack Gohan and Krillin after Vegeta tells him to step down from fighting Goku. Nappa rushes towards Krillin and Gohan with intense ferocity as Goku unleashes his Kaio-ken technique in midair to stop the brute, slamming into Nappa's back, incapacitating him in midair, and capturing his paralyzed and twitching body.

Goku vs

Goku rushes toward Vegeta

5. "Goku vs. Vegeta" - plays the moment when Gohan stops in midair and turns when he senses Goku's strength from afar. Goku is charging with enormous strength as Vegeta becomes shocked by his massive power. Goku furiously rushes toward Vegeta.

Saiyan Sized Secret - Kyoufu

Goku ferociously strikes Vegeta

6. "Saiyan Sized Secret" - plays the instant Goku jolts into the air, strikes Vegeta hard in the face, pummels him from under, sending him sprawling into the air, and slams down onto him with his feet, making him crash through the mountains below.

Spirit Bomb Away! - Kyoufu

Vegeta is blasted directly in his eye

7. "Spirit Bomb Away!" - plays when Goku is laying on the ground, completely incapacitated from Vegeta's onslaught. The giant Vegeta attempts to kill Goku with his finger, and Goku blasts him directly in his eye, halting him, and forcing him to grab at his face in agony. Goku admits that he has no more power to defend against Vegeta in his deadly ape form. Vegeta grabs at Goku, holding him tight in his devastating grip, squeezing him intensely. Goku screams in complete pain as he is caught in Vegeta's deadly paralyzing grip.

Krillin's Offensive - Kyoufu

Krillin holds the Spirit Bomb above his hand

8. "Krillin's Offensive" - plays when Krillin is holding the Spirit Bomb and King Kai telepathically tells him that the fate of the entire planet rests on his abilities. Krillin holds the energy as he realizes the weight of this power and the difference it can make. Behind him, a slew of people can be seen, inhabitants of the planet which he lives on. The fate of the entire planet rests in Krillin's hands. Vegeta laughs at Gohan as he walks towards him, congratulating his attempt to fight back. Krillin waits for the right moment to strike with the Spirit Bomb as Vegeta unleashes a barrage of rapid blasts at Gohan.

Mercy - Kyoufu

Great Ape Gohan smashes into the mountains

9. "Mercy" - when Gohan transforms into a Great Ape and begins smashing the mountains around him. Krillin admits that Gohan is a maniacal monster when he's in the ape form, which makes him as dangerous as Vegeta. Gohan picks up a giant boulder and walks towards Krillin as Goku tells him to stop.

Friends or Foes - Kyoufu

The spaceship's reflection in the large vessel

10. "Friends or Foes?" - plays as Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan see a large spaceship in the distant galaxy, only to realize that it's a reflection of their own ship on a much larger vessel. Their ship enters the moving and floating vessel in the skies, surprising them.

The Search Continues - Kyoufu

The tornado as it quickly moves

11. "The Search Continues" - plays as Bulma, Gohan, Krillin, and Zaacro see a large rotating tornado moving on the ground while there's a Dragon Ball hidden in the middle of the chaotic storm. Gohan and Krillin want to unleash their Destructo Disc and Masenko attacks, but Bulma tells them to refrain from using their blasts so they would avoid any chance of destroying the Dragon Ball caught in the midst of the storm.

A Friendly Surprise - Kyoufu

The large ball of snow gains momentum

12. "A Friendly Surprise" - plays after an avalanche forces Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma to fall through an ice cave, where they are seen riding a large ice platform through the perilous cave. A large boulder of snow falls behind them with rapid speed, gaining momentum. As it gets closer to crushing them, Krillin and Gohan see sharp icicles hanging from the ceiling and blast at them, forcing them to fall into the gigantic snow ball, which merely ends up adding sharp shards to its exterior rather than halting it. Soon, their ice platform hits a cliff, where they fall, outmaneuvering the huge spiky snowball.


