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"Kuririn vs. Jackie Chun" (クリリンたいジャッキー・チュン Kuririn Tai Jakkī Chun, lit. "Kuririn vs Jackie Chun") is the forty-first chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows Goku flying in a small one-seater airplane, looking down at the ground below. The helicopter has a shark face painted on the front, 41 (the chapter number) on the side, and "Dragon Ball" written on the tail fin.


Krillin on the offensive against Jackie Chun

Krillin on the offensive against Jackie Chun

The chapter begins with Goku still on stage after his victory over Giran, who is seen leaving. The announcer calls Krillin on stage as well to interview the pair. Krillin asks Goku why he never mentioned his tail before, and Goku simply says that it had fallen off. The announcer asks Goku his age, but Goku is confused as to the purpose of his microphone. Goku figures out that he is 12 rather than 14, as he previously believed. The crowd finds the pair, and Goku in particular, amusing. The announcer asks if Goku's tail is real, and Goku moons him to show that it is. Finally, he asks the two what martial arts dojo they are from, and Krillin responds they are from the Turtle School. This stuns both the announcer and the crowd, as Master Roshi is apparently known as the "God of Martial Arts."

Offstage, Yamcha accuses Jackie Chun of really being Master Roshi, noting their similar facial features, skill as fighters, and love of women. Chun denies that he is, and leaves when he is called out for the next match. Taking the microphone from the announcer, he performs a quick song-and-dance number, with Goku joining in the dance. Finally, the match begins, and Krillin leads off with a furious charge. Chun dodges all his blows before blocking his last one, noting that Krillin is making him work. However, Chun hits Krillin with his first punch, knocking him into the wall. Goku and Yamcha are stunned, and Krillin uneasily notes that he could not even see the strike.




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