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"Kuririn vs. Demon Junior" (クリリンたいマジュニア Kuririn Tai Ma Junia, lit. "Kuririn vs Ma Junior") is one hundred seventy-second chapter of Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter is Krilin throwing a kick in the foreground, and Piccolo standing in the background.


The chapter begins just as the fight between Kuririn and Piccolo. Kuririn notices Piccolo's overconfidence in his power, and immediately warns him he will be fighting all out. Kuririn starts the battle by firing the Double Tsuihikidan at Piccolo. Piccolo easily dodges, flying in the air. Kuririn then bends the beams upward at Piccolo, however, Piccolo manages to blow up both beams from a safe distance with his Eye Lasers. As Piccolo was blowing up the Double Tsuihikidan with Eye Lasers. Kuririn uses that time to jump towards Piccolo, immediately punching him while Piccolo is distracted by the Double Tsuihikidan.

Kuririn's Double Tsuihikidan

Piccolo admits Kuririn is more impressive than he first thought and decides to get serious during their fight. The two fighters then partook in some close range combat, exchanging rapid punches. Then end result shows Piccolo with the upper hand as he kicks Kuririn far back. It seems the fight is over, as Piccolo kicked him a good enough distance to knock him out of bounds. But it is then seen that Kuririn mastered Buku-Jutsu. Goku and Ten Shinhan are amazed at Kuririn's progress.

Piccolo once again admits he underestimated Kuririn, not for his Buku-Jutsu, but for his toughness and speed. Piccolo then deems Kuririn a worthy fighter to see "A true demon's power." Goku warns Kuririn not to underestimate Piccolo's power as he is not bluffing.





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