The Namekians attack Frieza's soldiers

13. "Namek's Defense" - plays when Frieza's soldiers attack the Namekian warriors but are quickly eliminated by them since the Nameks were hiding their battle strength. One soldier is kicked through a tree and slams into a mountain. The Namekians dodge every blast from the laser guns and proceed to halt three more soldiers with fierce punches, knocking them into the ground. One of the Namekians creates a barrier, blocking the blasts, which ricochet and hit another soldier, frying him. Another soldier is blasted into the air and is sent sprawling towards Zarbon, who proceeds to kick him away into the water. Three more soldiers are eliminated as Zarbon begins to question the earlier power reading of the Namekians. Dodoria explains that the Namekians have raised their battle strength. Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria become amazed since they didn't expect such great battle strength, speed, and stamina to come from them, along with the initial ability to hide their strength from their scouters.

The Hunted - Kyoufu

Dodoria captures Krillin after chasing him

14. "The Hunted" - plays when Dodoria blasts at Krillin and Gohan from behind while rapidly chasing them in midair. Dodoria increases the speed of his attacks, sending multiple blasts in their direction, forcing Krillin to drop Dende by accident. Dodoria grabs Krillin from his leg. Krillin squirms until he bashes into Dodoria's face, forcing him to release Krillin from his grip.


Vegeta tightens his grip on Dodoria

15. "The Prince Fights Back" - plays when Vegeta appears behind Dodoria and surprises him. Dodoria attempts to smash at Vegeta, but is unsuccessful as the Saiyan grabs both his hands and twists him to face the opposite direction while stretching his arms. Dodoria can't get free from Vegeta's deadly grip as he struggles and yells in agony. Vegeta says that the stronger his opponent, the stronger he becomes. Vegeta tells Dodoria he's a coward when he's not hiding behind Frieza's wrath. Dodoria begsin to beg for his life, saying that he'll reveal the secret of Vegeta's planet's fate. Vegeta loosens his grip, preparing to listen to Dodoria's story.

Unexpected Problem - Kyoufu

Vegeta attacks a Namekian village

16. "Unexpected Problem" - plays when Vegeta lands in the Namekian village, alerting the Namekians to his position. Vegeta reveals that he has come for the Dragon Ball and demands that they hand it over to him. The Elder says that only those who are worthy may claim the Dragon Ball. Vegeta holds out his hand and blasts at the Elder and a young Namekian runs in front of the blast, dying in the process.

Vegeta Has A Ball - Kyoufu

Vegeta halts a Namekian villager's defense

17. "Vegeta Has a Ball" - plays when a large boulder erupts from the ground, which is actually Vegeta encased in the rocks. Vegeta erupts, propelling the rocks in numerous directions and hitting some of the Namekians in the process. Another Namekian villager charges a powerful blast and sends it towards Vegeta, who proceeds to lick his lips before sending the same blast directly back at the Namekian, killing him.


Zarbon transforms and headbutts Vegeta

18. "Zarbon's Surprise" - plays the instant when Zarbon transforms and tells Vegeta that he'd warned him and that he'd only seen the beauty side of him before, and now with great pleasure, he'd introduce him to the beast. Zarbon runs directly for Vegeta, kneeing him in the gut and smacking him into the ground. Zarbon then performs a kick at Vegeta's face, lifting his body into the air. Zarbon continues to pummel Vegeta by grabbing him by his leg and slamming him into the ground like a rag doll. He then grabs Vegeta by his face, holding him tight, and proceeds to unleash a combination of ruthless and brutal headbutts, causing Vegeta to twitch and bleed in agony.


Zarbon finds Vegeta, Krillin, and Bulma

19. "Zarbon's Mission" - plays the instant when Vegeta arrives in front of Bulma and Krillin after following Krillin, surprising them and leaving them in fear. Krillin admits that he was so preoccupied with his own increase in potential that he didn't notice he was being followed. Vegeta says he's found them, and they have a Dragon Ball, just what he's looking for. He recommends that they do not try to escape because Bulma will quickly suffer the consequences. Just as Vegeta turns, Zarbon also arrives for the same goal, the Dragon Ball that Krillin has in his possession. Zarbon smiles, glad that he's found the Earthlings along with Vegeta.


