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Kuchibue no Kimochi (口笛の気持ち lit. "The Feeling of Whistling") is an insert song in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. It is performed by Hajime Ueshiba.

During the movie, Gohan whistles and dances this song together with Icarus trying show to Piccolo their musical talents, while the three Levitate in front of a waterfall. However, because the Namekians have their hearing very heightened (mainly to higher sounds), Piccolo gets extremely disturbed with Gohan and Icarus' song. Piccolo screams furiously with both to making them stop with that noise. After of this scene, Lord Slug, his clan and his soldiers arrive to Earth.

A little later, during the fight between the Dragon Team and Great Namekian Lord Slug, guides Gohan to whistle his song to deafen the hyper hearing of Slug, to he drop Goku (which who is about to lose the battle against him). After that Goku is released with Gohan's help, he receives Piccolo's energy to cross Slug in the middle with the Kaio-ken and blast it with the Spirit Bomb.


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