Zarbon realizes Vegeta is stronger than before

20. "Gohan, the Hunted" - plays directly after Vegeta infuriates Zarbon, forcing him to fiercely kick at him. Vegeta dodges and takes to the sky as Zarbon quickly follows him. Bulma remarks that Zarbon is her hero due to his majestic appearance. Vegeta tosses a large number of blasts at Zarbon, but he dodges them all and reappears behind Vegeta, sending his own blast. Vegeta deflects it in the opposite direction, causing the ground to shake. Zarbon punches Vegeta in the face as Krillin and Bulma take the opportunity to attempt an escape. Vegeta halts them with a rapid progression of blasts. Zarbon reappears and blasts again, but Vegeta dodges and kicks Zarbon in his face. Both of them land on the ground. Zarbon becomes frustrated as he remembers how Frieza ordered him to retrieve Vegeta in just one hour. He attempts to rush at Vegeta once more but is unsuccessful at delivering a hit. Vegeta laughs as he takes to the sky and Zarbon acknowledges that Vegeta's grown stronger than before. Zarbon prepares to transform once more.


The Ginyu Force arrives and pulls off their poses

21. "Hidden Power" - plays immediately as Frieza is seen laughing and the Ginyu Force begins displaying their stylish and extravagant, yet militant poses in front of Frieza, chanting their names as follows, respectively: Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, and Captain Ginyu. After their separate introductions, they pose together to create one awesome posture and remain in this stance in front of Frieza.


Vegeta slams Recoome in the face

22. "Recoome Unleashed" - plays just as Vegeta erupts, unleashing his true power and surprising Jeice, Burter, and Recoome with his new strength. Their scouters go berserk as Vegeta continues to charge, pushing Gohan and Krillin with his enormous power and dashing into the air full throttle. Vegeta busts Recoome in the face with a ferocious strike that breaks off his scouter and sends him flying backwards. Vegeta takes to the sky and lands behind him, slamming him into the ground, head-first. Vegeta takes to the sky once more, slamming into Recoome as he lays on the ground. He then proceeds to grab Recoome's leg, twirling him in extremely fast motion and releasing him into a mountain full force. Vegeta charges a massive attack as he unloads an enormous wave against Recoome, telling him he'll see Recoome in hell.

Let the Battle Begin - Kyoufu

Recoome tosses Gohan into the air

23. "Let the Battle Begin" - plays when Gohan charges his power and runs at Recoome full force, rotating in the air and kicking at Recoome's face and punching at him simultaneously. The attack has no effect as the brute catches his punch and spins around, whirling Gohan's body before tossing him in the air and sending a few blasts in his direction. Gohan barely manages to dodge the blasts and send a Masenko at Recoome, who blocks the attack with ease. The dust begins to clear as Recoome is left unscathed.


Jeice performs his Crusher Ball

24. "A Legend Revealed" - plays as Jeice charges his Crusher Ball technique and sends the blast in Goku's direction. Goku easily deflects the blast, sending it towards Burter, who barely dodges the attack. Goku is nowhere to be seen as he disappears from the battlefield, only to reappear behind Burter, completely surprising him and leaving both him and Jeice in shock as the episode concludes.


Captain Ginyu is surprised by Goku's speed

25. "Incredible Force!" - plays as Captain Ginyu turns to find Goku behind him. Goku reappears, hitting at Ginyu, who proceeds to block his kicks and punches. Jeice watches as the two battle it out. Goku eventually kicks Ginyu in the stomach, sending him skidding into the water. The water begins to bubble, and a tremendous splash is seen as Ginyu erupts out from the sea. Goku chases him into midair, attempting to prove to Ginyu he's faster once and for all. Goku passes Ginyu, completely surprising him as Jeice blasts at Goku from below. Goku barely dodges the blast but is caught by Ginyu in a Full-Nelson hold.


Jeice is obliterated by Vegeta's ruthless attack

26. "Gohan, Defeat Your Dad!!" - plays as Jeice crashes out from Frieza's spaceship and Vegeta quickly follows, appearing directly in front of him. Vegeta then kicks Jeice in the chin, sending him sprawling in the sky. Vegeta proceeds to chop Jeice in the ribs, injuring him and breaking his armor. Jeice chokes, spits, and coughs in slow motion. Vegeta points his hand in front of Jeice. Captain Ginyu can be seen fighting Goku, Gohan, and Krillin while this is happening. Jeice is seen with panic in his eyes as Vegeta's hand is pointed directly at his face. Jeice begs for his life as Vegeta annihilates him in midair with a devastating blast.


Captain Ginyu is relentlessly pummeled by Vegeta

27. "Captain Ginyu... The Frog" - plays as Vegeta rushes at Captain Ginyu, completely obliterating him with a combination of bone-cracking maneuvers, slamming him around like a rag doll, bashing him up and pounding into him with his feet. Vegeta is then seen yanking Ginyu by his leg and tossing him into a mountain. Ginyu falls to the ground, smiling. Vegeta slams into his face and butchers him with a relentless combination of punches and kicks, pulling him by his horns as he is sent skyward. Vegeta then attempts to follow Ginyu as the mercenary attempts to change bodies with Vegeta but is stopped by Goku, who tosses a frog in the direction of the wave, causing Ginyu to accidentally switch bodies with the frog.

Vegeta vs Frieza First Form

Frieza and Vegeta in a fierce struggle

28. "The Fusion" - plays as Frieza clashes with Vegeta in a fierce struggle. Vegeta manages to withstand Frieza's powerful rage by grabbing his arms and holding him in a tight grip. The area around them crumbles as they struggle and release more aura. Gohan and Krillin are left in complete amazement at the amount of power being emitted by this struggle. Frieza becomes shocked at Vegeta's substantial increase in power. Eventually, Frieza's scouter explodes as it reaches its peak. Both Frieza and Vegeta release and fall back, regaining their strength and attaining their stances.

Gohan Attacks - Kyoufu

Gohan unleashes his Masenko blast

29. "Gohan Attacks" - plays directly after the intermission as Gohan erupts with a barrage of blasts against Frieza, nailing him with a combination of relentless blasts and charging a large one to top it off. Vegeta is amazed at Gohan's amazing power as Gohan unleashes his Masenko and sends it at Frieza. The ground erupts as the blast explodes in a red blaze of lights, shattering the ground and spraying the skies around them.

DBZDeadZone 6

Super Garlic Junior attacks Piccolo and Goku

30. "Dead Zone" - plays directly in the scene where Garlic Junior pumps up, surprising Goku and Piccolo and catching them completely off guard as he unleashes a deadly combo of maneuvers. Super Garlic Jr. begins his devastating beat-down of Piccolo and Goku. First, he lunges at his opponents and slams into them, disappearing immediately afterwards and re-appearing behind them in order to elbow-slam them in the back, sending them sprawling. He continues by tossing a powerful blast in their direction, which they continue to dodge. Piccolo rushes at Garlic Junior first, releasing a flurry of punches at the behemoth, but Garlic Junior blocks them all with his elbows in rapid movement. Garlic Junior strikes back at Piccolo until Goku jumps in front and attempts to attack the brute with a slew of punches. Garlic Junior just unleashes another huge blinding blast that sends them back. The pillar and a portion of the temple itself is destroyed in the chaos.


Cell charging his Earth-Shattering Kamehameha against Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

31. "Cell's Break Down" - plays as Perfect Cell frantically evades Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, flies up in the sky and launches his Earth-Destroying Kamehameha while Gohan counterattacks with an Ultimate Kamehameha.


Aka performs his belly bounce against Trunks and Goten

32. "The Return of Son Goku and Friends!" - plays directly after Abo and Kado initiate their deadly fusion technique to become Aka and proceed to perform their belly bounce, grab and drag, and spin toss combo against Goten and Trunks in rapid succession with furious relentlessness while crashing into the ground and ripping through the skies.